Visible Energy

Many times, I can see with my eyes, what I can only call ‘visible energy’ around me. This is not something I’ve done all my life, it started when all these events started. I try to explain to the people around me but I can’t seem to reproduce this for them, or in other words, they can’t see it. But I’ll try to explain it here and hopefully someone will know what I’m talking about, or has had similar experiences.

Say you’re just sitting at the table and you focus your eyes at the opposite wall, you of course see the opposite wall. Now refocus your eyes to a midpoint between you and the opposite wall. It’s not easy to do but it becomes easier with practice. What you’re doing essentially is focusing your eyes on the air between yourself and the wall. When I do this, sometimes I see nothing at all but sometimes I see energy that looks much like the static on your television when it’s tuned to a dead channel, only it’s not black and white, it’s clear or invisible. I know…that doesn’t make any sense. Bear with me.

In this invisible but visible energy, I also see disturbances. I can sometimes see something ‘unseen’ moving through this energy. It’s much like the movie Predator, when the alien becomes invisible but you can still see him moving through space. Only this ‘unseen energy’ most often appears as heat waves. Ever look down the street on a hot sunny day and seen the heat waves rising off the street? That’s what this looks like, only it’s confined to a smaller area, usually about a foot and a half tall and about a foot wide, sometimes smaller.

On one occasion, I’ve actually come into contact with this energy and it almost took my breath away. I was in my sister-in-laws home. The whole family was out in the detached garage which has been converted into a sort of bar with a pool table, juke box, etc. You get the idea. It was roughly 3:00 PM, on a bright sunny day. I had not had any alchohol to drink, but I had drank 3 cans of Diet Coke so I had to go to the bathroom.

I went into the home and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. I used the bathroom and headed back out to the garage. As soon as I set foot in the kitchen, heading for the back door, I was startled by a very, unusually large man that I had never met before. I didn’t see the man with my eyes, I just ‘felt’ him. What I did see was this invisible heat wave energy across the room and to my right, but moving to my left.

This all happened very fast and I never stopped walking toward the back door. After about 2 steps into the kitchen toward the back door, this ‘energy’ man turned to his left and started coming toward me. We met at a narrow point in the kitchen between the stove and the kitchen island and I actually turned sideways and faced him, like two people would, to make room when trying to go opposite directions in a narrow space.

When he brushed past me, it felt almost like an electric shock, and nearly took my breath away. I let out an audible gasp. I never took my eyes off this energy man, but continued to the back door. I stopped once I had ahold of the door handle and this energy man stopped in the doorway that I had used to enter the kitchen. I stood there for at least a minute and just stared at this ‘thing’ and I somehow knew that he was staring back.

After that minute or so, some other movement caught my eye and I quickly glanced into the dining and living rooms and I saw 3 more of these ‘energy’ things, though I did not get the distinct feeling of gender and size that I did with this first man-energy thing.

I quickly glanced back at the initial energy-man in the doorway, I assume because he was the closest and I stood there for another maybe 30 seconds staring at him while he stared back. My next thought was, “I need to tell someone about this”. So with the energy-man still standing there, I turned and exited the house and went to the garage to find the owners of the home.

I walked into the garage and spotted the owners talking behind the bar. As I approached them, I heard my sister-in-law say to her husband, “They’re out, I was just in there and you can feel them.” No one else associated with this house has seen these energy-things, yet, though events continue to happen almost daily in their house. I’m hoping someone will eventually see the same thing that I do.


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  1. It’s amazing you can see these people, I’ve often joked that I’m able to smell them! The house I live in was quiet and devoid of extra house mates until a friend came to stay with me this summer. I suppose she brought him with her (‘he’ is the father of a friend of hers, a person I never met). I could suddenly smell him and got visions of how he died. I was shocked that everything I felt about him proved to be true (what he was wearing, what he was driving, how he was killed, the night he passed on and even got the date correct), as I’ve never had any sort of gift besides the smell thing. Since she left, he hasn’t been around as much, but every so often I smell him in my dining room. I wish I could see him and also find out why he decided to move in. I’m curious what you think the energy people are…ghosts? Entities from another plane? Residual?

    • Strange but I can see energy as well. I used to think that I could see air (when I was little) I recently found out that it was energy. It looks like a clear rain sometimes and moves very fast. It usually comes straight down but not always. My daughter sees this too.

      • This is exactly what I have been seeing as well. I call it a “rain of light.” I’ve been trying to look it up online but so far haven’t found anything other than “visual snow,” which I don’t think it is at all. I also see the predator-like heat waves described in the post. Also, if you hold up your hand while looking at the “fine rain of light” and move your fingers around, you will see that there is also that “heat wave” thing extending from the tips of your fingers like mini flashlight beams. so i guess the “heat wave” things moving around in this energy field are the life force of actual entities/beings. that is how I currently see it, at least.

      • I used to think that, too. I called the energy-people “seeing-things” when I was younger. I don’t see them often anymore, but I do see other strange things; especially at night.

      • Sorry meant to reply to you instead of estella

      • i could hear the air when i was little and thought it was normal until i said something to my parents one day..

      • So cool to read of others who see this “energy rain”. I didn’t say a word about it for 10 yrs. It seems perfectlly natural to me but i knew many would not understand it. I’ve only shared it with a few close friends. It lasted 12 yrs. (2001 to 2013.. but actually.. looking back in my life I’ve had several events that happened about every 10 yrs that were rather amazing) But anyway… this Energy Rain thing was/is a trip! It was there whenever I’d decide to focus in on it in my view. .. no matter where I was. Interesting now that it has changed. I can still see “see” it but takes a bit of concentration and is smaller. Before, it was very visible , easily.. It was everywhere, far away or close up… I hope it comes back to that format again, I loved seeing it around! I still have the “feelings” that I learned from it tho (that we are connected to everything) So that’s what I was meant to get from it, I guess! And it’s the greatest lesson of all. But again, I wouldnt mind if it came back strong again too! Anyway nice to know other “regular” folks (whatever that means. haa!) are out there in life having these experiences, as well.

      • Thi” same thing is happening to me in glen cove neighborhood in kamah, tx. It’s all my old stuck up washed up neighbors who think they are going to scare me off and they are going to bathroom with me violating my rights and breaking into my house. They even go as far as violently hit me although it does not feel like a punch its more like a really annoying pressure that is in comfortable. If these pieces of $@&! Can get their hands on this technology misuse it in the way they are with no repricution then this is not at all a good thing. What if a child molester finds out about this and has his unseen way at the areas children. What then we just tell everyone those kids are crazy and have a vivid imagination. If someone 6 months ago would have told me this I would have been the first to dial looney bin. I encourage anyone who has had good or bad experience with this to let as many people know so this is common knowledge and less likely to fall unto wrong hands unnoticed .feel free anyone with questions and confusion being harassed in the same or other manner I am to email me and I can tell you all I know and maybe we can all put 2 and 2 together. And for all of you in glen cove and other misusing this , shame on you, my son is and my dog are scarred and scared because of y’all pieces of &&@?. So keep on smiling and looking at me as if you know something I don’t, you really aren’t all that smart just chosen…I think most of you we’re seeing the same thing the soviets back in the sixths and seventh idea were researching this and sold all research to several other countries not including the Americans. We are just late to the game .you people need to be careful most good people don’t wander onto you house and violate you the way a lot of these comments claim. All might want to look up and research this and then get scared.

      • Me too! I see exactly the same, I remember asking my dad as a child and he said your eyes can play tricks on you and I was probably tired, I tried to explain it was all the time, but since then I’ve mentioned it to lots of people and no one can see it, I see invisible flys as well, I know they ain’t flys but they are as fast and the same size even though they are invisible they easily catch your attention, this is without focussing in that mid range! I also see grey smoke or fog sometimes, just as I’m going to sleep, I have thought there was a fire a few times and as soon as I panic and wake up properly it’s gone! Anyway it’s nice to know there’s lots of us tht see this, I might try to look at it more, now I’ve read this, and as I read it I was reading words I’ve said when trying to explain to people, thanks 🙂

      • You nailed it when you said rain. Its like a constant stream but mine is not clear always..sometimes it is like rainbow colors and I lose it like a magic eye if I don’t stay focused.

      • I was 9 years old when I had my first experience, I too thought it was air that I could see, so incredible that it turns out to be deeper than that. Last night I had my first experience seeing energy waves that looked like they were made up of sacred geometry shapes, it was an incredible experience 🙂

      • Exactly! Same story for me but I have NO idea what to do with it!

      • I see the same thing but I would describe more like bacteria but clear and they vary from different sizes and shapes .

        If you figured out how we are able to see this please email me!! I would really Appreciate it !

      • I have never heard anybody else say they thought they could see air when they were little. I thought I was the only one! That is crazy to me! Now I can see areas that look like heat waves or moving energy around all the time, when I’m not even trying. This happens a lot at work. Different areas of the store will have huge concentrations of energy that I can see and I can’t figure out what it is.

      • Same thing here

      • Lol! That is EXACTLY what use to say: I see air. People just looked at me like, “What?”…and It really does look like rain at times! Lately, the energy I see does quick shifts or movements. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with this though. It’s like I see energy, but now what…

      • Neat I suppose i’m not that different after all, Ha ha. Yup when i was little i used to think i could see air, i told my parents about this, they were the only ones who took me seriously. Everybody else told me it was heat waves or whatever, for me i knew the difference. They are like little bright lights. They move around kinda like they’re dancing but it seems like the have opposing polarities, like trying to push together two opposing magnets, how one magnet will slip to the left or right but will never touch. Nothing came of it when i was a kid but now that I’m older I see it quite often. I’m wondering if its got something to do with my eyes. however it’s not the only weird thing in my life. i don’t want to go into details but i met a buddy named Ed not that long ago. And this conversation came up. Ed says; “your just really in tuned”

      • Funny how everyone has a different way of describing how they perceive the energy. Hope all is well.

      • Please tell me you have watched donnie darko?

      • Me too Sue.
        I like to call them particles and the only way I can explain it to others that can see them, I tell them I can see particles – traslucents. It’s magical really.

      • How did you recently discover it IS energy? I think it’s as valid an explanation as any, but I still like to know.

    • I see this all the time I have tried so very hard to explain this to others and they have no clue what I am talking about I am so happy that someone else see it for the longest time I thought my eyes were bad the other day out of no where I told my husband I now know it is energy I see and he gave me a look like OK….but now by reading this I am so happy ty so very much

      • Twenty years or so years ago, I was sitting in the middle aisle of a shopping mall and certainly not thinking about the paranormal. A woman walked rapidly between me and the shop front I was facing. There was a thick, swirling wreath of air around her head, her face. I shouldn’t have been able to see it at all. My only thought was, “What in the hell was *that*?”
        Then I thought I had seen an aura for the first time. Maybe not?
        Most of my paranormal incidents have been out-of-body experiences.

      • I’m experiencing this too freaked me out a bit at first but I’m learning to control the energy …. I’ve also observed that I can absorb negative energy and transform it to positive… still a bit freaked out at times but im learning to live with it…. I see heat waves moving towards me or spiral vibrations moving from an object oh and yes I see anger spikes shooting across and I stand in the way and block then sometimes… energy seem to take different shapes…. I think it’s a gift and I use it to help people…. lets share experiences so I can understand this better..

      • Hi,

        I have just started a group on facebook for us so we all can connect, share and talk more about this.

        The group is secret as you may understand why.

        I can only invite you by your e-mail u are using on facebook so please send your adress to and i invite you to the group.

        Looking forward to connect!

      • I have been seeing this since December last year. I’m 35. This is amazing. I thought I was the only one. I’m amazed at how many people see it. Do you see entities within the energy??
        I can see them, feel them and hear them! Can I be in danger?? Why do we see this?? Why?

      • Have you had a lot of mental stress, or something tragic happen lately? I’ve been reading this thread for a while most people seem to start either from birth or after something strenuous happens in their life. It’s possible that the stress from what ever the ordeal is, may have awaken some lost psychic blood line. I suggest looking into your family history. It won’t do much, as far as I know there is no way for this to go away.

      • No I wasn’t stressed at all. It’s been over 3 years now. I can deal with it a lot better than before, but before all of this I had my angels pretty much tell me this thing was coming. They me how to clear my mind, what it would say, and what it would do. It’s a negative spirit that’s why you HAVE to keep your energy clear because if you don’t. There is a chance that one of these can entered your energy field, or meditation is the other option. They are called lesser demons on that side. They are smaller in size and they are negative in every way. They are dark and relentless with trying to take your energy, and trying to get you to what they call “switch sides”. Their intentions are to control your gift or take it. Trust me I know I deal with it daily. It will say anything to try to put fear in you. The key is not to be afraid “EVER” know that you are more powerful that’s why they try and lie so much. They are very very hard to get rid of, but not totally impossible. I’ve laid in bed closed my eyes and seen my guardian angels pushing them away from me keeping it from getting too close. Know that you all have guardian angels trust me. They are there to help but it’s ultimately up to you. If your not able to hear spirits yet and just able to see your energy and the dark cloud or midst, then that’s good but if you can learn to do meditation, and clear your mind now just in case.

      • Hey Brandy my name is Mandy. I started seeing this energy last December. It’s progress more and more. I see the energy. I see entities within the energy and hear them. I don’t understand why now??

    • i am relieved to hear this i have witnessed this energyman or in my case people,and too have needed to feel comfort in that someone else has experienced this aswell. Unfourtunatly my parents will not opentheir minds to this reality. they believe its a physicos developed from meth use, which i will not deny. Onthe contrary this moving energy man has by far proven itself to be far more than any phyciscos, it has proven to be an angry energy that has the ability to move objects and leave impressions and cause physical damages. i more so than anything in this world need yur help or any other person who mite have had encounters with these energies,because i am alone and scared that i mite either be greatly harmed or sent to a phycward, while energy man does his thing like usual.

      • Hey Nathan,
        From my own experience.. What I do when I know there is a destructive entity or something trying to harm me or just uncomfortably getting too close, I focus my mind of Light energy. & I say to myself that I will only allow Light in. Fear, hatred & confusion seem to feed it.. But pretty much I just dismiss it.. Tell it that it’s not welcome. If you Raise your personal vibration/frequency or whatever you want to call it, than you no longer resonate on the same level as it.
        Sorry if that seems vague, but I hope it is at least of some help =].


      • Strange clear like energy covered our two cars, new they were there but could not see them, bright lights glowing on and off. Thought my eyes were playing up, but even when I put my glasses on it still was there. Have seen also an enormous white ball with blue tenticuls stretching out, really surreal. Have so many strange happenings around our house. Cannot explain these very strange events.

      • Hi there.
        I have been seeing the exact same thing and I describe it the same way “heat waves, energy waves, etc.” I’ve been seeing if since 2000, right when I truly opened myself up to spirituality. I knew nothing about auras, spurts, etc. and wasn’t expecting to see anything like this.
        I, too, see it all over. Near, far, superimposed over my own body. I surmised that the large areas of these energy waves (with jumping, vibrating lines within, yet the area is static if that makes sense) are angel entities or the energy pattern of a parallel world/reality. Perhaps the lifting of the veils is why this is visible to us.

        As for your angry energy man, try talking aloud to him and saying you understand he’s no longer part of this 3 dimensional world and may be trapped. That he can find eternal peace by finding the light or his origin and going there. Tell him you come in peace and give him a blessing as he makes his final exit. See him off and tell him to ask his angels to help him go to wherever he is going.
        I once cleared 1/2 a haunted, abandoned hospital this way, as we took before after photos of the orbs that were filling that place.

      • I unfortunately have plenty of experience with the presence and sight of angry energy, and if you care to, let your parents know. A 37 yr old mother of 4 from the suburbs, that never took meth sees and feels these things. It can be scary. Good news is I can see the healing and protecting energies/ presence as well.

        Take care, you are not alone. Obviously we have more company than most realize, lol.

      • I cant believe what i am reading, as I read this I am laying in bed in complete darkness with just my iphone light as I look in between my phone screen and my face I could see this energy this very sec. As I write this my eyes are on what I am writing but in the corner of my eyes I could see light visible mist I’ve been thru a lot of harsh things in the last 8 months .. And yes it’s like a angry energy the craziest thing I feel is most times I get random parts of my body feeling like if ants are crawling on my skin for few sec then let’s say I feel it on my legs then goes to my left or right side of face felt it on neck and another crazy thing is when I watch porn i feel intimidated by something I feel un easy and my laptop has moved away from me like an inch maybe 2 with in few min I had my face burned in a stupid accident that I can’t understand how it happen I lost my apartment I fell in debt with 4 credit cards I struggled like never before in the past 8 months I ended up having to stay with my mother for 3-4 months until I could feel normal again I have seen weird shadows on walls moving with no other lights that would cause these weird flames shaped shadows and I see sometimes like a few misty kinda upper body people can’t see details but the eyes are kinda visable and they always doing hand motions I know this sounds bogus and funny but I could see at times when I’m on my phone in dark like now is like faces peeking at my screen like they wanna see what I’m doing on my phone the upper body movements and head turning to be noisy … Pls help anyone. I tryed comunication with it and none whatsoever happen .. They seem to be control freaks and always wanna know what I’m doing I could feel someone always watching me is such a wierd feeling I’m past the freaking out and scared part I just want help I want my life back any details or some ideas on how I could get help would greatly be appreciated ..dnt know how this got attached to me or if anyone did voodoo to harm my mental state., sory for the spelling and the way I write just typing quick as possible.. My email is

      • I to had this happen as I lived in a house built in the early 170o’s in fact there was no graveyards at the time, and people were buried on thier property or in the woods. This house owner used to allow the dead to be put in the basement in the winter so they could be buried in the spring when the ground was soft. Anyway after I moved in I would awake most nights at 3am with my usual insominia..and I would go on fb to play my games when I started feeling this presence pushing me off my seat over and over, finally I gave and explained it was a computer, told him the year and finally moved aside so he could see the screen as I explained, yes he was pushy but also curious and hungry for information. Sissy

      • I had a neighbor 23 year old female lived with her boy friend. She had been diagnosed with lupus disease. She was on meds to help with the pain. It excelled fast. She became pregnant. Most mothers with lupus as serious as hers lose the baby. At seven months, and stuck in bed from difficulty. I saw an energy figure walk from her front door across her yard and down the street. Exactly like you described. She had a healthy baby boy, big and with a full head of dark curl hair. A miracle. That was three years ago. The other day in a different house my boyfriend while visiting me saw two walk from the fence around the play house. He described them exactly the same. I read the comments and the people posting are amazing. Seemed like the energy a lot of them see is manifested from them. The energy figures I saw are of themselves, not pushed around by me. They seem Busy. I also see the static like air but only at night above me. It fluctuates. At times it flows a direction. Other times in bounces all over the place. I think particles in our atmosphere cause that such as solar energy. I don’t know but it looks like tv static in the sky. I see to all the time. Watch it, and use resources available online to see if it effects the earthquakes volcanoes ect. Just by checking the info and watching the sky. Then letting my mind figure it out. It’s taking a long time, a life time just like all science I guess.

      • You can fight this energy man by closing your eyes and visualizing a bright white light surrounding you the white light is the most powerful positive energy you can possess then simply will the energy man away. Tell him to leave you alone indefinitely and to never return he has to obey because you have surrounded yourself with positive energy he thrives on negativity and fear.

      • I too see these entitities. One has the voice of my mother and follows me around all day every day, telling me how much she hates me, and how big of a piece of garbage i am. Which is true. I too am a meth user, and have been told it is simply meth psychosis. Though the voices tell me it is definatly not psychosis. They will not tell me whats going on. Their hatred for me runs so deep they revel in the fact that I have no idea whats going on, and often tell me lies to keep me in the dark. They tell me I am in a virtual reality world. They tell me, I raped and murdered a 14 year old, they tell me I’m being punished for having my brother executed in real life. They tell me whatever they feel will keep me from figuring out the truth.

        Sometimes it seems as though I’m the one projecting these voices in my own head, an often think I am the one behind it, however, there are times the voices are completely external, and say things I would have never thought of.

        They can pinch me, and move things. I can also smell them. Sometimes I see faces form out of shadows on the wall… often of my mother and my father. Sometimes of my boss. Sometimes its people I have never met.

        All I know is something’s going on, and I am being held hostage in my own head. I live in fear daily, and often sleep for 24 to 48 hours just to avoid these entities. they have only infliltrated my dreams once as far as I can tell. I am safe when I sleep.

        Sometimes I think everyone in the world knows whats going on, except for me, and it is the world’s biggest secret. A terrible joke being played on me.

        Also, they keep telling me to stop thinking about it. as in stop trying to figure it out. “because you’re not gonna like it” as in finding out whats going on.

        I find the more positive i am, the less they bother me, but sometimes my energy just seems to attract them.


      • Nathan, you have power over this energy you see, it will feed off your fear
        It could just be a angry spirit as it was a angry man in life? You are protected by the power of the white light, I once had a family of 4 in front of me I could see them right in front of me. talking about me. That’s what freaked me out the most. I asked them to go away to follow the white light and not to show theirselves anymore. It worked and I found out from the old house owner that the house was a boarding house at one time, and their was a fire that killed the family. After a while My fear was beat out by curiosity so I wanted to see them but they never came back. So try this remember you have the power in you! Let me know how it goes, ok?

      • omg i see them 2 and from doin the same thing u do or did. it opend my mind 2 question things that go on in the world and whos in control of this whole life we all live and and whos at the top of the (pyramid) or triangle. now i see people who look cloaked or invisible moving thru my neighbourhood and even in my house. there not shadow ppl but actually cloaked or like others say here preditor looking.can even hear them talkn. i swe them outside at nite accompanied by same lookn ppl n the bushes n my neighbours yards but with lazer lookn things aimed at me. idk wat it is and scared 4 my fam n kids. idk wat they want. maybe military idk. hmu if any1 knows or shares experiences

      • Take pics.. i do and they show up in the pictures.. no one believed me either at first now I have thousands of pics. Even stranger 3 months ago i got shot twice at point blank range by a semi auto 9mill less than 6in from my chest. 5 witnesses watched me get shot as well as I did and no bullets touched me. I felt two little taps one on my sternum the other right were my heart is that’s it. After the lead detective interviewed the witnesses he asked me Mr Rollins where should the holes be? I pointed to the two spots and he just shook his head and said. That’s exactly where we think they should be too. Then his exact words were “you have Angels brother” and he walked away. At first I thought blanks but after he shot me he hit a 26 year old kid who heard the shots and came to help in the neck. he is now paralyzed on half his body the gunman also shot himself in the hand. They found all the shells and bullets he fired a total of 5 shots. I saw the things I see I call them the watchers cause they always are watching me months before the shooting happened. Plus I told at least 6 people I felt like I was going to get shot months before it happened. Now I get sharp pain in my heart at random like ghost pains or something. We all have a gift what that gift is I still don’t know:)

    • what i see is little rounds of energy that once u focus ur eyes on anything that has light , per example the sky when is clear and blue is when u can see soooo many of them or any light coming from ur pc or ur home.
      is just funny and not believe it or perhaps we are a few people that has this ability to see pure energy .
      how i do it is think ur eyes as a zoom in and zoom out like it was a camera concentrating.

      • this is exactly how I have been seeing the energy for years. I have recently noticed them smashing into each other and exploding. I have noticed a couple of them stopping and kind of like staring at me and then taking off extremely fast. I can’t really say it was looking at me, but that is what it seemed like. I also notice they chase each other. I can only see them in the sky. I have not tried hard enough in the house. I once saw a Catholic priest’s (I am guessing) aura. It was not the usual one inch type aura. This priest seemed to have a huge aura surrounding him about six inches. This was a very long time ago, so memory may have twisted. However I remember blinking my eyes because I could not believe what I was seeing. I don’t know about the heat bodies. I have not witnessed or experienced this yet. It is very puzzling to say the least.

      • Wowwwwww. Thank You!!
        That is exactly what I see all the time. Especially around lights. But the energy never disappears, you can see it at night as the bright vibrant coloured balls and strings of light simultaneously interacting. Its kind of messy, like the static he described, because they move too fast for the eyes to fully capture them. The point he made about looking at a wall while focusing on a different object actually heightens the effects. I’ve only slightly caught auras but that I find awesome and am curious to find out how they are related. Btw, has anyone seen shapes (traingles or cubes,etc) form out of the energy?

      • Although I’ve seen energy for as long as I can remember, I never thought I would be able to see auras… Then I was passing time, watching YouTube, and a guy used the phrase “soften your gaze,” on the subject of seeing auras. So I practiced staring, and then softening.
        You said your approach is using your eyes to zoom in and zoom out: which seems to be the same thing, just in other words 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

      • Hi
        My name is Rick. I read your experience seeing energy or waves. In fact I read almost all of comments regarding this subject. The frustrating part was just about everyone I read said the same thing but that’s all.
        The reason I am emailing you and several others is to ask if you simply posted the “me to” or similar and moved on or did you research what you experienced? I also see and can’t understand why people don’t explore this with like minded people.
        I’ve made the mistake of telling others years ago but that was a mistake. Whatever causes this is worthy of exploring. I don’t care for paranormal explanations for several reasons.
        Anyway if you have any insights or comments please reply

      • Hello Rick (and others),
        About 5 years ago I was allowed into this world of knowledge. I cannot see energy, I’m a bit sensitive to it at times but have had several experiences with the matter that is a bit more perplexing than some others. Granted I will not get into it, you get the point. Originally, I did research on Chi, Ki, Qi, life energy, and mana. These are more worldly, yet spiritual explanations. I hit a wall for research however, I did find something else interesting. If you’d like to further your research on a scientific level I suggest looking into EMFs but particular to personal EMFs and other life forms EMFs. Feel free to contact me if you (or anyone else) has further questions.

      • I think we are all seeing more or less the same things. I’ve recently scene energy figure in my room like the first post…I didn’t feel evil like I did with the shadow people….which I am not even sure they are even evil anymore. They just appear more scary looking.. the energy person seemed more curious about how I could see him. The energy rain. Static. Waves. Sparkles are all part of the same and they want to connect. I taught my niece to connect with her fingers and I know she did because she mentioned the tigling in her fingers that I always feel. I said Indigo’s because I’m reading a book about energy and sparkle seeing and they state that a lot of baby’s in the 60’s s were born purple well as some from each decade…

      • Hi,

        I have just started a group on facebook for us so we all can connect, share and talk more about this.

        The group is secret as you may understand why.

        I can only invite you by your e-mail u are using on facebook so please send your adress to and i invite you to the group.

        Looking forward to connect!


    • I also have this gift of smelling spirits mail me as i too have questions

    • i see the rain but i dont’ see the predator entity. also they move in all directions for me. when i was a kid i used to thing i was able to see water molecules in the air and the rays of the light were being bent in them allowing me to notice them.

    • The first thing to do is get out of the fear vibration. This is a spiritual issue that you can get through, then it becomes an opportunity you can empower yourself and grow from. This book can help you: Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting. The best part is it can change your whole life, far beyond resolving this one issue. The thing to do first is read the book. It taps you into powerful forces of good within you, and relieves the fear. And once the fear fades, so do the negative energy manifestations. The website to get the book is: A Divine Openings Guide can help you in one or two sessions if the book doesn’t do it for you, or if you need some hand holding to get you started. But really, just experience the book first. People in 139 countries’ have changed their entire lives with it. Blessings and Love from the Divine Openings Angels

      • Ty. I haven’t looked at this site for a long time. Didn’t even realize I had so many replys.

    • I recently experienced the same thing while visiting friends in another state. I’ve never to my awareness seen or felt anything un=human. My friend has surveillance set up and around his house, to monitor his aging father. Numerous nights, I’ve witnessed shadow people, mists, bright lighting where no lights were turned on. Needless to say,, it was very unsettling. The last occasion, I was in his shop, a separate building from the main house. I was there alone, doing some work. I was sitting in a chair, and heard a loud thump on the aluminum roof, as if a man had jumped from a tree, followed by numerous running footsteps.., moments later, I looked up to see this rapidly approaching shimmer moving towards me…then it hit me. I don’t or cant explain the feeling it gave me, rather than total unease. Since then, I’ve been researching this and these occurances, with little result. Still interested in knowing what it is, was for future and or current dealings.

    • Hi,

      I have just started a group on facebook for us so we all can connect, share and talk more about this.

      The group is secret as you may understand why.

      I can only invite you by your e-mail u are using on facebook so please send your adress to and i invite you to the group.

      Looking forward to connect!

    • Please join our new group so we can share and talk more about this

    • When i see it it looks like static and it changes shape and moves around every where its been happening since i was little but that isnt the only thing i can i can also see ghosts and i have since i was a child but when i see the static it makes me feel like im crazy because its clear and sometime there but it isnt. I see it the most at night in the dark thats when i can see it more clearly…i havent told any one and being 17 in high school and people already think your weird dont want to make it worse…

    • Same exact story as myself! I can see the what i can only describe as thin rays of what looks like our magneto sphereand a umbilical cord for lack of better term, of energy that looks like TV Static that shoots down into my neck. Also theres another cord thats more like a straight thick cord with what seems to be the most powerful that looks like the falling matrix within it. Ive now started trying to figure all this out; and now im connecting to stars like Sirius and even the lower light of the moon. As fkr social family friends etc no one can do it, some can see the magnetic field a little in direct sun, but thats the extenstof it. Glad i found someone similar.

    • I have seen excatly this wave. Its like on hot summer day when it on the pavement almost like a gas
      Thats how I have always described it when it happpen to me. I was sitting in my living room and talking on the phone with a man friend of mine at the time. All of a sudden from between the wall and my patio sliding door was this blueish clear I guess energy is a better way to describe it. But it reminded me of in the summer when the heat rises off the pavement. I came directly towards me and I was stunned it was about five ft high but wasnt touching the ground. It was about a foot from the carpet in my living room. It kept coming closer and closer to me. I said to my friend on the phone there is something coming towards me and he must have heard the concern in my voice he said get up and move away but I didnt I just sat there staring at it. It came right onto me and was literally on top of my whole body. My vision went blurry and I started to swat at the air or the energy.y eyes were blurred like the energy was inside my eyes. So I got up and started quikly started to walk toward my dining room area and it followed me as fast as I moved away it was right behind me. I went around my dining room table and sure enough it followed me all the way around the table. I was repeating myself to my friend on the phone its following me over and over. He kept telling me to open my front door and tell it to leave right now that its not welcome in my home. But I was not listening to what he told me to do I was just telling him a play by play of what was happening so I went into my kitchen which was an addition on my house. It couldnt seem to follow me into that area because it stopped at the doorway to the kitchen and hovered there for a long five min at least while I circled my small kichen over and over screaming at my friend what should I do?!! What is this thing I think I just kept repeating while I circled my kitchen. Finally I listened to what he was saying and I went to my front door and told it to get out if my home. I told it that it was not welcome in my home and all of a sudden it was gone. Now I didnt leave me for many years after that because when the room would grow cold and and eery feeling would enter a room in my house. Someone would say to me what is that hovering over your head just sitting ubove me and almost on top of my head. One timeba friend of mine was over and it was very late at night and we all of a sudden just felt really creeped out like we were being watched. I had never told to many of my experience yrs before this night and she knew nothing of it. She started swaying her hand over top of my head back and forth back and forth saying whats that over like it was smoke and she was trying to clear it from the air. She kept saying oh my god something is over your head its just hovering over me. It was about ten min hovering there and simiair things like this had happened over the yrs. I knew right from the first time I saw it that it was not a good energy and not a spirit who has passed on but rather a demon of evil. A worker of satans evil doings. It came to me at a very low point in my life and created even more disturbances for me for a very long time. Im very familiar with spirits and have seen them my whole life and these are evil entities of some kind and attach themselves to you to bring you down and depressed and to allow misfortunes to continue to happen. Im very spiritual and have what some call a sixth sence and I have forseen the future for family, friends and more so myself in my dreams my entire life. When this entity came and attatched itself to me I was dabbling with wicca and had been practising rituals and allowed alot of evil to enter my life without even realizing the danger I was putting myself into. Its not a good thing to not know what u r doing because it is real and it is very true to what it says. That is a whole another story. The reason im sharing my story with you is so you are aware at the evil behind these energy gasses. I need you to understand that these are not once upon a time living beings and now spirits living on in peace are praying on you and u more then likely already have more then one attatched itself into your body. It will suck the life out of you. They steal your happiness away and leave u feeling bad about yourself. You will start to lose weight in an unhealthy way and become short tempered and you cant understand why u feel so down and always tired. You may find your once happy life turned flip flop upside down. If u see these entities you are attracting them to yourself somehow. They are darkness even through they appear quit innocent in looks clear color. The home needs to be blessed and smudged with sage all over entire house while prayers from the bible are being resited. You need to be cleansed yourself and keep away from them. Its a part of my life I would like to forget. I have never seen it again and dont want to. Brware of these evil entities and please do not be fooled by them. Somehow you are drawing them dont try and see them anymore. Im not leaving my email because I dont want to draw that evil back toward myself. I wish you health and happiness and peace of mind within. God bless you and your family. Good luck

      • I have recently started seeing this since December last year. How is it possible?? I live in Scotland. Most people on here are American. Can wee be seeing the same man?? How??

      • If your seeing a dark mass or dark midst your seeing a negative entity. It is possible because you have a gift. Your psychic that’s why it’s around you. Learn to clear your mind or to meditate. If you can I’ve been reading a book by this guy who knows a lot about what we see, and what we can do his name is Eric Pepin the book is called “Igniting The Sixth Sense”. As a matter of fact start with that then start reading all his books this got knows what he’s talking about.

    • I would like to chat with you if you’d be interested. I can see and manipulate energy as well. I am just starting to get better at it. Just now I was in the bathroom and I asked this to see the pyramids of Giza and I did! It seems to work best for me when I look at blank walls. I have seen a few beings but none close to me and these ones were more blurry, and were outside. Also, the energy I see now is taking on colours. I normally just stare and it happens within seconds and I start to see energy moving (I can do this anytime I want it’s not just random but sometimes things appear when I am not looking for it), usually swirling and it takes on a tint of purple or blue and that’s when I know I’m about to see something. I see all kinds of things and I would really like to get in touch with someone else with this ability.

      I also have the ability to channel but I don’t know how to control it really. If anyone can do this can they please get in touch with me thanks!

      • Hi,
        Yes I can see and manipulate energy as well…for me it started in 2008-2009 as well as channeling or as I call it now “Vibrational Communication” like the Giza thing for you I can just think of a person or being and instantly communicate. The energy manipulation has also developed..a while ago I started seeing holographic pop outs of things like a picture would pop out into 10 flat rows that I could then move my hands thru pretty cool..there’s just so much going on yes I would lI’ve to me at

    • Thanks for sharing!! I recently starting to see a lot of this energy around me but different sizes like kids and adults.. the bad thing is that I can hear a lady crying and a lil boy playing, even my kid’s starting to act kinda weird!! Sorry for using this word, but I don’t know what other word to use, my husband keeps saying it’s just the cat from outside or is just the neighbours walking around their Rv.. whenever we hear steps in the living room.. I thought I was going nuts over all this visions and noises in this new place that we have just moved in, which I just found out about Salado tx is famous for the horrible ghost stories.. well.. I really wanna say thank you all for sharing, now I know there’s more people like me out there in life having these experiences, as well. Sorry for my bad English written, I’m trying my best right now.

  2. I can always see what you describe as TV static, although it is much clearer to see at night or a dark space. When I focus I can change the static to move into shapes and images. When I was about 6 I was attacked by an image I believed to create the pain was strong and could still feel it for the next few days. When I was 15 I had it again where I was experiencing something that I could never properly describe. I woke up sweating from a nightmare (very rare) and started to notice the static (lets just call it static) creeping up over me. I ran into my lounge where I collapsed on the floor in agony. I can never describe it to anyone, its just to out of the ordinary. I have never known what it is I see and im a skeptic of spirits etc.

    • You get various forms and ranks of demons. They can also transform (they were angels, angels can also transform/manifest). People were born in sin and most are still satans’ property. Jesus bought us over with His life/blood, but only for those willing to trust and believe in Him and for those who accept His offer/covenant, repent and make Him your Lord and Saviour. Jesus/God cleanses and protects. He is light. What I’m telling you is, be careful. Do not open yourself up to these experiences. It can be a bloodline thing that opened you up for these things or recent activities… You need Jesus to drive them away permanently, or atleast for them not to touch you. The Bible will teach you of these things. If it’s a blood line thing, then you need to break that line otherwise they still have a right, even if your christian. When I do see things, I ask Jesus to protect me. Nothing touches me BUT I do feel sometimes, a very VERY hatefull presence. Thats’ when I start praying alot hahaha. I also see an intense heat wave while I’m having quiet time w God, but feel no hate or anything radiating from it. Oh, and please, dont try any rituals or pagan things, demons play along and it will get even more intense because you are allowing them to touch you and scare you. Also, you cant do it by yourself.

      • Hey man that’s extremely the way I would describe this madness. These things do really weird things to me. They dance and are sexual at times. Theyve got close enough to touch me, waving me towards them staring at me. Talk, 2 times I was lyeing with my girl and then suddenly while extremly conscious I start getting violently pulled off the bed! I couldn’t make a sound, but I kept screaming her name Nichole! Nichole! Nichole! 6 times! Then sound came out she awaked and grabed me then it stopped.they dance low l, then appear to walk up stairs to the ceiling out windows crawl on the floor. Wild stuff man!

      • What if when you pray your body feels hot. I thought i was going crazy. I dont see things but feel some kind of something that seems as if something invisible is floating as if its breathing. I see these everywhere i go. At first i thought it was because of my eye condition called karataconus, but i being feeling and seeing this since after i healed from my cornea transplant. Certain people i also have a conversation with seem as if they feel something deep inside of me

      • Hi Cody,

        could you explain a bit more what this stuff you are seeing is like?



      • Exactly about the Bible, how Christ can protect you. I have had experiences where I have been almost dragged out by black forms of clouds that you can actually even see in the dark. They tried choking me and pulling me out of the house… once I was dragged almost out of the kitchen door. I can feel myself fighting for my life with this spiritual evil force. But once I accepted Jesus in my life-I have learned to handle these experiences which I have yet experienced again in a while, with being alert and immediately praying and asking Jesus to remove the Devil …because it has to do with witch-craft, and witch craft is nothing to play with or ignore. I hope you find Jesus Christ and believe in him only as he is the only one to save you from these unfortunate experiences. I am embarrassed to tell anyone about these experiences but I’m glad that this post gave me an opportunity to reply.

      • I know that God is a bloodline in my veins he’s the one to teach me thing I can’t understand. when thy scare me is like boo or chills but when that happens the more least I feel this scary demons playing with me to make me stronger in my belief that underworld prison gates
        are almost breaking threw case am going to make hell a heaven place to make people confuse so thy be Satan angels to make Jesus angels fall each day my holy sinful father and his son devilish devil at his right hand and me at his left hand demon angel has his sinful Jesus speaking his name his God the holy father to shine in the light ones again……….these experiences is like not fearing death cause thy are just understanding both Gods black and white are welling to show me to side of me good at day bad at night………….flying high to the point to death almost but that when I could see the invisible blur figure clearly so i know that am not a lone when Jesus is trying to touch me or change my path the demons look like me and wonder around confuse him so my flow to the path that its been written but bugghins is the one to be release from prison and Jesus was’t he was left to dead on the cross and bugghins is the one to speak about how she or he was the one to make them believe than satan can make them stronger to face there fear and take down the ones that hurtled them and make them suffer in shame. Now thy follow him cause sinning is life glory to paradise cause death is a gift to magic and tales and feeling like not guilt or weight on your back cause sinning is a life learning to explore standing up to your foe and showing them all the things they put you through making them under you spell cause you give them what they want and give them more so they lose control over you so then you win the game playing the daily score of who is the boss of all new saints exploring the high of champions who die first…………and thy rise and a demon been reborn to serve satan and the devil on a mission to get more people on the game to make it interesting to live longer to watch the game of pleasing who Gods entertainment television in your eyes view and lifting who spirit up or down or be reborn again and rise up dead in life……….God bless these childs to pick then one who going to make u stronger….Jesus or devil………….ahahahahahah! fuk the bible am the black view priest speaking the true story but how bugghins is evil in the flesh…..who wouldn’t know that bugghins win over all the people trust to tell the judge to release bugghins not jesus………/ pretty spooky when you get high under the name of stan……………… hate on u jesus

    • I too see this and would like to ask u a few more questions

    • I remember when I was a kid at night I would see green energy in the dark even when I closed my eyes these spirits or whatever these things were called would still appear. I would cry for my mother and when she came to get me I felt safe. She would hold me in her arms and rock me to sleep while she was singing. The spirits would get angry when this happened and I was focusing on 2 spirits fighting each other and then one of them looked at me with an evil look and I felt huge pressure in my head then I passed out and went to sleep. This happened untill I was about 13 I remember the last night I would see these things was when I spent the night at my brothers house. That night there was a HUUUGE wall of energy everywhere. Mostly on the ceiling it looked like snakes going everywhere. After that night I woke up and puked right when I woke up and I have never seen energy at night again. I would always ask my family what I was seeing and they said I was crazy so I just kept it to myself after the my mother called me crazy

      • wow I can see you really do see these as I just saw proof of this. Please watch episode 3 of paranormal witness on netflix. They caught the snake looking things on camera. It is very strange

      • Hi,

        I have just started a group on facebook for us so we all can connect, share and talk more about this.

        The group is secret as you may understand why.

        I can only invite you by your e-mail u are using on facebook so please send your adress to and i invite you to the group.

        Looking forward to connect!

      • I see the green things too when I close my eyes. And I also had a similar experience to issacs above where a witch lady was trying to drag me thru the the floorboards and i was screaming my boyfriend’s name and yet I wasnt making a sound. And I felt like i literally had to fight for my life just to stay from going thru the second story floor i was sleeping on. And aftetwards i was ao exhausted physically and mentally as terrified as I was I zonked back out. And I know 100% that this was really happening to me even if I couldn’t wake my boyfriend up to confirm it, til it was over. But I felt the bad presence in the housr when i got there. I told my friend there was something evil in the house and I sae it in the shadows and corner of my eyes dart all over the walls.

    • Okay there are a few things that this could be, it could be something attempting to take control of you or it could be something you have inside you like fear or doubt in yourself. I go more to the fear thing, as I interact with whatever this is allot and yes it will not hurt you just kind of make you pay attention to something or someone around you. I think that no one really knows what this static is for all we know it could even be run of the mill bacteria that our eyes are so fine tuned into seeing the smallest detail around us. When I was young I had whatever this is turned on like at 7years but I couldn’t control my emotional state so I supressed it. 28 years later I said to myself fuck it and started the process again. Basically what I am getting at is forget what fear is remove that from your life. I think that is the real trick to keep anything from harming you or startling you. If this is a 5d affirmation lets say you can manifest it with your mind so you should just as easily tell it to go away.

  3. i shar the same ability i guess i can do exactly what the guy said and the only way i can explaine it is ” when you look at a full moon and you look at it dead center you can see a couple of rings around it well i see that but on people dependeing what there personaltiy is like stuff like that” e mail me if you got anything you want to talk about

    • so you can see auras pretty much on people. That’s interesting i possess the same gift/ability.

  4. I’m responding to the description of focusing on the “visible energy”. I couldn’t have explained better myself. I also want to say that I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have visualized this energy since March 2006, and now in hindsight it has been around me longer than that. I’m not sure what spurred my awareness. I have a science degree and would like to discuss my research with the original author if possible. I don’t believe it is totally paranormal in origin, though the ability to view it may be.

    • I would be very interested in hearing more of your thoughts on this. I have been seeing energy for the past year and it came on very close to my 30th birthday. When I try to describe it, I described it in the exact same way to people using the predator and heat wave descriptions. This ability has also evolved somewhat because now I can see imprints of the things that I look at in light. It is kind of difficult to describe. An example would be that if I look at a book and I look up I see the exact same image in front of me only it is in light. This goes with anything. I could look at a keyboard, a bottle of water, etc. It doesn’t matter what I am looking at as long as I am focusing on it for a few moments and then look away… there it is in light. I also see specs of blue and white light daily, and also what appear to be bugs or something whizzing by. Does any of this make sense? It wasn’t until about 3 or 4 months ago that I puzzled together that what I was seeing was actually energy. I even had my eyes checked and there were no issues. I started feeling a lot of tingling in my hands and fingers and was led to Reiki which is energy healing and have done very well with it. I am now a Reiki Master – Teacher and have learned to work with energy. I am constantly seeking meanings and answers to everything and I would like to hear any answers, comments, or reasons for any of this whether it is scientific or paranormal.

      • How can you become a reiki master? I would like to learn, I believe I possess the ability but Sometimes when I focus, the act of focusing hinders the ability, my ability becomes more of a ‘memory’ of the other instances rather than the formation of a new experience

      • I am not sure what area you are from, but I would start by doing a search for Reiki classes on the internet in your area. I am from a smaller city about an hour an a half away from Indianapolis and I made several trips back and forth to take the training. It is not hard at all to do and it is a wonderful thing. In your first class you are given what we call attunements, which is basically opening you up to receive this high vibrational energy. Once attuned to it, you have it for the rest of your life and you are able to apply it to yourself or others / anything. I do give distant Reiki treatments and would be happy to send you some of this wonderful loving energy for you to experience it before you made the desision to carry it with you.

      • i have exactly what you described! and it happend just after my 30th in december! anymore info you gather would be great to share, have you studied acsencion?
        from scott

      • I have been seeing something whiz past quite often lately but its dark like a cat on the run. Have wondered if and “what” exactly it might be but today I am searching for answers on my friends behalf. She and her daughter were going down a flight of stairs at a garage sale that also went into the basement of their home. When my friend and her daughter got half-way down, the woman who lives there, just dropped what was in her hands and said, “im sorry, but I have to tell you what just startled me!” “Im not crazy and never had this happen, but there was a bright light following you and your daughter down the steps!” She said, “it was right there!”
        My friend was floored by this and confused. I think maybe it was a spirit but a good one. What is your take on this?

      • After I learned to feel energy and even manipulate it sometimes using psi ball exercises I started to develop the ability to see it. At first it was around people and objects like an aura of light and at first i thought it was my eyes because i’m farsighted but even with my glasses on I still see it. I can see energy in the air mostly around my hands when I’m focusing on feeling energy. I started to these patterns in the air like moving water and then I started to disturbances in the air like white wisps that made it look like something was moving through it. Sometimes things do flit by but never anything i can make out except one time there was like this butterfly of light and it was slow enough for me to try to catch it. I also started seeing these little light dot particle thingies that move around in the air like molecules and I thought it might be something like the energy rain some described but they move in all directions and fill the air even though I can only see them in certain sunlightings.

      • I must say, I am so glad to have found this post! I can see the ‘TV snow’ energy and can also see the predator/heat wave things as well. It’s only new to me and have just turned 30! I’ve had a few supernatural things happen to me, but with the last one, I decided to embrace it, rather than be scared of it. This is when the visible energy started. It’s been about 2 or 3 weeks. The predator/heat wave things have been in the last week. And with this came a high frequency that I can hear all the time. I have been spending a lot of time outdoors and now I feel like I can breathe in the energy from a tree and it’s very soothing. The other day, I noticed that I could see ‘predator-like swirls’ falling down from the tree, towards the ground, almost like a slow moving stream.

        I see the orb/bubble type too – which I must admit, I’ve been seeing these since I was a child, but never really took notice of it (thought it was just my eyes).

        This weekend just passed, on Saturday, I had a nagging feeling to go to a beach headland (which I never go to) and spotted a pod of dolphins swimming very close to the shore (first time I’ve seen them). The Sunday, I literally drove through a rainbow then had another nagging feeling to go back to the same headland – where a double rainbow presented itself for less than 5 minutes. Funny thing was, the double rainbow started just a few meters in front of me, in the ocean. In my entire life, I’ve never been at the start or the end of a rainbow. I guess I’m tuning into the energy/ Universe?

      • Ginny, can you email Please and thanks!

      • I too see these imprints, as well as blue, green moving fog , and visible heat waves. I get a tightening squeezing in the temple area of my head which sometimes brings that sparks of light, lightning, orbs, and hazes. I also have large dark spots lined in blue light visible night and day. The squeezing in my head often causes tingling in my hands and feet goes up my legs. Sometimes I feel like I am trying to walk on the moon like the ground is moving away under my feet, and or feel a spin taking over my whole body. I too have seen many doctors, Ophthalmologists, and Neurologists, lots of blood-work. Nothing wrong with you!

        I began seeking natural remedies, organic foods, and meditation…. and now! Oh my God, the things I am seeing and experiencing are completely other world! I’ve always felt the “devil” was after me, and on the flip side said evil was always trying to block the greatness God has planned for me, and good I am doing in my life.
        I am a spiritual person of faith and have learned to say a simple prayer every time any evil presence is felt.
        6 years ago, the light show behind my eyes began, with various colors/auras of light wash over, up and down, fading in and out on images of people, some far away and full figures, others eye to eye with me me, some scary, some peaceful. I simply observe, but if I try to get a closer look, they vanish, relax, they come back.

        NOW, Just 7 days ago. Lying in bed listening to my Chakra healing music. I ALWAYS PRAY 1st; I saw a large dark figure on my wall, with the only light in the room coming from my power strip under the computer. I did everything to look away, close my eyes, open them, etc… and the figure remained, moving rhythmically, then there was more than one and they came in and out of sight, moving, dancing, their hands coming closer and moving over me, in and out and away. I was very frightened and began to pray, they didn’t leave but I began to relax my fear, and simply observe as best I could. Eyes open or closed I could still see them. so I kept them open and looked straight above, hands over my heart… that’s when the the swirling tunnel of faint green appeared above me. The energy seemed to dance to the music, and the light grew in strength and began to create a floating feeling with me. As my music moved through the chakras, the energy would change color and direction of movement. I watched in awe EYES OPEN for at least an hour, tears slowly running down my temples as I lay there. Until I just couldn’t handle anymore of this profoundly amazing experience.
        I have since repeated my prayer and meditation and have observed the same, although not the same intensity. I also have noticed that the dark figures come during the sacral chakra, so I am less concerned it is evil, although still very intense, especially when they come close and seem to be performing something. They have become more illuminated in detail with a bright blue light. But still heart jumps here and there, eeks!

        Any advice? Is the physiological, did I open my 3rd eye? whats happening to me? I always have felt I don’t belong here, sought many answers and been drawn to shows on people with gifts to see and communicate with spirit, and more of the like. Thought maybe I had some sort of gift. How do I develop it and remain protected?

        Thanks for reading this big long thing!

      • Makes plenty of sense. If you wish to use that energy. Just unfocus your eyes (makes energy way more visible). Think of the mindseye like a ball. I’ll even sometimes take my hand and make a fake spin with my hand, to help the envisioning. Plus try to envision your whole body as if it were millions of tiny ball bearings. I naturally feel like tingles everywhere. If you dont, just clap hands and focus on tingles from the clap. But envision all the bearings (wherever on the body you’re trying to move energy from.) Plus envision a fan from behind anywhere you are trying to force forward. You’ll naturally feel all the air from behind, strike that area.

      • am the holy black bible to show the way understanding satan

      • I too see the “bugs whizzing by” i have often wondered if its actually flies, or if its them…..

      • Hi Ginny I can relate to most all of these post but yours caught my eye because of everything you described and the fact that you didn’t start seeing this until your 30th birthday, me as well. I can see energy, the light around objects even when I look away, the bugs whizzing by or do that is what is seems like but you only see a small trail then its gone. I’m almost 32 now and get told by many people even before then that I was a healer or that my eyes draw them to me, i can also hold this energy in my hand and it is so strong you can see the intentions in both hands as if I actually have a ball between them but it is a ball of energy I’m pretty sure and the longer i focus on it the bigger the ball of energy gets. I can actually see the rain spiraling in motion. Sometimes I feel something rubbing the inside of my right hand, and holding my feet, touching my legs, with quite a noticeable amount of pressure and recently daily but not in a scary way at all. It’s had my curiosity for years now but I’ve never told anyone about it. I also see things move on a daily basis. Say I’m writing and put down my pencil, if I look at the pencil it will move slightly more then a few times but that’s with almost anything I keep my focus on for more then a few moments.. I only see static people when I close my eyes, not real tight but as if I’m relaxed and a bit of light not much at all can get in, I can see them moving and sometimes just doing normal things. That didn’t start until a year ago when I started meditating. Never harmful. Lately when I meditate I only see angels.

    • Hello,

      I am also able to observe the same type of “visible energy” as the author sees. I have a degree in psychology and have been a student of metaphysics for some years now, and I would love to discuss some general theries and/or share information I have researched etc.,

      Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


      • I’d love to get in contact with you. I have been looking for someone with some education and first-hand experience with this. I have experienced variations of everything mentioned here and some not. Please contact me as soon as possible. nero6968 at gmail

      • Hello.
        I just came across this blog today. I realize that what is described sounds very similar to what I have been seeing. I’m very interested in your research. Let’s discuss! 🙂

      • I’ve been going through same stuff, till now I thought it was harp doin all this stuff but maybe not, I’ve got vids of all this stuff

      • Hi. I haven’t been on here in a very long time. Didn’t even know I had so many replys. You can go on fb “Matthew Rausch TK trainer ” is my page. Just message me. I’d be more than happy to share.

      • So, can you explain to me what is this light enery?

      • Please join our new group on facebook so we can talk and share our stories about this.

    • Email me as i have my own views on this also

    • Like most of you, I’m very happy to have found this blog and hear others have the same abilities as me. I haven’t noticed any one organizing a call, that would be fun to do, to share stories orally.

      I started seeing and feeling energy after meeting someone who was a Reiki master. I could feel, see it, it only took shifting my eyes. That was about 12 years ago at the age of 30. In the last week though, following the full moon, I now see energy (visible rain, Predator heat waves) and sparks all the time, 100% of the time, without shifting my eyes in any ways. Its like the energy wants to get my attention. I have a science degree so I am not leaping to the conclusion I am seeing spirits, I do not have proof of that. What I do know is that I can get in a trance where I hear voices and see images, and this happens when I practice Reiki on people and is happening about once a day without any effort. I would like some understanding of what this is. While this forum is comforting to know I am not alone, I would like some answers. I would to explore a) is there a plausible theory about what type of energy we see (e.g. what wavelength would it be if it were string theory?); b) do mediums and psychics experience seeing heatwaves and are those spirits?

      Happy to talk with someone and hear your theory.

      • I wish someone with better tech talents than mine would be willing to start a discussion group of some kind. (I avoid public media sites like Twitter for too many reasons to recount.) The kind of experiences outlined in these responses make many people very uneasy and that’s understandable.

        Kay H

      • I see energy snow/rain etc.
        I can see auras but not usually in color.
        I see what I thought were fly ghosts, or mini orbs. The strangest and most wonderfully intense experience I’ve had involved me staring at a ceiling one morning at dawn, I’m sure twilight was a factor, I noticed patterns like a Laser light show on the ceiling. Then I noticed wisps of energy coming out of my finger tips, more visible from my right hand, this smoke like energy was moving up to the ceiling, I started to hear what I can only describe as static in my ears the more I concentrated, I noticed I could manipulate this “energy”, geometric shapes in a variety of colors, more complex than I can explain started to form, culminating at the end with me forming a perfect 3 dimensional sphere in between my hands, it was holographic, golden ish in color. I’ve always believed it was some kind of electromagnetic energy. I have no proof, it could of been anything. places I have been searching for answers, theology/Quantum physics/ thee occult.

        Ty though everyone, I thought I was crazy and hallucinating. I hope this also helps somebody 🙂

      • Good Questions..I used to believe it was orxgen air particles. .but the way it can and wants to connect with us has made me rethink my beliefs awhile ago. I believe we are all energy and it is attractive to our energy beings..our auras continue inside of us. I know what you mean about meditating or Reiki they grow more easy to see and their pattern goes from invisible energy to wave patterns that do touch though the fingertips. But if you look closely you will see your own energy pushing out of your fingers to meet it say ” only the power of all that is good may interact with me” I’ve used it under different circumstances and thank Mother earth it worked. The power of white light is a protection example..always say when treading in new areas. Also you are a indigo Child…read online about it you should find yourself and us and many others yet to be reunited…Sissy

      • Haven’t been on here for awhile but wanted to comment on the indigo child thing. I see exactly the same things that you guys see. And for me it started about 4 years ago. I have meditated on and off for over 30 years and I am positive that this energy is not only intelligent but is attracted to the energy we give off during a meditation. I was born in 1964 which completely negates me being an indigo child. So I don’t believe that this phenomenon is an indigo child thing. There are a number of people that I know of seeing this energy field and the majority of them have either the RH negative blood or have those in their family, parents and sometimes their grandparents have this blood. There is no doubt this blood is a different beast as many people have psychic abilities, all feel that they dont fit in and most have very empathic tendencies. I am not saying that this makes us special in any way, just different. There are researchers who claim this bloodtype appeared around 35,000 years ago in, this is known through dna research. Things dont just appear and I dont believe this to be a mutation as generally mutations happen for a species to actually adapt to their environment yet most RH-s have food intolerances, fair skin and blue /green eyes. None of those characteristics are suited to our harsh climate. However I do believe food intolerance has a lot to do with the chemicals used to make food grow quicker, larger and last longer but that is another story. I believe the energy to not be good or evil but to be very inqusitive and maybe it also feeds off us in some way. Possibly just as we feed off our environment, look up information on archons and you get what I mean. It doesn’t make them evil just that we are also in a way part of some cosmic food chain, probably there are beings feeding off them as well. All life I believe is interconnected and we all have to do our bit, we consume so that we can flourish and animals and plants make that sacrifice to us. That chain continues beyond us but we are only just becoming aware of the fact that there are higher life forms than ourselves. A bit of food for thought.

      • Thank you for your very intelligent thoughts and information. I put in google browser that I also see sparkles. and came to a website “Are you a Indigo Child” I believed they were children but was surprised to learn that some have been born in every decade of each century. And that many physics detected baby’s in the 60’s with purple auras. But this isn’t what convinced me .it was their list of questions to see if you qualify as one. Each question was a posting answer for me. Even to do lights flicker or blow out around me, do watches stop ticking on your arm each time, are you connected to nature especially Trees? Theses are just a few but out of all the random questions in the universe why did they apply positive to me?? I agree the energies are curious just as the elements are. I think we need to investigate more to see if alot of people see these things and just don’t a knowledge it or suppress it? Maybe it’s not as unusual as we believe after all on the site Unseen Energy there have been over 89,000 visitors. I’ve added more to mine hoping to learn more and also a place where people can leave there email address so others can contact in private in case they are embarrassed. I think a Facebook page needs to be made if it hasn’t already. I’m just so awful at for sharing and I will look up the site you suggested. ..Sissy

    • I am so relieved first off to have found this blog. It brings such comfort. have been experiencing this for the past year now, and it has grown with intensity. they only thing I can say is. The more I practiced seeing aura the more visible and more interactive they became. I don’t know if they are demons per say. I have never felt any bad will my mind besides from the fear that I feel. I can feel them past through me and touch me. Starring at them is very aweing and scary at the same time. I want to make contact but don’t know if I should keep going deeper. but then again I cant undo see what I’ve seen or experienced. If anyone has more info on what this energies are please email me.

    • Hi there

      If you can shed any light onto what I see and how to get rid of it that would be fantastic. It’s not a good thing. Please feel free to contact me on

      Thank you

  5. Yeah this happens to me alot

  6. I cannot even express how happy I am to find this website. I have been seeing what you all have been describing since I was a little girl..I started recognizing it at the age of 5. When I was little, I did not know what to think of the “static” I was seeing, so I thought it was God. I am now 25 yrs old and still wondering to this day what I see all the time and how to get an explanation for it. I have tried to explain what it looks like to my family and friends, and find it almost impossible to describe. I have always said that it looks like static TV- or when it gets all snowy…only with NO color. Its just part of everything does not block anything, make anything blurry, or interfere with my life if I dont want to see it. At night or in the dark I see it the most. It is all over me, and sometimes the “static” either moves quickly almost like invisible shooting starts or its completely still… I have never seen any figures or anything of that sort, however. I am very interested in discussing this with all of you since it has always been a part of my life and this is the first time I found that I am not the only one who sees this “energy.” I never believed in paranoia things, but I have NO idea what this could be. I also have 20/20 vision so I know it has nothing to do with my eyes. Why can we see it and not everyone else? Why is it clearer in the dark or on a flat surface? Any thoughts?

    • I believe this is what is called “visual snow.” In my opinion, this is different from what is being described in the above post, where you can see things moving. Also, what I see and I think others here as well is not static but what appears to be energy or light falling in a fine rain. Try googling “visual snow.”

      • I agree with you. I don’t understand why they call it visible snow. It’s a structured pattern that can be seen on surfaces as well as in open spaces. The pattern is always the same and I mostly see this when my room is completely dark. The pattern however, I see on all surfaces at all times of the day.

      • “Visual Snow” is what I’m guessing, (now that I see and know what the energy does.) Is what the Gov wants people to believe. When I say I was a skeptic prior to seeing this energy. I mean I was a person who’d laugh in a person’s face, who’d say the things I do now. Which is actually funny. But it actually helps me understand where both sides are coming from. If youd ever like to see anything as far as evidence. Feel free to contact. I openly share things with people.

    • Ail me as i too have seen this since childhood

      • Cathy im david, you said to email you regarding the static field/dots moving around and through the air. I too see this and it is slowly getting more intense. Can you email me its:

    • Hi Jara, I completely relate and would love to learn more about everyone’s experience so we can understand better what we are seeing.

  7. everyone PLEASE look at this website..the first 3 pictures are exactly what I see that I was this what you see? It is called “visual snow” and its a real condition, although very rere.

    • The first picture on the website… along with almost every other one is exactly what my vision is like. Also in mine I see little tiny balls of color… red blue green and purple which blossom or explode like fireworks. Also like the heatwave thing I can feel these…”beings” and if they want to hurt me or not. Its as if I can just see them in the shadows at the edge of my vision and as soon as I look… they are gone. I have had the for as long as I can remember. If anyone has any information about this stuff, if you are able, please email me at

  8. Hello Jara and Jaryd, I am the doctor running the website on visual snow, I would like to ask you to contact me via email because I would like to ask you some further questions re. your visual snow experiences. Thanks, KP

  9. I, too, see the static or snow. I’ve always seen it, I simply thought it was how everyone experienced vision. I started getting the notion that it wasn’t a universal experience during my junior high school years. We were learning about molecules and I mentioned to my friends in class that I thought I could see the molecules of the air. I was met with blank stares. I then asked my mom and brothers if they could see the air. More blank stares. Then I knew I was seeing things differently than everyone else. It’s as if I can see vibrating atoms. Anyway, I’ve pretty much kept it to myself although my husband knows I see static. I also get migraines with aura and I’m pretty sure it’s related. Guess we have a “gift” huh? The simulations on the migraine-aura website are a good representation.

  10. Hello Nancy, I am the doctor running the website on visual snow, I would like to ask you to contact me via email because I would like to ask you some further questions re. your visual snow experiences. Thanks, KP

    • Hi doctor,

      Id personally like to show you (if you wish) , what “visual snow” can really do. Feel free to contact me anytime. Can email at or through Facebook “Matthew Rausch ” or “Matthew Rausch TK trainer”

      Just message me who you’re, so I know.



  11. Has anyone seen air bubbles that look similar to orbs? Or what they’re called? They’re much larger compared to the the small specs of visual snow.

    • 3 Times I have seen a bubble (with a small face) staring at me. I would be watching TV and doze for a second. I would open my eyes and it would jump like I startled it. Then it would slowly back away and disappear. I always had the feeling it was a curious child. Never scary or freaky, just a bubble.

    • I have. I see them all the time. They float past and disappear before I can even think about what I just saw.

    • Yes I see the bubbles. Unside them are glowing specs of gold


  13. I was so excited to read your “Visible Energy” description and the events in the house that I screamed “YES!” out-loud and abruptly cried with relief! You experiences mirror my own, including the presence of what I call “pixel-people” (sometimes they have heatwave heads, and the torso looks like pixels. The “pixels” sometimes have colors like blue, yellow, green……..) I saw “heatwaves” independent of any of the other visible energy phenomenon just a handful of times since I was 22 or so. I am now 31 and have only begun to see the additional (CONSTANT) energy disturbance phenomenon within the past 10 months. I couldn’t find anyone to relate my experiences to and it was actually begining to cause a strain on my relationship with my boyfriend of 7 years….until suddenly late night (on his birthday) he exclaimed “What is that?!” in a tone of frustration. “And there are 2 people in the front room. One of them keeps poking their head around the door and peeking in at us.” This statement coming from him was so amazing, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I had been reading and hadn’t been paying attention to my surroundings until he spoke, but as soon as I looked up I saw what he meant. The air was so “thick and shimmery” it looked like you could go swimming in it. Then he pointed to the door frame of the bathroom and said “Why is it doing that?” The door frame was pulsating between dark and light (dark-light-dark-light-dark-light, you get the point…) It was at a quick pace and continued for at least 10 minutes. Since then I have seen the same phenomenon at a house that had burned down and killed 3 people who were friends
    of mine. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon or know what it is? I have also seen a fist sized orb with my bare-naked eyes (NOT on film, etc!) My 2 cats saw it, too. It was moving with intent, extremely fast, at about knee level from the floor in the same living room that my boyfriend saw the pixel-people in. It passed right in front of my direct line of vision (I had bent over to get a better view of what my cats were looking at, as their heads were moving in unison looking from one spot to the next, which I had never seen them do before….) The orb passed inches away from my face. It had the same distorted heat wave look to it, except in a spiral like formation…..and it had a tail like a comet or something. The area behind the orb/tail had that same “predator” thing going on, I know you all know what I mean. (As a side note, I used to get migraines as a child and then again for a short time in my early 20’s but have not had them for several years.)Thank you for giving me back a sense of normalcy. I cannot express with words my gratitude.

  14. Hi. im really happy that i finally found someone els that can see these vibrating small, bright, “invisible” “things” (molecule) in the air. As far as i can remember, ive always seen them on the day.. in the air, in the house, or around things! (but when i see them around things it isnt as clear as when i see them in the air. ive tried to tell my mother about it. to get an explenation, for why i am seeing these.and ive always wonderd what it was.. i remenber once, when i was lying on a bench in the garden on a sunny day.. And i was staring up in the air. i caught my eye on a bunch of “those”, and i calmly looked at them. as one of them suddenly froze (As if i got an connection with it) then it vibrated intense and much faster then the other once around, inntil it flew very fast to another direction. (so my conclusion is that i can actually influence them!)
    I once wonderd if i perhaps had an eyesight problem… But then my ex-boyfriend naturally once asked me if i saw the things in the air (and he described the things for me)- so then i finally knew that it wasnt just me! But now i wonder.. what more i can do, or do with it? i am 17 years old and im really interested in these things.

  15. Oh, for those who wish to contact me my e-mail is:

    Peace & Namaste

  16. Wow, I had no idea that there were all these comments on this ‘Visible Energy’ page. I’m so sorry for not responding to them and you all.

    I’m posting again now.

  17. I see this snow and movement too and the website link is on point!! I have seen ghosts too but the movement/snow is very different.

    I stumbled on this site trying to find some answers about this wave of energy i saw last night in my room (about 3 ft by 1 ft, transparent white particles, overall rectangle-ish shape, more concentrated in the center). My friend was over and we both saw it. It zipped in my room very fast either through my closed window or wall and faded after what seemed to be a LONG second or so. If anybody have any ideas on this, let me know!

  18. hey this happens to me. i havent seen a man but i feel like i see molecules bouncing off each other. im 14 and ive noticed this since 2 years ago

  19. I don’t know how to explain the things I see. The best way is too say that I see dots. Millions of tiny dots. And colors. And sometimes if I am, for example, looking at a person who is talking and moving their hands alot, it’s like I can see where their hands have moved before. Like if someone draws something in the air with their finger, I can see the energy that is left over or like i can see the movement. I never told anyone til I told my mom a few months ago. I just thought everyone saw what I saw… but sometimes my vision gets very crowded with all the dots and colors and “left over energy” that I have to focus very hard onlooking at something. I’ve always seen the world like this but never knew what to think of it.

  20. The discription of dots with colors is exactly like the “pixel people” I described in my last post. I have seen a number of phenomenon since my last post, actually (all of which have been more or less discribed by everyone else who has posted their experiences, so I won’t go into them now.) I did want to relate one particular occurance, however. I saw another orb, this time their was two other individuals in the room, one of which who actually saw the orb as well. (A 16 year old house-guest of a friend of mine.) The other person wasn’t at a vantage point where he could see it. He did HEAR it however, as both I and the other person did. It actually made a loud “POP!” at the second it first appeard. The sound was similar to when you hear a breaker pop or when you plug something into a messed up power plug and it blows-out. This time we saw it cross the room from the corner where it manifested from thin air to about the middle of the room, about a span of four and a half feet. This time when I saw the “tail” of the orb, it crossed in front of a lamp. The lamp looked “smeared” or like it was drawn-out where the tail was. All of this was preceded by a strange LOUD electronic sounding humming noise that lasted a few seconds at a time. This occured at least a half a dozen times in a span of 5 minutes or so before we saw the orb. I have never heard the likes of this noise before or since this incident, but the owner of the house said that it occurs every great once-in-awhile, and has done so since he had lived there (15 plus years…) He had no explanation for what caused the noise, however. Another odd thing worth noting was that I had just been explaining my prior orb experience to the young, very skeptical house-guest not a half-hour before the incident occured. Needless to say she was no longer so dismissive after she experienced it first-hand! Thanks again for providing a place to share all this crazy stuff with people who know what I’m talking about.

  21. Hi when I was 5 years old I remember telling everyone I could see air. Then in my adulthood I said I could see “energy”. I see millions of tiny colorful dots only in the dark. The darker it is the better I can see the molecules. Why do I see that and others don’t? I can also play around with the energy by cupping it between my hands and the colors become stronger. I can see it outline my hands like a very strong aura . Anyone have a name for this??

    • Me too. I see waves coming from my fingers and lots of “smoke” and now sparks fly out of people when they talk very excitedly about something.

      • I have only recently begun to see heatwave-like or “predator”-like accumulations when i am in dimly lit rooms. Sometimes the accumulations will take on a vaguely human body shape but I am actually quite frightened when this starts to happen so i will often look away. I am beginning to tear up a bit right now as this comment is the first time i have shared any these experiences to ANYone. I am confused and fearful although this was not so when I first started to see these …what ever they are. I was more intrigued and had little fear when i first saw the heatwave style energy forming into what looks like both adult and child human shapes. I think I was less aftaid at the first few occurrences because i attributed it to lack of sleep and over-tired eyes. However, I am now seeing them regardless of how tired or awake i am. If one of these masses of smoky heatwave crosses in between myself and a mirror, i can see the “mass” or energy pass along in the mirror, slightly behind the object, as you see when a personalks between you and a mirror. The reflection slightly angles behind the person as he or she walks by. Another characteristic i see with these objects is that they tend to be almost always moving about, fairly quickly, and they can dissipate from these person- shaped masses into other shapes very quickly as well. Some appear to only walk or run about on the ground and then they are out of sight. The ground movers don’t change shape. The other type floats above, between 7 and i feet off the ground and they change shape rapidly. Their shape sometimes reminds me of water moving through a space with no gravity, as in the movie “the abyss”. These floating ones stay still for short periods of time (unlike the ground dwellers). I also see thin lines of “smoke” that move up and out from my fingertips before they swirl and dissipate outward. I can wave the “smoke” around by waving my fingers. I would be very grateful if anyone with similar experiences to mine, or who can help ease my mind in anyway could contact me. My email is Thank you for any insight you may have. -jennifer

  22. I have seen these colorful dots since I can remember . I can make them turn any color I want just by thinking of the color. I also can use them to “flow” the direction I want and do many cool things. I would spend hours at night as a kid and “play” with these dots. Never had a bad experience with this. Quite nice actually. Now I am starting to fell that this is some sort of vibrational energy. I hope to use it for some good. Many times I use these colors to send as a sort of prayer to people hoping it does some good. Relived to see some people out there that see these dots of color. I rarely talk of it. By the way the main color I see is purple. Very pretty.
    Also I see dots with eyes open or close. If I choose to create an image it’s there whether eyes are open or closed.

    • hi david vibrational energy field,is what iv called what iv been seeing/getting to know and fascinated by!! i just want to know more more lol and to see it as vived as possible i only have a few times which i will never forget but think it was the state of mind, i was very spiritual awked and open to knowing the unknown, it was also my company at the time (a soul friend) and we got some ******thats how it started. once i knew it was there i keep looking for it at different times and lighting. its 8 years on now and iv had all different sights of it doing all sorts of things/movment/dance but never seen it as vived or bright as the first time but beleive i will agian some day, for now its great just to know its there and to catch a lil show ie last night i was boiling rice and i looked close through the steam and really saw it the color patterns was lovely. anyone wants to talk 🙂

      • forgot to say iv always just thought i could see air now i know its not just air its everything reacting together. i think so far lol

  23. Very interesting post and responses, thank you. I found your page from a search “visible waves in sky” after seeing wave lines (similar to the light/dark lines seen in a wave generator) rising in the sky yesterday. It caught my attention because while I was looking toward the sky at dusk, I saw the moving wave lines in the sky but not on adjacent objects or surfaces. When I turned my head 90 degrees and looked at another quadrant of the sky, same thing – waves in the sky but not adjacent objects or surfaces. I turned again and looked into the house and no waves on any surface. Looked back toward the sky and same wave pattern resumed. The lines were relatively level and emanated off of objects on the skyline or behind them but not on the objects themselves. Later, I could see wave lines emanating from multiple point sources, again only in the sky sector. It looked somewhat like the “Predator” imagery you describe but no particular form of a person or being. Today, with different light conditions, I have not yet seen anything similar.

  24. This is `Original Stuff` it is the `Formless Substance` from which
    all things are made.

  25. I know exactly what you are talking about. For most of my life that I can remember I have been able to see this invisible energy which I have been unable to explain to others, not to mention they think I’m crazy. I was always able to see it very faintly if I focused on it or if it was a clear day I could look up into the sky and see it everywhere. However I visited a holy house in connecticut and ever since I have been able to see this invisible energy on a much stronger level. At this point I can no longer not see it, it is always there. I have no however seen these shapes you have described although I do not doubt you. Well I just thought it was facinating to finally find someone else you knows what I am talking about.

    • HI Giles, After seeing energy like you for fifteen years, now I see it all the time after this month’s full moon. It is like it is trying to get my attention. Have you learned anything more about it?

  26. When its dark I can see like pixels. And its like Im looking at a T.V. screen thats showing what I’m seeing and when I said this to my friend he just looked at me.

  27. I too was excited to find a site were others experienced similar vision as well. I’ve always wondered about it…. I stopped asking when I was a kid because people gave me that blank stare. Now, I can’t stop talking about it. I love it! I asked my eye doctor, he didn’t really know and was puzzled. He said if he were to guess our brains are receiving more electrical information. Which pretty much makes sense to me. Our eyes can pick up on a more because they are receiving more information. Is it our brains that are receiving more or our eyes?

    So can we all get together to form an online group. Where we could chat or become a small part of something greater. I’d like to talk with more people who experience this. What good can we do together?

    It’s interesting some people have only noticed the static for a time in there life others like me, all there life. Interesting?

    Anybody with me on putting together an online group? I’m not exactly where we would do this at. Computers are not my strong suit.

    • I really want to push a peace movement. Since most of us experience how thoughts movementa the air we breath has colors. Even the colorful shadow people the energy we all see in the air. We are apart of something greater. We are litteraly in touch with our spiritual selves. I’m sure all of us have intence empathy and are close with nature. We need to spread the knowledge. The world is closed off from spirituality and peace

    • Hi Nicole, Did you ever start something? I’m also interested in talking wiht others about this. thanks!

    • All my life, and it never occurred to me that it was anything unusual until I tried explaining it to my husband. So I just googled it and here I am now, lol. I wonder if it is energy we can see, if we can manipulate it more easily for things like reiki healing and the likes!

  28. I have seen such things since 2000, I believe. I see heat wave “energy” in areas that are brightly illuminated. There is movement and if you hold out your hand (especially your left) you might see movement towards you. It has a strange feel to it. Somewhere between spider webs and silk.

    I should back up and tell THE story. The paranormal has always been a part of my life. My dog, of 13 years, was very sick and my vet said he needed to be put to sleep. For the last two years, of his life, I let him sleep with me.

    He would go eat, etc., then he would come to my bed. I would hear his rear feet scratching on the day’s newspaper, on the floor. I would pick him up and put him under the covers, with his head resting on a pillow. In very little time, I would hear him snoring.

    I did that for two weeks, then the time came. I knew there was no way I could be in the room when he was put to sleep. Then I got mad at myself. Odie had given me 13 years of love and companionship and the very least, that I could do for him, was to be with him when he passed.

    My Mother had come down for the weekend. I brought a towel and I put it on the metal table and him on the towel. The vet motioned that he was ready. I knelt down, put my arms around Odie and said: “I love you Odie, your a good baby. It’s time for nite-nite; I love you.”

    I heard sniffing and I was shocked to see that it was my Mother who was crying. Amazingly, I was totally calm as I thanked the vet and carried Odie’s body, on the towel, out to my vehicle. I was amazed at how calm I was. I had focused on making it the easiest for Odie, that it hadn’t hit me yet. I asked Mom why she was crying as she is not a pet person. She said: “I know how much you loved Odie.”. I gave her a hug.

    It was the following night that it happened. I heard that same scratching sound! I dismissed it and went to sleep. I heard it the next night and ignored it again. I had a cat named Taz, who absolutely loved Odie. He had been walking through the house, looking for Odie.

    I let him sleep with me that night. Taz wouldn’t even lay down and it broke my heart. I turned the lights off and then I later heard the scratching sound, on the papers. I reached down, picked up an imaginary Odie and put him on his usual spot.

    Several minutes later, I heard Odie snoring! Not only that, but Taz turned and looked. He then stretched and lay down to sleep for the first time since Odie died. I thought this was the end of it. I was very wrong….

    When I turned off the lights, the following evening, I saw a white cloud. It was maybe 4 feet wide and it was moving towards me! I’m not embarrassed to admit that I freaked out! I picked up my bible and read it for 3-4 hours. I finally realised that I had to go to sleep sometime in the future. I turned the lights off and there it was.

    Without taking my eyes off of the cloud, I reached over and opened the bible. At the same time, I said: “God, if this is you, please give me a sign.” When the cloud touched me, it was like hundreds of hands pushing me down into the mattress. At the same instant, I knew it was God!

    The rest of the night was absolutely incredible! The room looked like thousands of sparklers had been used as everything, in the room, was covered with small, but bright, flashes of light. I lifted up the covers and I saw the flashes coming from under my skin! I suddenly realised that God was healing me – I’m disabled.

    Without thinking, I said: “God, instead of healing me, why not give me the power to heal others?”. There have been many times since that I wished I had said: In addition to healing me, why not give me the power to heal others?!

    Before the sunlight began to fill the room, all of the white mist moved over towards the far end of my bed. It formed a column, from floor to ceiling. There was an intense magnetic-like sensation that was pulling me towards it. I got the feeling that this was very important and I needed to remember it.

    The white mist began to disappear as sunlight filled the room. I turned the light on and l picked up the bible, being careful to keep it open to where I had opened it.

    On the first page, at the top of the second column was: ” God appeared in a pillar of cloud.”

    I asked for proof and I got it! That was maybe a decade ago and my room is full of white mist each night. Many miracles have happened since then. I’ve had a few chances to try the healing part of the gift, and it appears I was granted my wish.

    I can use my gift to decrease my pain, but I have not except just to see if I could. My Mom doesn’t understand why I don’t try and heal myself. My deal didn’t include my being healed.

    I would love to share the miracles surrounding my Dad’s death, etc. But, my fingers are going to fall off if I continue. I don’t know how to scroll back, so I apologise for any errors.

    I highly recommend “Hands of Light”. You can find it at I was so happy to find it as it has drawings that exactly match ones I made. Part of what your seeing (heat wave) is your body’s energy field and/or the energy field of objects, especially living. You might be seeing your own aura. I wish I could share all that I’ve learned. I can look at a photo, or even a name, and I can tell if the person is alive or dead. I can feel objects (any distance) and inside objects. I don’t need a stud finder. I believe that we all have these abilities. This is of God.

    That was at least a decade ago. I’ve shown the mist, as I have come to call it, to about 4 people and all of them have seen it. The mist used to be faint and hard to see, now the entire room looks as If it is in a cloud.

    • its been a while since u posted this.. but i seen a cloud in my brothers rooms was almost radiating light.. i freaked out and hid underneath the covers.. but its strange what u described sounds remarkably like what i seen..

    • Alan Sims,can you give me your email Id?
      I have a question to ask you.

  29. I’ve been all over the internet looking for something on this… It happened to me at 5am Christmas eve and 5am Christmas day… I would have just thought it was some kind of floaters or my eyes playing tricks… but.. the cat was also watching it move around the living room.. it floated about 2 feet off the floor, went up the Christmas tree and back down.. at some places, it would stop.. it lasted about 10 minutes each time.. it was a transparent orb that looked blurry.. like heat waves.

  30. I see normally but through a tv static sort of electrical disturbance in the background nobody believes me apart from my dad who he says sees the same way, he says it’s energy.

    i can also see shapes of people sometimes in the static but also it is more prominent around tv’s and other electrical items.

    scarily i came across this only a few times but i woke up one night and this solid black cloud of static was just contorting and twisting around the bed but nobody understands, i cant control it but i can project stuff into it like human shapes which is pretty pointless i just dont know what it is and i want to know what it is plus i went for a brain scan and test and the doctor said my brain had a high level of electrical activity and i get lots of static shocks off metallic and non metallic objects.

  31. I’ve had visual snow for years, very hard trying to explain it to people. I have very sensitive eyes, sunglasses are a must on bright days.
    Ocasionly i also seem to see some UV light – i can spot hand prints on wardrobe doors, i see a a deep blue/purple hue over my eyes, very faint when this happens.
    The ‘visible energy’ i have seen a few times too.. like heat coming off hands – only it seems like a sheet that doesn’t react much to my blowing on it – but i can ‘push’ it away. I’ve seen light flowing up from a candle, abit like mini-northern lights, while the actual flame is obscured from view.
    Best of all is the little energy pixie type people – about the size of a finger tip. Walking around doing all sorts of oddities.
    Shapes of people in the static i get when my eyes are closed in bed – when i’m relaxed… i seem to ‘warp’ from scene to scene. My thoughts have usually been on the brain making patterns out of chaos on this one tho – we do strive to make sense of any patterns we see.
    I will say that the flowing energy type sights can be bought on with certain stimulants… and make for a crazy nights viewing.
    I won’t even go down the road of the dark cloud type shapes that wosh past and form shapes – especially when you’ve shaken a hand thats popped up to your bed. Oo
    Not sure how much is due to my obvious crazyness, how much due to very occasional experimenting and how much is shared with others.

  32. Oh my goodness. Finally an answer. I started sein wat I thought were particles wen I was 16. Must add my paranormal experiences began after I was struck by lightening at that age. The stuff looks like static, and I can always see it at will. Now I know what it is. Since last year tho I have started seing the energy-wave man! This happened at my sisters flat twice but I was ok wit it as I was stunned! The 2nd tym it happened there was actual conversation btwin the two predator-invisible thingies and it sounded like the Khoi-san clickin toungue and they wudnt stop! Strange cos I even thot it myt be portal to another realm. I have had my fair share of paranormal activities. I even see and hear things almost all the time. I do not take alcohol or any drugs. I am even unusually highly psychic. Sometimes I see bolts of lightening wherever I go. And lots of people have told me they see these around me.

  33. Thank goodness i have found something on this. I saw something I dont know what it was. It was a head shape of space like heatwave and round the edges beautiful diamond flickering rainbow lights. It started in front of my left eye and then moved to my peripheral vision and then became human size and sat beside me. I put my hand out to feel it. it was not scarey but amazingly beautiful, and very warm. when it sat beside me i kept my hand in the heat wave bit and felt tingly fingertips and a hot spot right in the middle of my palm. I felt calm and amazed. I described everything as it happened to my boyfriend sat beside me he could not see it. I left the room to see if it would follow me. It did and it was fine. After about 10 minutes or so it faded and I felt very touched. I still dont know what it was but it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen and i wish i could draw it or share it with others.

  34. Another thing I can’t explain is why can’t we control it if we can see it?, I also feel the energy we see is waste produced from everything around us, if we could control it what would happen? but a couple of times i tried to focus the energy around me and the energy in my body into a point between my hands kinda like a ball or something and my hands started to spark slightly and jump to the centre of the space between my hands and fizzled away i have no idea what this is for or why i can do it and what can i do with it but it drains me and leaves me groggy and i have to recuperate and have a rest, the energy around us is weak and cannot be used long enough to say “throw energy projectiles?” which is probably a stupid thing to say but i had a friend who could focus it to a point where other people who usually cant see it could and after that they all have the same ability which i have which is to see the energy in a room like tv static.

  35. and plus i have been able to see it since i was born.

  36. Keep in mind – we don’t actually see ‘true reality’ (if there is such a thing / concept), our brain makes what it wants up, funny little thing that it is :p
    Go look up what ‘truth’ is – we can’t define it, quite funny really, most people never think to the actual meaning of something quite so fundamental.
    Besides – even if we are making it all up (we are all human, often share simlar dreams/fears etc), I like looking at the world in a ‘mad’ way 🙂

  37. I have been seeing “energy fields” around everything(buildings, cars, powerlines, people, etc…) since i can remember. Its a shadowy opaque field that extends from the object in a consistent shape that generally forms around the object or structure. When I look at people the field splits from the head like the earth’s magnetic field, then flows down the the shoulders to the feet. On moving vehicles i see the visual distortion trailing behind it. These images are consistent and happen to everyone and everything, with light or without it. I can see the distortion even when i look into direct sunlight.

    • Same here. Most of the time (not always) I also see movements in the air and when having some quiet time w God; I see a formless substance that looks like intense heat waves (air distortion like above a big fire) moving upwards fast and consistently. The thing is huge. I always test if it’s not my eyes playing tricks on me so I looked around the room…no where else is this heat wave, only at the corner, I can more or less see outlines; so I can verify and tell you its a formless form of an entity..also, ggooooosssebumpssss..The thing did not radiate any evil presence or any good, it was neutral.

  38. Thank you all for sharing your comments and experiences! I’m starting to have activity again and will probably be posting more soon.

  39. That’s good. As I read, some of you have the gift/ability to distinguish auras from light and dark areas as I can and more than that as well. That’s interesting.

  40. Alexander,
    We are hoping to reconnect with you. You enrolled in the University of Metaphysical Sciences in August of 2008. Are you interested in resuming your studies? You can reach us at or 707-822-2111

  41. I love seeing the light!!!

  42. you guys arent ment to know abut this time trust me ul understyand next time bnut till then jsut enojoy what u got man inner peacce is the key to everthing or sumthing lol dosent matter man hell im just crazy but if i wasent and i told u wot i knew god ud freak out so ples guys ull know when its ure time to know and ull know when other pepole are involved dont be afraid to question them

  43. Ever since the birth of my daughter, I have had similar experiences, mostly seeing rainbow like ligght when some sort of energy exchange occurs. Also, I would see rays of light intersect with the center of a person’s forehead they having a connection through a mutually pleasurable conversation. I have also seen a triangular-like flow of energy, between both eyes and the nose.
    Every object seems to have life to it, those hand made, plants and elements such as wood have this life. It is beautiful, but all this had alienated me from my family and friends. I was told by a master healer that I am indeed NOT crazy, and that even thoughts manifest as visible energy. I was told this violet light that many of you see healing energy.
    I also see what I can only explain as huge double helixes reaching all the way up to the sky, and often comforting rays of light eminating in front of me.
    I was told by a healer that my daughter can see angels, so I prefer to focus on only positive healing energy, otherwise I find myself afraid when I am alone and sensing a presence of something that is not comforting.

    thanks for listening,

  44. i have not only been able to see these milky membrane string like objects in the air between where i am focusing on i have also touched one and spread it out it kind of looked like something off of osmosis jones lol … i also noticed tht when you get the warm tingling sensation all over and clear your mind of all thought (not talking to yourself inside your head) i felt i could controll it… if only i could practice more without people judging me as weird and crazy, then i might have a breakthrough… ps pink floyd rocks lol party on!!!

  45. My daughter 13 years old ( she is perfectly healthy physically and mentally), in march this year, told me she can see energy sphere,( as those appearing in some photos ORB). Two weeks , every day I asked if she still can see those sphere and every time the answer was positiv. I did more research on the net and I thought that would normally be able to do more than that. So, I started with one picture that I gave in her hand and I ask her to tell me if she can ”see” somthing about those people from picture.To my surprise she managed to describe the smallest details of those people from picture. I was very surprised and she very scared.
    I looked back on the net I documented more my self to be able to be with her I try to explain what happens.
    The next step was to try the experience with the Zenner cards. With this cards I realized that has ESP capabilities ( telepathy, clairvoyance phsihometrie,ability to diagnos to a sick person) and all this without even the lowest concentration.
    Now past already 6 months and we are used to with her capabilities but we still have a big probleme. We are from Romania and here this kind of skills are not recognized and we can not tell to anyone because the people are suspicious and inclined to label us as crazy, or children to school they might offend her.
    So, my request is, If someone has the same capabilities like my doughter, please contact me,she needs to talk to someone to understand her,can share the vision that has,or someone who is able to initiate in this field.
    Thank you very much. My mail adress

  46. I’ve had similar experiecne all my life. I can not remember “starting” to see these effects. I just know it has always been there. Visual snow looks similar, but that says what I am seeing is grainy.. its not grainy. It does not effect my vision. If I am not focusing my mind on them, I don’t see them. When I sit back and relax and look around, I can see them. I do not have to focus hard, just remember they are there. They are not part of anything I see. Its as if they are inbetween me and what I look at. They do not move. The (visual snow or static or invisible energy or whatever you wish to call it.. I’ll call it them or they since I see millions, if not zillions of them!) They do not move. They change color frequenlty, but not visible color.. invisible color. Kind of like looking at a TV screen up close, yet you don’t distort the picture quality at all.

    Now with the new information about watching for them “pixie people” I’ll give it more time.. I’ll sit back and look for them. I never really gave it much thought to watch for anything special.. Just thought my vision was different than other peoples since I couldn’t explain it myself.

    i’ll try to update sometime..

  47. I know this post was years ago, but I happened to come across it searching for “seeing waves in the sky”. I’ve seen waves, clear snowballs or pixies ever since I was 4 or 5 years old. I remember I used to lay down on my grandmother’s porch and stare up at the sky, entertaining myself with looking at different points seeing colorful waves and little things fall. I thought there was something wrong with my eyes. From time to time (including today which made me start googling) I can do the same thing. It isn’t strong at night or when I stare closer to the ground, but I can still see waves. I haven’t seen any figures, just a purple wave that look like it was rushing. I can never tell if it is coming towards me or going away, or if I am controlling it, but I know that Everytime I look at the sky I see it. I’ve tried to explain it to people but no one understands what I am talking about. Now I know I am definitely not crazy… It took me 21 years to figure that out!!! Thanks so much!

  48. I have had this ‘Static’ in the air all my life! I remember not being able to sleep at night and just watching it, and sometimes play with it. I still have it, and I wouldn’t ever want it to go away. I will watch it during daily life and the static does some strange things out and about. I am so glad I found this website.

    • I to play with it sometimes but mine is amber colored and fills most of the room changes in parts to the most beautiful royalty purple with an alive clear pulsation that looks like a heart eating sometimes more than one.

  49. Ive been recently experiencing exactly what you described. I see static blue forms of energy, I also see the heat like disturbances, sometimes from my own body. But they do seen to be intelegent in movement. I see energy constantly, sometimes its distracting.and I county know how to . out to sell help our if its some sort of gift

  50. I absolutely have no idea of whatever you mean once you state that. Probably My partner and i a person may clarify this to me better. It is far from the same this is Asian countries. The natives it’s possible visualize it slightly differently. It’s my job to want to hunt for the International woman perspective.

  51. So glad to find this site. I have had very similar experiences for over 10 years. Beautiful lights, uv lights, mainly green and purple, all different shapes and sizes. I also have actual pressure contact and heat. Active mostly at night, the darker the better, although my dog and cat see it all the time. I knew I couldn’t be the only one but until I found this site, I was not sure.

  52. Has anybody on this site been experiencing increasing vibration in your vision? I have always seen static/energy but recently I have been having a vibration in my vision both when eyes closed and not closed. It looks almost as a ceiling fan motion is over my vision. Does anyone relate to that? I have also been noticing an increasing vision of heat like waves often indoor situations.

  53. enjoy guys ….we all are alive and introduced to the energy of the universe…i wud say keep meditating

    • What exactly do you mean? what exactly is this ability used for in a word? I’m just curious that’s all…

  54. I know exactly what your talking about but on a scarier level last night when I put my daughter down for bed and I hear her start to cry so I get up and I walk into the hall way amd im face to face with this energy person than I, push my way through and run into her room and I see her looking up with these energu waves hovering over her I was terrified. I calmed her down put her back to bed with her tv on to make light next thing I know the tv turns off all by its self. I was terrified I still am. Im afraid the same thing will happen tonight

  55. Hi! I’m 11 and the exact same things happen to me. They’ve been happening since about as long as I can remember. I am happy I’ve found someone else like me. Before, I was convinced that I had vision problems. I’ve tried and tried to tell my mother, but she thinks that I have vision problems, too. I am glad it isn’t eye problems. Thanks!

  56. i see that same exact thing.. the whole energy’s so hard to explain.. and when you try to people think your crazy..iv’e even tried drawing it out and it looks like a million strings of electricity flowing in eachother

  57. I am glad to know there are other people who see these waves 🙂 I also describe it to people as being similar to heat rising from the pavement when it is hot. So far, however, I have not run across anyone who identifies. I am either brushed off or told I have eye problems. I see different patterns of these energies around different objects (computers, trees, water, etc) they are very dense at night. I have a hard time seeing at night because I feel like it is hard to see through the darkness.

  58. Do you see colours aswell? I’ve just recently started seeing what i would describe to be colourful visual noise, and shimmering heatwaves that come off particular objects and particular places, i also see patterns moving through this energy, and the colours are more predominant with music, and depending on emotion, I also see a lot of these colours on humans and animals, and they seem to change depending on their mood. Do you know if there’s any way to exercise this ability?

    • Hi, I understand what you mean. The energy seems to change with music and emotions, in the sense that they compliment each other. I’d say that they are interchangeable. It seems as though everything, even the inanimate, moves in such a way that compliments how I am feeling. I find that the same thing happens in a crowded place, it has a certain overpowering feeling and it can be very vibrational, if you know what I mean?
      Also, if I am quite angry or upset everything moves in a more ‘jagged’ way, and what I hear is a bit more high pitched and unpleasant but not unbearable. Do you consistently hear that buzzing?

      • I hear constant ringing when they are close. The dots and vortexes where filling my room.

  59. I’ve seen it twice once was last night my daughter saw it w me the first time i explained it to my best friend. I said it looks see through but still yet moving mass like heat waves off the sidewalk like predator when its invisable n also like harry potter when he wears the invisible cloak how u said a lot of the similar things urs was the only Google search I could find to prove to myself that I’m not nuts.. it comes when were sleeping n.just wait over us the whole time were asleep I wake up n see it. I’m afraid to sleep now I have .felt something in my home. My skin is getting bad from never sleeping. I don’t know.what it is it scares the crap out of me

  60. I saw one last night. An “energy” I suppose. But I’m not so thrilled about it as you people. I don’t think it’s a dead person I think it killed my brother-n-law and sister-n-law who both died in this house in this room, same month but separate years.

    My husband left last night mad over nothing so I got on my lap top to message him on facebook to beg him to please come back. My FULL battery drained to nothing in the blink of an eye and shut my computer off! I suddenly focused on this THING that was between me and the doorway.

    The room was completely dark now since the computer was off now but light shown through the doorway a little from the back room of the house, so I could see this thing between me and the light shining from the doorway. It was on my bed.

    I just wondered to myself for a few seconds what was wrong with my eyes why I wasn’t just looking at the doorway, wondering what I was looking at. It was like a dotty-cloud. When I googled I described it as seeing something that is supposed to be invisible, like cloaked. I was seeing something and I am scared to death to think of what it is because of my relatives who died here in this same room, and then the fire that started in the basement a couple weeks ago among other mischeveous things I think this thing is doing. I have been ignoring them making excuses but now I have seen the thing and I am frightened.

    It was on my bed the corner of it touching the corner of my lap top when it died. My bro-in-law died in bed in this room November 2008 and they couldn’t determine cause of death other than his heart stopped. My sister-in-law died last year (2011) ALSO November! Also in this room in bed! and ALSO couldn’t determine cause of death other than heart stopped. My bro-in-law was only 34 and my sis-n-law was 38. Now this happened to ME IN BED in this same room! I think this thing killed them I just needed to know other people have seen it so I’m not crazy and nothing wrong with my eyes. Maybe some are good energies and some are bad? This is not a good one, I need to figure what to do to…

  61. I just read more comments so i wanted to add, I also thought of it like the invisible cloak from harry potter or as heat waves like you all. I actually checked to see if my lap top was hot because it looked like weird heat waves but it was moving left after it drained my battery. But my lap top was cold to the touch so I knew it wasn’t heat waves.

    • I haven’t had the extreme experience you have had with the turning of objects on and off out of spite or death to family member but if you get the feeling this negative energy is out to get you or destroy your marriage you should find someone to help you clear it from you and your home. You can’t just move because some energy attaches itself to others. My sister has been haunted by a malevolent entity or multiple ones since she was 11. Her husband and her have been attacked and tormented by it over and over again. Enough so he is a believer. Moving 3 times has not got rid of it. I am in the process of convincing her to get her energy/soul cleansed and her home as well as her family and pet in hopes it will stop. The more fear and negative energy in your home the stronger it will be.

  62. I think what you are describing is a ghost, and I do believe the original post, and what most other people on this thread are describing, are not necessarily ghosts. I, for instance, see what appears to be a river or rain of light particles that are moving at very fast speeds all around us. Sometimes it is a fine rain but if you look outside at the grass at night and pull back your focus of attention from the grass to the space between the grass and your eyes, you will see it. I personally believe it is or is connected to dark plasma or dark matter. The “dark” here does not mean it is black, devoid of light or evil. It is called “dark” because it does not fall inside the spectrum of light known by our scientists and is thus undetectable by conventional means. However, mystics and metaphysicists from times past have supposedly been seeing it and describe it as a luminous ocean of light that is all around us. Those folks here who are seeing what I am seeing should do some research on dark matter and dark plasma. Just a suggestion.

  63. edit: what I meant was, if you look at the grass at night in the way I described above, you will see not just a fine rain but a raging torrent of these particles moving in different directions. As for ghosts, I do sometimes discern what others have described here as “predator-like waves” within the “rain of light.” Based on my research, what we are seeing may be the astral plane, and the things moving in there may be astral beings. As far as I know though, the astral plane has several levels. Try to look it up.

    • You should check out the Keshe foundation web site. Mr Keshe unlocked the way the universe works and explains how everything is created from plasma wich is in turn created from mater, antimater and darkmater magnetic feilds. He has proven his theory’s by building multiple systems like harnesing the energy of the universe (plasma), or the propulsion sistems wich will blow your mind away! Check out their web site and forum.

      When i concentrate on one blank spot, like so many above explained, my vision gets realy blury, like a fog and I see waves…
      At night i can see like a dark spiral shadow spining like a. funal. I dont know what it is, but I also supose it is some sort of a energy…

      Its nice too see others are experancing the same thing and I hope we will soon discover what this is.


  64. 4 years ago I began asking for knowledge and sight during my meditations so that I might be of better service to the Universe, and one night while sitting in my car late at night I began to experience what I would call a film or darkness that began on the outer edges of my vision and slowly pushed its way in.. I was reminded by an inner voice to “remain come.. fear attracts negative energy” as I sat there I saw my first pixel person.. i watched him cross the street, and move towards me on the other side.. I knew it knew I could see it.. I would loose sight of it every time a car would pass.. I was starting to freak out as it came to rest directly across the street from me. another car passed and I lost it.. when I turned to look out the windshield it was standing right in front of my car looking at me. I decided I would go into my house while there was a car approaching.
    That night after I calmed down, and bared my house from negative energy an unknown energy came through my closed window.. I could feel it send vibrations through me whenever it came close.. my cat was watching it move around the room and as my cat looked near me the vibrations would grow in intensity.. once again I heard an inner voice remind me to abandon fear.. so I began to project love and wonder.. the energy (i couldn’t see during this visit) I watched my cats eyes move around the room then towards me and as her gaze got closer to me the vibrations grew.. also when the energy got close to me I could feel a light cool breeze against my skin. then my cat looked right into my eyes, and the vibrations grew so intense it almost took my breath away.. this energy never made me feel scared or nervous, just filled me with awe..
    since then this entity has visited me many times.. I have seen it now as small sparkles that move about my room.. I asked for communication and heard the same clicking language that a previous poster described.. and as I asked it to do it again it filled my room with the same pattern of clicks upon my third request i felt the familiar breeze on my ear and then pressure in my ear, then the same clicking pattern directly on my ear drum..
    I have also had this entity move my ceiling fan, and have had some successful question and answer sessions, as well as telepathic communications with it.
    it is frequently accompanied by this dark film that covers my vision, or like dark cloudy figure that seems to make it possible for me to see the energy.. this dark matter or film has never felt threatening, and the other poster who mentioned it is the first time I have heard of anybody else seeing this dark cloudy energy.
    very nice to know that I’m not the only one experiencing these phenomena.

    • You have described exactly as I see and experience it. Have things changed?? I just want these things to leave. At night I am covered in smoke. I only communicated through automic writing. Please advise if you can.

      Thank you

  65. Im glad to find this site because i just recently develop this gift i too can see things like invisible energy type movement.I see the small white light like a orb. I can see flashes of light from corner of my eyes. I get tingles in my body at certain times. This truly amazing.

  66. I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally find others who have had these experiences. I had an invisible friend when I was little and over the years have had many strange experiences and have witnessed different forms of visible energy. As recently as 4 weeks ago, I saw a human form in my hallway as I was doing laundry, just out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was my husband or son and went to see who was awake and found nobody was there or even out of bed yet. I have seen the “light rain” energy for as far back as I can remember and have even sometimes smelled a strange odor associated with it. I have seen the waves of energy, twice that I remember, but both times were experienced during kundalini yoga. Thanks for sharing everyone – it’s fascinating! ♡

  67. Hey, I just googled this because I was wondering if others can stare at a space between themselves and an object and see moving colored light…yellow in particular, just swirling around. And I am so happy you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes I see those transparent dots or specs in groups floating but I’ve never had any experiences…Ican just see then upon will. Interesting. Have any idea if its really energy??

  68. I have been able to see the energy in the air since I was very young. I don’t recall an exact age… it’s always just been there.

    Is it related to some kind of psychic ability?
    Is it something you can further develop?
    What does it mean?

    My husband died just this past March 2012.. And we promised each other we would contact the other if when we died if it was possible. The other day I had an amazing contact dream. We talked, hugged, and felt peace. Since then Ive been really seeing the air energy and there are more sounds in the house, thuds and stuff. We have two small children ages 7 and 8. He was only 35 when he died. I know we have a very strong LOVE connection that will NEVER die. We miss him.

    Anyways, back to the lights.. I see the invisible rain drop type floaters that sparkle and they swim in the air very quickly. Sometimes I see thin rod type floaters, and heat type waves. I wonder if I am seeing my husband or if this is his way of communicating with me since he knows I could see this stuff. Please email me if you can help or offer suggestions.

  69. Occipital lobe seizure. Google it. I am 50 years old. Two years ago I had an episode that sent me to the hospital. Medics thought I was having a stroke, Was more than surprised to find out it was a seizure from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Evidently I have had this disorder all of my life. Years of unexplained events now make sense. Visual disturbances are just the most recent adventure and thus I found this page. I was sipping my coffee this morning and decided to try and google photos of a translucent heat waves. Amazes me to read of so many accounts from others of what I see/have seen for many years. I normally don’t respond/reply to blogs but this one is important. Some of you might benefit from a trip to the doctor. Ask him/her if testing for Epilepsy/Seizure disorder may be warranted. Aura(s) is a name for feelings and visual events that I felt since childhood. An aura is precursor or small seizure. Not all seizures involve muscle contraction that you normally think of with Epilepsy. My events are staring spells. Blanking out for a few seconds. The episode that sent me to the hospital was the result of a lifetime of undiagnosed seizures. It has progressed to a larger episode that “woke me up”. As a result of not knowing? Now I have what is called Mesial Temporal Schlerosis. Part of my temporal lobe is hard (scleroses). The only remedy is anti-seizure drugs or surgery to remove part of my temporal lobe. I chose the medication for obvious reasons. My reply is to give someone out there a heads up (pun on words) that maybe you could/should see a neurologist. Email me if you want to chat more about this. I can relay my experiences that might help. Feeling alone or fear of others not understanding can be quite frustrating.

    my email:

  70. Sorry to hear that but, speaking for myself, I am sure what I am seeing (rain of light) is not a neurological or mental condition because I have managed to teach several people how to see it. I do not believe these were instances of auto-suggestion because I would teach them the technique and ask them what they see, without telling them what I see. They have consistently seen what I have seen — the torrent of what seem to be light or energy particles that are everywhere we look. Not dust. Not blue-sky sprites. Not hallucinations. Definitely not a mental or neurological condition. I know epileptics and migraine sufferers also see auras and visual hallucinations, but I tell you, this is something else. There is something else.

    • Could you explain how you teach them to see the ‘rain.’ I have some close friends that can feel energy and things, but I wish I could teach them how to see that ‘energy.’ I can also see auras and ‘bubbles’ but I don’t have a clue on how to teach someone or explain how i see it. Thankyou

      • To help somebody else see the rain of light, go out at night where there is some grass on the ground and some amount of light (like from a streetlamp). Make sure it is not too bright but not too dark. Now, ask somebody to look at the grass and then pull back their vision or their sight, so that they are actually looking at the air, at the “blank” space between their eyes and the grass. They could do this gradually if they are having difficulty. Then tell them to relax and wait to see movement. If they see slight movement, tell them to relax and wait. So far, everyone I’ve taught this to saw it instantly. It is a life-changing experience. I’ve shown this to a doctor of medicine, somebody who is not a believer in the paranormal, and she was stunned. She stood outside for a long time staring at the torrent of light, awed and amazed. It takes just a small change of perception to see it. We just need to pull our focus away from the material world, just a slight shift. Hope this helps.

    • great answer estella i agree

    • estella September 19, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    • That’s exactly how I see it! How u describe how you teach someone to see the invisible rain. I’m glad it’s not just me! 😀

  71. You should explore my work: I am a holistic eye doctor, use the eyes as a portal to help people balance their health. Vision is a mental & spiritual experience!

  72. I can see the ‘clear rain’ you are talking about also. I knew it was the same thing when you compared it to the TV screen but clear, infact I’ve used those exact words before. I can also see auras-not just around alive things-but around everything, especially light and things. I think that some people are just very in tune with energy. But also, I see…bubbles. Clear bubbles that are seen best in the sky. Some people thing these are orbs or energy, but I feel more of a presence there when I see them. It is very interesting what you also see. Does anyone else see bubbles? Or have an idea what they are? Thanks

    • About those bubbles, there is a “scientific” explanation for it. They are either floaters in your eye (if they move when you move your eyeball) or blue sky sprites or the “blue field entoptic phenomenon.” Try to google these terms. The clear rain of light is a totally different phenomenon.

  73. Last night I had an invisible energy visit me. this has also happened to me in the past but does not happen frequent. I don’t “see” i just “feel” but when it happens I feel fearful. I would like to find a way to experience this without being scared.

    Last night was much stronger than the time before, I just had a knowing that something was there before i felt it…

    3 years ago after a good friend passed I was having a hard time with grief. I was asleep when i woke and was very alert. my hands started tingling, my ears started to have a high pitched ringing, and i seemed to be paralysed. the tingles take my breath away, and feels the way static looks like (if that makes sense) almost like small vibration in my body. this went on for maybe one minute while everything I explained got more and more intense until it is dissipated. the tingles went in waves throughout my body and the ringing in my ears got almost unbearable. also my alarmclock speaker was putting out the same sound as when you take a cell phone by a speaker… when it was gone I felt lighter, and like a black ball had been removed from my stomach.

    last night was different, I was talking on the phone just before bed and heard something brush against my bedroom door. Before I even looked I knew something was there. I had the same alert and elevated sense. when I looked my door, it was still closed but the towel and jacket that were on the hook was moving! i became very quiet and the scared feeling came. the air was heavy like thick. I knew something was watching me and although I could not see it I felt everytime it came near. I had the tingles in my chest and could also hear things that i cant even begin to explain, from just outside my door, as if I was being called. I completely ignored it and tried to keep the conversation going on the phone, thankful that my friend was with me. I also had the ringing in my ears, when I closed my eyes to try to sleep I saw blue and white balls of swirling color. the tingles happened 2 more times before I fell asleep.

    A claravoyant once told me that it was angels (not an ounce of religion in me but I am spiritual) My mom was just diagnosed with cancer so maybe they returned to help me deal with this grief…?

    Both times have been the most validating experience to know that we are not alone!!

    • meg from my knowledge and experience this is something to do with obe/ out of body experience, it used to happen to me as a young teen and on and off since im now 31 and have looked in to most weird experiences iv had. the feeling your having sounds like the beginning stage of obe, when the body is asleep but mind awake and the vibrations you r feeling is your chakras/chakra energy awakening or activating. u cant talk or move and have to really focus and force your mind and body to come of the state it is scary but wish i could over come this fear and experience whats after this stage thats a goal of mine

  74. OMG IM NOT ALONE!!! I see energy ALL THE TIME! When i was little (maybe 4) i asked my mom what these colorful yet transparent blobs of color were. She said energy. She told me sometimes she can see it. I see it with my eyes open, and closed. It seems weird but, if i concentrate hard enough, i can control where these blobs go and how fast they move! If i stare at a wall and see energy, then start moving my eyes around, i can see the “color blobs” follow my eyes! The same happens when my eyes are closed. These blobs don’t usually move very fast, only when i control them do they move at faster speeds. I am only 13 years old and have experienced many strange things. I cant exactly SEE energy people, but when someone is in my presents, i can feel them standing or watching me or whatever they may be doing! I have been called an Old Soul by both my mom and my nana! I wonder if this has something to do with me seeing and controlling energy.

    The energy i see comes in MANY different shapes and sizes. BASICALLY ANY SHAPE OR SIZE YOU CAN COME UP WITH, I HAVE SEEN IT! This is very strange! Am i gifted or cursed? I guess i will never know…

  75. Omg omg omg omg, this means that I’m not weird. Gosh, God bless whoever runs this website. I started seeing these wave like energy things about a year ago. It seemed a bit weird to me but I didn’t think much of it because I though well everyone else must be seeing it too and there is nothing special about my eyes. I got a rude awakening about 3 semesters ago, during an Osmosis experiment ( Biology) when I turned to my then class mate and said, hey I think I can see air. Unfortunately for me, a few more people heard me say this and boy was I laughed at. I quickly made it look like duh, I was just kidding but i knew I wasn’t, inside my heart. At that moment I realized my eyes were seeing something that not people’s eyes could. So I decided to move on with my life and never talked about it again. One thing I knew was that it wasn’t something that I could see whenever I wanted too; it was more like it revealed itself to me when it wanted too. When it did appear, I just appreciated it’s beauty and kept saying WOW. Now, here’s the funny thing, just before I came across this website, I decided to see if I could make myself see these energy waves and guess what, I totally did it. I made myself see it a total of 4 times and now my head, and eyes hurt a little; I guess I over did it. Another weird thing is that I just developed the ability to see auras, and it just came out of nowhere. My friend came to visit me 3 days ago and we were just sitting/ chatting and boom, out came her aura. It freaked me out and I was even able to see some color patterns right away. I feel like something very strange/spiritual is going on with me and I have no control over it. It does feel nice and non threatening so I’m OK with it. I’ll finally be able to rest easy, now that I know I’m not a freak:-)

    • WOW! I’m SO happy to be reading ALL of this!
      Only recently I’ve been noticing these swirls at night …. I thought they were tornadoes of a fairy dust type substance …. I would see alll these swirls, some going faster, some parts going slower, ….. I was in total shock! It would move back, then closer to me ….. I’m only assuming it could be a visit from my recently deceased Father … I’ve never seen this before … I thought my mind was playing tricks on me .. but after looking at pics of the “visual energy” and hearing everyone else talk about it … I’m so glad there is a name for it! Thanks everyone for sharing!! 🙂

  76. This can be the turn of events caused by us hurdling through space and being exposed to new galactic rays. Soon we’ll be be receiving radiation from the center of the univers, so they say. There are just too many people experiencing this at the same time. Something is definitely in the air. Especially in the mornings before 8 am I see white mist/smoke whirling around my body in perhaps a torsion field? It’s mostly in my peripherals but if I’m calm and allow it to come in front of me I can see it clearly. Wispy white spoke swirling around my body. It’s almost like there is cigar smoke being blown in my face. Anyone know what this is? I don’t always see this…about 2 or 3 times/ mo.

    • Hi there

      I have been seeing these dots and vortexes for two months accompanied by a high pitched ring in my ear. At first it said it was my grandfather and was helping me with pain from a bad accident. Then it started to feed off the energy from my kids and the eldest 5 Heard swearing and a “bad man” in her head. The youngest two has fitful sleep now and says the weirdest things far out of the vocabulary of a two year old. The energy comes strongest at night and won’t go. It cloaks the rooms and is so thick it almost is choking. I don’t know what it is and I just want answers. Can someone please shed light for me??

  77. I have experience a similar visual connection with what seems to be the energy around me. I find that when looking at the sky, or a blank landscape of some sort it is easier to focus on the space in between. After noticing it one day while staring at the sky I realized that I have been seeing similar things for my entire life, yet never actually took notice of them. Yet as I lay there staring it seemed as the air around me was alive with movement and flow. It seems as if I am always looking for it now, and I have found myself being able to see it easier every day. What truly interest me is how it seems to react to my touch, or seems to radiate off different people I see. As you have described I notice the shift in energy more than anything, though I find it fascinating that you were able to see the physical shape of a person. All in all it was just really interesting to read your blog about it after experiencing it so much for myself. I hope you continue on your journey to finding and experiencing this connection with what seems to be simply beyond what we perceive to be “reality”.

  78. I am so truly excited to find this website! I have felt like I am losing my mind, and stumbled on this while looking for any possible answers. So much has happened recently and I am hoping to learn much more about it. I see energy. I can also feel energy, and the emotion and pains of other people. Even my children feel that they feel better if they can touch me. I found myself asking my mother to hold my hand , after I felt an overwhelming tingle and urge in my fingertips to grab her hand, when she was going thru a very emotional time when she felt that anger was controlling her. Immediately she felt the anger leave her, and somehow I had taken it in. I felt physically ill for about 24 hours. She still to this day has let it go and feels peace and forgiveness now in place of the negativity she had once felt. I have felt completely out of place, and have started to meditate, looking for an escape from this overwhelmed feeling. The meditation has seemed to intensify these feelings, and it has increased my experiences almost daily. I have tried to start looking at it as a spiritual journey, find some positives to this chaos. I have so many questions, I don’t want to feel fear, and I am hoping that I can learn to control it somewhat. Not sure exactly what will come next but I am praying that it will become something that I can use to help people. I am desperate to figure out what is happening.

    • It’s almost as if you are an emotional conductor or empath of sorts. I find that people around me tend to open up and tell me personal stuff that they never tell anyone else. Especially people who have just met me. I think you may want to look into Chakras and Grounding..just from a few books I have read since they are supposed to help us get in sync with one another and the universe. I am hoping to find a good book on them soon or an actual person to talk to that isn’t looking to bleed me dry on what little money I got. It sounds like you are completely open or exposed and need to find a way of switching it off or atleast toning it down a little. Good luck. I’d like to know if you find a way to get control of it. I see this as a good thing.

      • To: intuition is key

        I am an empath and a medium… I learned various ways of building a strong shield and now teach it to others through a class I founded called cohesive movement. My fees are on a sliding scale basis… I want to help other people out there like me. Please contact me at my email addressMy email address is

      • I took the advice that you so graciously gave me, intuitioniskey, and have since learned so much about myself. I no longer feel the anxiousness of losing control of my life. I have learned to see it all as a gift and have to make a daily effort to adjust to the changes. Thank you for your concern.

  79. I saw something just last night in my bedroom October 24 th 2012 around 2:30am I did not know what to do I looked real close and it went toward the window and just stared at me ,I was awake and know what I saw and have not told my kids and wife ,I just do not want to scare them and have been on the Internet for hours searching till I found this site.

  80. It’s real and and you are one of the lucky who can see them. Not all of us do, so take that as extra ordinary gift from our creator.

  81. I don’t know if it’s just me or if everybody else encountering problems with your website.
    It appears as though some of the text within your content are running off the screen.
    Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to
    them too? This might be a problem with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Appreciate it

  82. Hi and thank you for posting this. I am also able to see energy fields and what looks like a staticky TV screen in front of me. I can also feel energy … I feel it within my own body and I feel it outside of my body… when I am dealing with an external presence, I get an icey shiver or a chill. I know other people who are able to do this also, but they shut it out because of fear… I find that as long as I keep an open mind and treat energy as I would like to be treated

  83. Hi and thank you for posting this. I am also able to see energy fields and what looks like a staticky TV screen in front of me. I can also feel energy… what you have is a gift.. if you use your heart and compassion, you can be used as a messenger of love and light. You are not alone in this process… I hope I have been able to help in some way as you certainly helped me. Please feel free to email me at the email address I provided. I would love to talk more

  84. Like many people have said already, it is great to find this post and read the replies from everyone who has had similar experiences.
    I share a number of them, one being colours in the form of dots that i sometimes see late at night… it is as if all the objects that i see are broken down into a corresponding coloured dot… like in pointalism from paintings.
    occassionally they are geometric shapes instead of dots. again it feels good to share this with others who have experienced this as well. Again, like many , you wonder if it is some visual effect from your eyes, darkness etc.. but the geometric shapes … i doubt it.
    I have also witnessed the heat wave effect in a very old theatre play house,
    from a cat walk above the stage… at first i thought i was having a migraine, which has similar wavy lines, auras before the headache.. but it wasn’t and i was fine… i had taken some photos of the stage shortly after… and there were orbs only on the stage… i know some people say dust . but just the stage had these orbs. I had found this post recently when i was trying to find some info on light sparks … I see them every where now… it used to be just when looking up at a blue sky and seeing the small white dots rushing around but now i see them every where… starting just from the corner of my vision…. now they will shoot right past me… or across the ceiling… it is to the point that it is getting a bit weird lol… again.. thinking maybe there is something going on with my sight declining.. we always need to come up with a practical reason why this happens.
    I am open to all of these experiences… plus many many more that I have encountered… it was great to be able to share this , besides a handful of friends and peers.
    look forward to reading more replies.

  85. I also have been experiencing a sudden increase in the times I am seeing “light sparks” similar to blue-sky sprites shooting past my ordinary vision. I could be looking at anything and they will suddenly shoot past me. I even saw one very huge “drop” — you could imagine one of these things but magnified times ten or twenty — suddenly shoot up from behind my computer monitor. It’s interesting to consider that many of us are having the same experience.

  86. wow… the huge spark/orb reminds me a friend who woke up in the middle of the night to see a huge bluish coloured orb resting/hovering on top of her husband’s chest while he was sleeping.. this is coming from a friend who doesn’t usually experience or see sparks/orbs…or would tell anyone.

  87. I am wondering if that is what is happening to me? One example for me would be last night I woke up and when I woke up next to my bed seemed to be this static fuzzy like heat wavy stuff, I guess the best way to describe it would be to be kind of like when digital screens mess up. It reminded me of that, any way I was a ft and half to 2 ft tall. And its form seemed human to me ( well at least the outer lines) but to look at the mass it seemed blobby. Anyhow I could see the color of my husbands dresser through it but it was distorted so I new it was a mass. I closed my eyes thinking it was just weirdness from waking up but it was still there. And that area was the only thing distorted everything else was fine.

    Do you think that could be what I am seeing? Honestly all my life I have felt paranormal things all around me but never really seen them. I have always be able to walk into rooms and know if it was peaceful or if I was alone or not. But honestly this freaks me out a bit. I don’t know how to handle it and I don’t know if I should be scared or not.

    I was raised christian and taught that if there are spirits around they more than most likely are demonic. I don’t know what to believe, and I one don’t want to be rude if it is not demonic but on the other hand don’t want to interact with demonic beings either. I just want to figure this out and as quietly as possible being I have a husband who does not believe in this stuff and is a skeptic.

  88. I ve.seen this heat wave figure 2 times… after an encounter last night I had to look it up. the first time i saw it i touched it and was attacked, very painfully. last night, i just screamed and woke up my boyfriend. Every time they have been beside my bed. can someone please give me answers? I am not crazy… it literally looks like a figure made of heat waves i could almost cry someone else has seen it. what does it mean?

    • It can be a lot of things. Most people think its ghosts and passed away people. It’s not. Ever heard of demons and familiar spirits (aka friendly demons)? They do not have a permanent shape, they can transform into anything…even an angel of God. Satan is not bound in hell. They roam freely. Only later will they be bound. Possibilities can be..bloodline curses, any spiritual practices or games you played..If you had sex outside of marriage then your bfs bloodline can trigger this event. What I’m saying is that demons work with rights. If you have sex, you and that person are one, sharing everything. So his demons has right over you and your child for instance.. It can also be satanists/ wiches = astral traveling. I know for a fact, anything from God does not haunt or hurt. It can be that you were molested (satan does not work fair to gain rights) as a child..drugs, anything.

      Only IF you believe in Jesus and you’ve already accepted Him into your life and the Holy spirit filled you… You may do this…

      Go to your room, shut your door, sit and ask God to FIRST of all…to forgive you, your parents and for everything you’ve done wrong, everything you can think of, name it. Then break your bloodline curses of you parents and any sex partners (don’t ever have any sex outside of marriage ever again otherwise x7 stronger demons will come back into your life) in Jesus name alone.. Speak aloud.

      (Remove/destroy all sculptures/ music or anything that may look voodooish/

      After that, anoint the entries of the house and thank God all the way for protecting you and your family. The oil is a representative of Jesus’ blood. It’s not the oil that protects’s God. The oil is just a reminder to the demons of Jesus’ blood. While anointing, say “Dearest Father in heaven, I come in Jesus name before you and I ask, please take my home as Yours..this is Your house now, Your property. I take this oil, please bless this as I anointing Your property in Jesus name and I ask Father, please push out any & all demons and that they may not enter here ever again.

      After this, make sure you don’t fall back.

      Remember, demons love games and to scare people. After a while, they do tend to get physical.. Specially the more access you give them.

      These demons have ranks, there are lesser demons who follow people throughout their whole life and then impersonates them.

    • I am surprise to hear that you were attacked, my husband and I describe the as the predator , I know for a fact that the ones (7 of them) that occasionally visit my house are my spirit guides and usually appear when I am really upset.

      • Not only do they attack I am also starting to work out which ones do what.
        I had a cold literally going for my daughter for over a week until I worked it out. Funnily enough a yellow mucus looking colour in a vortex. Onions cut up, garlic all over the room and fly spray like eucalyptus spray eventually moved that one on. Took two days.
        I have ones that like legs, backs, and joints. The candle has definelty helped with keeping these away. I am yet to find a means to remove them entirely though last night slept with onions in our socks (some home remedy we are trying) and again considerably less commotions.
        The most frustrating thing is the amount of these things. They come through my roof and ceiling all night, meet each other and take turns to have a go at our energy fields. My little dog whimpers as its attacked it’s just horrible.
        When things first started and I thought was kinda cool and the energies didn’t seem to bother us that much just harass me to give up smoking which I now have done. They were a purple/blue. Well it didn’t take long for all the negative energies to work out that blue didn’t bother me so the red, black and others all went blue too. I could still feel their intent and energies though. Too be honest I just think these things are like us. Predators. We eat cattle, they eat us. I see old age and all different types of these things.
        I feel like God has turned his back on me and my family and is letting me see just how things really are as a form of torture before he comes back to get rid of us and save the poor planet we have destroyed. Fair enough too. Don’t disregard old wives tales. If you any good effective ones please let me know. Staveing these things away since I can’t get rid of them will do until God sorts things out. Good luck all.

      • I am sorry to hear what you are going through, when i use the name predator I don’t mean that in a bad way , I chose that name because thats what my spirit guides look like to me when they appear invisible like the predator in the movie.I have never had any negative experiences with them, You have to learn to channel your energy and use your spirit guides to help you to remove negative energies from your home and around you. People who have abilities are like a bright lights in the dark for all certain types of entities, you must take charge and let them know they are not invited in your home nor your space and tell them to leave. I cleanse my home once a week to keep the energy balanced in my home, you also have to be careful of who you allow in your home . I sage my home and use certain herbal blends to cleanse my home, this is the site I purchase most of my blends from .

  89. I’m so glad to read this blog post and all these replies as recent as this year, as it is very close to what I’ve seen. I usually describe it as The Predator when it’s ‘invisible’ or as a long orb of heat wave energy.

    About three years ago I was just sitting on the couch watching TV, when slowly moving at a diagonal from the left corner of the room from my visual, came floating toward me this shape of energy. It was fluid like. About 3 feet tall yet about a foot above the floor. It just stopped and stood still, as if it was standing there staring at me. I was more confused than shocked at first, but suddenly I felt more scared and called my friend Sandi who told me she had seen the same thing many times and that she felt it is a spirit. It was there for about 30 seconds and disappeared as I was on the phone. Then a minute later, I saw the same shape float out from my kitchen then slowly go back in my kitchen. My friend was still on the phone with me. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    I have never seen it again. I associate the sighting with a box of used books we had just picked up a few days prior (Freecycle) that we had sitting in the same corner where the energy originated – and although we still have most of the books in various shelves around the house, we got rid of the box the next day.

  90. I have been seeing these beings as well and others. Do any of you read the bible? What you are all seeing is the heavenly realms. You must know that the heavenly realms are all around us that is why Jesus said his kingdom is within us. But included in the heavenly realms is also hell. So what you are all seeing is not just angels, but spirits and demons. The veil of the worlds is thin right now and the Lord is pouring his spirit on all flesh. This is why so many people are seeing these things. What I saw looked like the living waters that the bible talks about. The bible also says that blessed is the pure of heart for they will see the kingdom of God. It is God allowing you to see the truth. This physical world is the illusion. Some of the “invisible” people are evil though and you need to remember that because they can hurt you and will. The tall man you saw is either an angel of God or a fallen angel. It is hard to say unless I felt the energy in the room. There are often times smells and sounds too. There are many kinds of angels, some are 10 feet tall, both fallen and not fallen. We know that some angels were tall because the fallen angels mated with the daughters of man and that is why they were cast out. The children they had were called giants because they were unusually tall. This is the end times and at the end are some scriptures to help you. I also wanted to share something. The streets of heaven are said to be paved with gold. Gold in the purest form is clear. On the other side of the rainbow is heaven and what is supposed to be on the other side? Gold is supposed to be on the other side of heaven. The ancient Samarians wrote about helping angels did for gold. Why did they want gold or need gold? What makes up the electromagnetic field? Gold is all around us in and in the air, but it is pure so we cannot see it. The bible also says that the blood is the life. What is in our blood iron (which consequently is constantly referred to and symbolizes sin in the bible? Too much iron in you and it actually makes physically sick. Jesus was crucified with iron nails and an iron spear stabbed his side. There is constant mention of chains and iron gates to symbolize the prison and chains of sin. What is a property of iron…it is magnetic. Our bodies are made up of energy and at the moment of conception we are energy. Where did that energy come from? It came from God he is in us. He is that energy. He made us spiritually in his image not physically. You cannot create or destroy energy. You can only transfer energy. So when we die that energy must go somewhere. You have positive and negative energy in existence. What is a magnet? It is both positive and negative energy. Think about the Earth at the center there is a huge hunk of iron and that is where the devil was cast to the center of the earth. The Earth is a big magnet. If you are going to cage a celestial being that is pure energy and can travel through time space and light because they are light. How are you going to cage them? With a magnet. What is the electromagnetic field? It is like fire that burns and never goes out…electricity…energy. The devil is not a physical being like you and I. He is not confined to the physical realm he is like a beam of light or a cell phone signal and so are the angels. Jesus actually called him the prince of the air. The electromagnetic field actually separates the heavenly planes. I was told by an angel to remember this message and deliver this message just the words black moonshine. At the time I had no idea what they were talking about. It also says in the bible in the end times the whore of Babylon will be getting drunk on the blood of the Saints. What is the blood of the saints and where is it? It is the energy inside of us and its realm lies in the electromagnetic field. What is a whore biblically? She is a wife that commits adultery. What is like getting drunk? A man who has ability to do the unheard of feels drunk with power. There have been government experiments admitted to “harnessing” the electromagnetic field.To God we are married to Him spiritually and this country made had a dedication ceremony by George Washington dedicating this country to God on the exact spot of the twins towers. George also said if we turn our backs on God and you know he has turned his back on us this is where we will see Him strike. In the bible God’s judgment is symbolized by striking down a sycamore tree. At the site of the twin towers, consequently which was the financial hub of the world and the Great new city or Babylon, there was a sycamore tree struck down and a monument of that tree was erected. The government has admittedly being doing experiences manipulating what they so foolishly think is just the electromagnetic field when it is actually the heavenly realms and if this country was God’s bride we would be a whore who has committed spiritual adultery and drinking the blood of the saints. It also says in the bible God will come back to destroy the people who destroy the Earth. Jesus said you cannot love money and God at the same time. Money would be the spirit of the anti-Christ that has seduced God’s bride…financial headquarters of the world and the exact location George Washington dedicated this country to God was the twin towers. The bible says that God will destroy the great city and people will look from afar in amazement as the city is broke in three places. I do not believe that scripture is just about NY and think it is talking about the entire America. But how anyone of that time period perceive the world being able to watch the destruction of the great city all happening all at once? Televising and the internet is how they will see. That would have been an inconceivable concept thousands of years ago. Ancient people also would not have understood pollution or the possibility of destroying the entire planet. There were no bombs or anything of that mass of a destructive nature. Coincidently the whore of Babylon wears linen scarlet and purple with gold jewels…red white and blue…America’s blue is not a true blue it is kind of a purple blue and every flag in every courtroom has a flag with gold trim. I might add that those flags in that place symbolize a place of authority in this country and justice, the powers that be that lead our country, whom would be in the same category as George Washington who married this country to God. In God we trust. The whore would obviously be wearing the symbol of that adulterous bride. Now I know these concepts will not be what all of you believe, but I was told to tell you this and I don’t know who it is meant for. I do have little interesting fact to share that may or may not apply to some of you. An RH negative blood type has a higher copper content. Copper is a conductor of electricity. The spirit realm is all energy, hence spikes in EMF’s and electrical malfunctions that happen. I also saw the predator like man coming towards me and he was not good. I believe he was Lucifer and there was also a buzzing sound like flies when he came around. I am RH negative and have always seen the unseen. I just wonder how many others of you may be. If anyone wants to contact me regarding more of what I have seen or been shown please email me and please put skinwalker in as the subject matter so I know not to delete it. If you just want to be mean please don’t write. I agree to disagree. I think all of you should check out Ventura’s investigation of the Skinwalker Ranch and Google it and read some stories. I think you will relate. One man’s alien is another man’s angel…no one said angels would not have chariots…in fact the bible says they do.

    I saw the anti- Christ spirit in the sky when this began. I thought it was Jesus. It was four years ago it began, almost 5. I knew nothing of the bible then, nor was I a believer. Then I had a series of visions, encounters and physical experiences

    Mat 24:21-25 (NIV) “For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now–and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive the elect–if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time.”
    An angel stood next to my bed all night singing this song. Deliver this remember this deliver this remember this over and over again. Jesus said in this scripture he will not come back until the last sign the darkening of the moon…black moonshine.

    Matthew 26-29 26 “So if anyone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the wilderness,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. 27 For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 28 Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.
    29 “Immediately after the distress of those days”‘ the sun will be darkened,
    and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky,
    and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’[a]
    30 “Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth[b] will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.[c] 31 And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other

    Acts 2:17 in the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.
    John 7:38 whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”
    Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
    Revelation 21:21 The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass.
    Leviticus 17:11 For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life.
    Revelation 17:6 And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. When I saw her, I marveled greatly.
    Jer 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”
    Revelation 19:20 “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”
    Revelation 19:7 Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.
    Revelation 11:18 The nations were angry; and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who reverence your name, both small and great–and for destroying those who destroy the earth.”
    Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.
    Ephesians 2:2 You used to live in sin, just like the rest of the world, obeying the devil–the commander of the powers in the unseen world. He is the spirit at work in the hearts of those who refuse to obey God.
    Psalm 78:47 He destroyed their grapevines with hail and shattered their sycamore-figs with sleet.
    Beelzebub. Beelzebub means Lord of the Flies, and is found in Matthew 10:25; 12:24, 27; Mark 3:22; and Luke 11:15, 18, 19. It is a comical term for Satan employed by the rabbis of Jesus’ day. Beelzebub is a play on Beelzebul, the Greek form of the original Philistine name, which means Lord of the Royal Palace.
    Revelation 18:24After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was made bright with his glory. And he called out with a mighty voice, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has become a dwelling place for demons, a haunt for every unclean spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detestable beast. For all nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her sexual immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown rich from the power of her luxurious living.” Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues; for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. …
    Revelation 18:9 9 And the kings of the earth, who committed sexual immorality and lived in luxury with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning. 10 They will stand far off, in fear of her torment, and say, “Alas! Alas! You great city,
    you mighty city, Babylon! For in a single hour your judgment has come.”
    Revelation 17:4 The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.
    2 Kings 6:17 And Elisha prayed, “O LORD, open his eyes so he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.
    Genesis 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.
    Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
    Luke 17:21 nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.”
    Rev 1:3 (RSV) Blessed is he who reads aloud the words of the prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written therein; for the time is near.

    Thanks for listening,


  91. I too have really become aware of “seeing air/visual snow” and I really enjoy keeping my awarness focused on it. I follow the “predator like” images within the snow and often I’ll have beautiful purple, holographic like lighting. I’m glad I came across this site because all of the other sites were focused on this visual field as a negative medical condition; I do not feel this way: I rather like exploring and looking into the void 🙂

  92. I see em too.

  93. I had to smile when I read that you could see the air when you were little. I remember I was 7 and I worked up the courage to tell my 2nd grade teacher that I could see the air. I walked up to her and told her, she stood their looking at me, gave me a puzzled look and walked away. I have found a way now to show people what energy feels like, because not everyone can see what I see.

    • I am curious as to how you found a way to show people what energy feels like?? I have always felt that people are so afraid about what they may see with their eyes. if I could help them to feel what I feel, then maybe they would understand.

  94. I see them too, i think that everyone is able to see them if they tune up to them, or open up their mind to the possibility. I think if someone can make a video showing this things, i mean using computer effects and post it here so we can show it to more people or even to youtube.

  95. Hi people .thanks a lot for this site and your stories .. when i try to explain it to others…they just dont wanna know ;( .yesterday i was in my bed tryin to fall asleep when it started again….it happen to me before when i look at the stars in dark nights…..those kindda colorwaves near me….its not cold or hot or scary its THERE EVRYWHERE…white-purple waves between me and the ceilling\ wall…can someone tells me a bit about these waves…thanks

  96. I understand u completely, not sure of any advice to give though. I just do my best not to be intimidated, or feed into any negative energy. Stand by your beliefs, and know it cant harm u. Best of luck!

  97. I had the same events happen to me… but worse. When I was young I saw things, patterns people, at every waking moment. There was the static but there was color also, made out of light. By the age of ten I couldn’t see them anymore because it started to take more and more concentration. Even if I chosen to stick with it to the exclusion of all else I believed it/they could have completely disappeared anyway in time.

    I can’t tell you how many times I sent my brother chasing ghosts and how many I followed myself. It was amazing sometimes, but I didn’t just see good things or interesting things. Sometimes they became solid to me as well and my greatest nightmares came from that time. Otherwise they followed the pattern of many here, easier to see at night for the most part (or harder to see through, you could also say). I often could hear voices as well though. Drums sometimes.

    My brother sent me this link. Thought it might make me feel a little less like a crazy person, maybe. I think it worked. I’m 24 now, and I only occasionally see anything and when I do I can look through it if I choose. It didn’t used to be a choice. I miss it sometimes but life is SO much better without it. Seriously.

  98. I can not believe you are describing the axact thing that has happened to me for many years now! I too have tried to explain it to people but they can’t see it and don’t understand what I’m talking about and they probably think I’m pretty weird, but that’s ok with me. Static is how I would describe it also, but I do not see the gaseous forms you see in it, but what I do see are random streaks of light shoot through it from every angle and sometimes the static takes on subtle hints of color. I just recently have found that when I look at people and objects I can see waves of energy moving all around them, sometimes they have color, other times not, it just appears to be a swirling gas. I do feel a spirits presence but I only see what I call shadow figures pass quickly by me and sometimes they make me scared and other times they bring me peace. I’ve been touched a lot. One of the bad ones punched me in my stomach and knocked the breath out of me, but even scarier to me, one started caressing my body, touching my breast, etc the way my husband would when we make love. That’s who i thought it was….my husband but I was slowly waking up expecting to see my husband, but saw no one, the n saw that my husband was sound asleep and then became very terrified and quickly moved over to my husband and wrapped myself up in him so I would feel safe and prayed for protection. Go ahead and call me crazy. Believe me I have thought the same thing. Idk why all these weird things arec happening to me, but I just deal with it as it comes along and go to Jesus when I can’t handle it. I pretty much keep it all to myself because people just don’t understand. So, I’m glad I came across this tonight and was able to share with someone who is experiencing atvleast some of the things I am. It kinda lightened the load. Thanks for sharing. God bless!

  99. i often see a glowing blue face on the pixel mist i dont know how to call it. the face looks flat on the wall or cealing im not afraid of it but does anybody know what it is?

  100. I have been trying to explain. This same thing. To my family it looks like things are distorting but not into anything else sometimes bigger sometimes smaller darker or lighter and the movie preditor is the on ly way I can explain that “energy” I have been seeing a lot of weird things even in trees or bushes whereever I look on them that place im starring at starts moving like I saw something hidding and it is moving slightly how long have u been see that matter???

  101. I know exactly what everyone is saying, I see all those things as well. I have since childhood. I also see colored dots in darkness. Mostly they are green but sometimes there are flashes of other colors. Recently I have also begun to see shapes and swirls created in the dots. I’ve even noticed they move because of vibrations. When very large trucks go down a road by my house I can see them shake differently.

  102. I began seeing these types of energies about 3 or 4 years ago. I was a bit frightened at first. Many different types: the static in the empty space, then a sort of electrical like those plasma ball things, rapidly spinning vortices, a sparkly golden particle type that eminated when playing the guitar, then a warm, golden, soft light energy that seems to be given off by all physical object….and many other types like worm-like, colors and shapes appearing from empty space, and so on. it’s like a sequence, meaning there was a specific order, like viewing layers of an onion. I became very curious and did all kinds of experiments. Also, I feel these physically through the body. There are corresponding tones heard audibly. Rarely, I would notice a smell.

    But the whole experience is multi-sensory, which led me to conclude that it’s not my imagination. Although I still don’t understand or have a context in which to explain what these are. My working theory is that we’re perceiving and moving through actual, real dimensions that coincide with the physical world we perceive. I think at some point, we will definitely be able to comprehend fully what we’re experiencing. Until then, I try not to analyze it too much and sort of play with it like a curious child. I trust that it’s real and will make sense in the near future. ((love to you all))

  103. I know exactly what ur talking about, i see the same thing. I know we are different and we have an ability but im still dont know to much info . Dont tell people they are going to think you insane , trust me happen to me. Contact me

  104. So glad i found this page, i have been seeing this energy since 4 years of age im now 26, i can also hear energy too my own vibration and hear and sense energys, angels and bad energy beings, im very empathic so i constantly wear moldavite and turquoise necklace to protect me. Helps alot.. Would not be without it.. Does anyone else have the ability to influence time slow it up and speed it down also to move objects with the mind?

  105. I see this energy too and I have seen it since I was a little girl. It seems more intense and moves faster in places that seem like they are more pure, and with out pollution, like in the high mountains of the Andes. But I can see it anywhere, inside or outside. It’s interesting to read about all the people who also see it, but I’m not surprised, since it’s been a normal thing for me.

    I’m wondering if it means that people who can see this energy are more likely to be psychic or healers, or something like that? I’ve been more skeptical in my life lately, but now I’m wondering if I should pursue developing within myself… or something.

    Any thoughts?

    Also, I thin I saw a similar energy creature in a hostel in Ireland. I’ll post more about that later.

  106. i also see the energy moving through air. ive also had imprints and had some premonitions , i can also pick up the feelings of other people energy. im not to sure whats going on. but i would really like some guidance on this.

  107. I know exactly what you are talking about. It is amazing. Another thing that has intensified since my spiritual journey here on Earth. I have yet to see a formed person, but i see the constant moving of liquid energy flowing all around me. Its beautiful! Everything and everyone is energy. So seeing it is simply seeing behind the veil.

  108. Have you found anything more about this? I would love to know. I’ve always seen the “invisible rain”. I remember telling my teacher and my mom that I could “see air”. I think the energy beings are another dimensional creature. I can also see energy fields that others emit.

  109. ive been meditating lately and studying on natural healing and Rieki really interests me alot. i really feel in my heart that this is the path for me. and since studying it ,it is making my senses seem a lot stronger. i am meditating with crystals and i can actually feel the energy in my hands and the energy actually flowing through my body. thinkas kids we block it out because of the feer and the not knowing. t
    Then when we are older we tend to look things up and study the things that scared us so much has kids, i know since meditating my senses are getting stronger

  110. This is in reply to othe orginal article.
    I would like to make a guess as to what is happening.
    I believe that these “people” are real.
    The live physically in the same dimension of physical reality as our human spirit does.
    This is like magnetic waves…they are obviously there but we can’t see or feel them.
    But they are still real.
    So, they are like ghosts I guess.
    I’ve read these kinds of storeies and the worst that can happen is one of them scratches you like four or five fingers on you back for about 4 inches. But, they are emotional like us and you should treat them in a positiive way when talking to them and such.
    Of course, the only way to be rid of them is to burn down the house. But haunted houses are valuable and alot of people like living with them.
    Also, I’ve heard animals can be like these people are but I don’t keep up with information about them…

  111. No you are partly wrong the shapes you can see are ghosts .. People who have die who have not gone to the light as they have unfinished business or just was too scared to gointo it or just wanted to be a nosey bugger and spy on loved ones etc etc.. They are now lost and its our job to help them to gointo the light again, if a love ine has passed over you will see there energy in a shape of an orb and hear them inside your head andsee them threw your 3rd eye totally different from seeing energy in the air btw.. If you want more info email me on

    • They are familiar spirits. Why would God then tell us to test them?? He told us NEVER to speak or have ANYTHING to do with spirits, not even angels if you’ve not even tested if their from God or not. God commands angels.
      Demons can transform to angels of light..they do not have a permanent form, they can change shape and they can manifest physically (have same basic properties as angels). Angels heal, protect etc on GODS command. There’s a reason why God would forbid us to speak to spirits in any way unless they are messengers of God and you’ve validated it..These spies are no more than impersonating demons. They can give you thoughts but you can easily reject if you have discernment. They may not harm you unless they gained rights..There are cases of people dying and suddenly they HAUNT a house…those things are so damn evil. There is the case of astral projection which is very possible. Satanist do this and other people who were trained. This is against Gods will because you are attempting to take control of something only God may do. I did years of research into these ghost things and went to courses of this. Satan copies Gods works. He also “heals” the problem he made in the first careful.

    • Demons follow almost everyone. How else can they gain rights? They are not all-knowing. They take on the forms of our ancestors to fool us. You also get regional demons. In the spiritual world..there exists something like a hierarchy, ranks if you may. They are very active and report to one another. This sound koo koo but its truth since I have seen demons. They must impersonate to fool you. The bible is there to read so that you may gain the ability of discernment. They Holy Spirit is the one that exposes truth and gives revelation.

  112. So I may be a bit late on comments here, ’cause I see the post is quite old, but I stumbled across this when I googled the exact same thing. I’m from South Africa and right now the time is 00:17. About an hour ago or so, I walk for no reason. I tried going back to sleep but I couldn’t so I just started starting at my room walls and stuff, and when I looked at my curtains I could see this heat wave type of energy thing. I thought it was just my eyes, so I put on the light and stared at the curtains again, and I couldn’t see anything. So I turned the lights off again, and suddenly I could see it again.
    What my question is, are these heat wave/vibration things really the unseen/ghost? Because I honestly don’t want to be able to see these things..
    Thanks for your time.

    • I think what your seeing is just a heat wave if it was a ghost it would move the energy your seeing and you would see its shape. I wouldnt worry evan if it was a ghost they cant harm you, if its evil they feed off fear so just say a pray to your god if you have one and ask god or archangel micheal to send it away and to suround you and your area in pure bright light.. Sounds abit woo woo but if your spiritual then you will understand.. 🙂

  113. I doubt it was a heat wave, ’cause it just wouldn’t make sense since it was raining that night/morning, but thank you all the more for the feedback. When I do (praying I don’t) see something like that again, I’ll turn to prayer.

  114. I’m intrigued by this story. I haven’t had exact experiences as this, however, I can sense… an area. Well, not so much that. I have quite a large amount of Psychotropic ability/energy/skill which I can use at will to sense spirits in an area close to me (mainly due to so much negative energy around the area). Its nothing like psychic mediums or clarevoyants because I can sense the spirits in perfect detail, as if I can see them, but I really can’t physically see them. I see mental images of them, however, I would be interested to see if I could do this myself. I thank you for this interesting story.

  115. I’ve been following my spiritual interests for about 20 years or so, but these kinds of experiences began happening only for the last 3 years. At first, it was a little scary, but intriguing at the same time. For me, the best way to relate to this kind of thing is to: 1) Realize it’s fairly common. That actually gave a sense of relief and intensified my interest even more…and you can see here by our stories that our experiences are fairly similar! I actually think most people suppress these perceptions because it conflicts with the rational mind and what society has deemed “normal.” 2) It’s subjective. We all have a unique way to view and understand this phenomenon. But sharing our unique perspectives is the great gift, because we are one being moving forward together, and all correct! It’s great, great fun to share in this adventure and discovery together as it unfolds! 🙂 3) It’s helped me a great deal to not he too hasty to make sense or logically explain and catagorize these experiences. I find that it kind of stops the process. It seems that something outside of our everyday experience is revealing itself. An opportunity may be offered, a more expansive view of life. I have to try and trust in my heart more and know that I’m safe, so that it is OK to remain open and curious. I constantly have to do that.

    So I’ve been curious about this experience for the last 3 years, and the experience has evolved. Many different, mysterious, and mindblowing perceptions and unbelievable experiences have happened. If you like, you can try this. This is really wild. Ok, clear your head and allow yourself to perceive the energies you’ve been perceiving. Now, visualize something in your mind. Try a basic shape, like a sphere, or even a vortex. Try to picture it in your mind with your eyes open. What will happen is, you’ll see that image take form in front of you. You will feel and directly perceive that your mind is actually outside of yourself as well as inside. Try it !!! 🙂

  116. i dont know if this is anything interesting (as my sis can sometimes see this as well) but if i focus in on one spot of a wall i can see colors of the rainbow might be normal and its not very hard to do but its fun to do this sometimes

  117. This is the only place on the Internet that I can find with stories like mine. March 1, 2013 @ 2:30am – I woke up and threw the covers off because I was so hot. I felt unusually wide awake. I had this gut feeling that something was different, not necessarily wrong, more like somebody else was in my bedroom. I look to the right side of the bed and there’s a “shape” which i still can’t wrap my head around. The only way I can describe it is that it looked like the Predator when he’s invisible. I can see right through it to my dresser but the shape or outline is so clear and distinct, it’s hard to put into words. It stayed in one spot but it was so alive with movement, like a water moves in a stream. I stared for maybe 10-15 seconds trying to figure it out. I couldn’t discern any real features, just more or less the shape of a person. I looked away for a second to focus make sure I wasn’t imagining things. When I looked back it was still there. I watched it for another 20 seconds or so before I reached my hand over and waved through it. I didn’t feel any difference in temperature, I’m not sure what I was expecting. At that point I kind of lost it and jumped out of bed to turn on the light. Of course I turn on the light and there’s nothing there. My dog is sound asleep, the house is actually nice and cool, and I’m standing there thinking I’m losing my mind. After a couple glasses of water and pacing around my kitchen I was able to go back to sleep. I haven’t seen it since and I’m torn as whether I really want to.

    Background: I’ve never seen a ghost/spirit, etc. I’ve never had any special connections or feelings or psychic talents and generally am more of a skeptic. I’m not a drug user but drink occasionally. My joke to my friends now is that I’m finally going mad. It only took 35 years.

    • That’s very similar tp my experience but I never tried to touch it. Like the Predator when it goes ‘invisible’. I saw it fade away and then a minute later i saw it ‘float’ out my kitchen door and go back into my kitchen. That’s how I knew it wasn’t just a disturbance in my vision. Another difference is my experience was in the day and I had been awake prior. Haven’t seen it since. I wrote a more detailed description above.

  118. I see those “energy people” all the time. You are most likely a sensitive. Nothing to be scared if though. Energy is all around us and some people can feel it or see it. Those people were most likely spirits that you were seeing. Like I said don’t be alarmed. You have a gift. I’v been experiencing things since I was about 4 or 5. I’m 27 now and I’v gotten used to it. I’m becoming more sensitive as I get older and that’s fine. I can live with it. Anyways you are not alone.

  119. try to develop a way to measure and use the energy you see. Therefore you will be proving to the world what you see. my advise do not share your dicoverment for it might bring you great pain and disgrace. you can trust me if you want my email is

  120. I see this too, I first noticed it last year and now I’m even more aware of it, especially when looking at a a wall or ceiling. Describing it as white clear static is perfect, to me it also looks like really fast currents going in multiple directions at once, but clear and white. I’m actually freaked out and wondered if I was hallucinating or of something was wrong with my eyes. I could also see a highlight around my hand with subtle pink undertones. This is a little scary!

  121. Kristen, bingo! This is it. This is the one I have been describing. Not the squiggly things in the bright blue sky (blue sky sprites) that people usually assume it is. This is it exactly. I call it the “rain of light” because that what it looks like, except that it is moving in many different directions, sometimes swirling even. I am almost certain it is energy, but am wondering why it seems to have escaped the notice of mystics in past times. Does this mean it is a new phenomenon? Or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough. I have encountered references to something like it, but the mystics claim it could only be viewed once you reach a high level of attainment. However, this particular phenomenon could be viewed by almost everyone I point it out to, including people who are not on a particular spiritual path. I am still in search of answers at this point.

  122. I found something online called “visual snow” which has no known causes. It sounds similar to what I’m describing but not quite the same as I see currents or rain like you say. Invisible white rain or sleet going in multiple directions is a great way to describe it.

  123. Yes, visual snow. I think it is similar. However, visual snow is usually considered a malady because it is persistent. It is always there and people afflicted with it have a hard time blocking it out. This one, however, the one we are seeing, sometimes you actually need to focus in order to see it. Sometimes it is easy to see, but you have no problem blocking it out when you want. So I don’t think it is the same thing. But I have considered the possibility that they may be related. It is interesting to find out that there are a number of us who could see it. Try going out at night when there is some light and look at the grass. That is where it is most easily seen. Could actually be overwhelming when you get to see the “torrent” of light speeding by all around you.

    • Yes, torrent of light, perfect description. I can only see it when focusing too, especially on solid colored walls, but it’s also in front of me and appears to have depth! I don’t see dots, more like we are describing it. Kind of like sparklers but again, so light and almost invisible.

    • Look at this, it says we are seeing prana particles.

      • Thanks for the link. Yes, that is also what I have concluded after conducting my own research. The relevant question is why are we seeing it. As for myself, I have always had “strange” experiences. What I mean is, this is not the only unusual thing I have experienced in my life. However, I do not meditate in the strict definition of the term. Also, I have been able to help other people see it, people who also do not meditate or follow any strict spiritual practice.

        According to the mystical tradition, prana can only be perceived by those who have achieved a certain level of awareness. I guess what I am driving at is perhaps all this talk about spiritual evolution is true. Perhaps we really are on the verge of something, of a change in consciousness. Just my thoughts.

  124. Since I was little I have been able to see energy. I would describe it as “seeing air”. Little invisible moving dots everywhere I went. Sometimes I can feel bad energy too. Not sure how I know it’s bad, neutral or good, but I do. It’s so good to know I’m not alone.

  125. ,Ether – Invisible Energy

    Everything here is constructed by The Consciousness of Creator. That whole physical reality is created by invisible energy. Construction parts of atoms have their virtual parallels, what are light whit shape of spiral. Stones, elements, atoms, neutrons, photons and other basic dead matter have created by subtle conscious “matter”, what is not firm. It have called for ether, antimatter, dark matter, dark energy, Higgs particle and God particle. Some masters and adepts have learned to control that energy and used it for levitation, teleportation, manifestation, instant healing, telepathy and so on. Science have found that energy in year 1950. Like you already know, 1 coffee cup have so much etheric energy that it will boli all oceans in the world.

    • Amazing creation of God, I agree. To control this energy, you do need more than your own energy. You need supernatural energy. As a believer in Jeshua; these you can call gifts but God is in control of it..ok, but not levitation..but to heal, cast out demons etc.., this is moving in Gods will, to let Him take over in everything apart from just energies. If you don’t believe then you can be able to use it freely but then you need demons to do it for you and to give you that ability. Some children inherit it via bloodlines. You don’t need to be a Satanist, demons are demons (they work with rights and unfair occurances) and move against Gods will. You can be of any pagan background to be able to do this if you set your mind to it. I’ve seen invisible beings when I was like 5-6 years old. Heard voices ect. Once you are a follower of Jeshua, then you have to break your bloodline curses, everything. This goes really deep but its factual. You get a lot of accounts of people seeing things without knowing any spiritual things. It’s inevitable and undeniable that we are not in complete control of anything, especially the unseen.

  126. I have seen some thing. Like a a molecule vision with vibration into the air everywhere i go.I see this all the time everywhere.about three to four years now it hover. Four years .It follow me everywhere.

  127. In Phoenix AZ,Jan ,, what the heck did my dogs & I see floating in my living room. This transparent blur was approx 3ft vertical 1 ft horizontal. sparkly blur floating, I thought I had lint in eyes, then one of my dogs lifted her head, staring at it, then my second dog, who was sleeping, bolted her head up staring at it as well, I said, what the hell is that… instantly dissapeared. was it divine, spirit, alien? I wasn’t frightened, so not dark,, something’s happening….

    • Possibilities, either an angel, a demon or someone who astral projected. If a demon is close by you, it does not mean you’re guaranteed to feel fear or anything. Same with an angel. Demons can appear as angels of God. The basic properties of angels or demons are physical manifestations and they possess power depending on what type they are. Dunno if this thing did it purposely to get your attention and to draw a possible communication with it. But I believe that you never talk to these things unless they are from God with a message. Even if they claim they are from God, you must test them by asking about Jeshua, Son of God, Lord of Lords, Crusified for our sins, raised from the dead after 3 days and ascended to heaven, seated on the right hand of God. This is what I believe. God forbade us to have any contact with the spiritual for a reason. Demons deceive.

  128. i feel so happy when i read stuff like this i feel less of a freak. i love that u used predator, i always use that description,once in the earlier stages i spoke to a medium for advice and he used that description too. this all started about two/three years ago and is slowly progressive to being ‘a medium’. this is the first time i have described myself as such, it not something i wanted or want. i;d love to be just me again, but looking back over my life it has always been me i just never realised.

  129. I’m so happy I found this. I see the same thing. I have always explained it as water waves; like how water looks under water when you move your hand. It’s totally how you explain it in the prediter tho. When I was little I I would refocus my eyes and be able to see tiny “air” particles. I have a very active house and I found this posting by accident because I was searching paranormal. I use to see my energy people in the form of invisible energy but I could take a pic of my tv and capture the person in reflection. Lately they appear in mist form tho, so i wonder if im getting new visitors. It’s amazing and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sees things the same way I do.

  130. I also see things like small bean type light shapes like they are raining over me sometimes . Can anyone explain it to me why this is happening ????

  131. I would ask a Dr about that. I don’t want to scare you but I had something similar a few years ago and I just thought it was from my migraines. A month later I had a stroke.

  132. I’ve seen several things like this but other things to. Most oftenly during heavy wind storms or when the air changes some how you can smell it first and some times hear it. I swear this on the lives of my children there were several of them and they come to me first like the rest o you said it lokked like heat. But after a long period of time I seen one night before a thunder storm and it spoke to me. It said its name was Clair Vance . Then later on in time I met more five exactly. They had names and after a long period of speaking to them they had color I could see. The only one that never spoke was the purple one the others were scared of him they call him death. Oh and Clair Vance was pink there was a yellow one who was bill and Clair had a sister but never spoke she had no color. I could see them in the sky and when they weren’t in the forms they could speak in it seemed they were all connected. I would love to have some answerers if antone has ant experience like this but it seems like they like high energy weather disturbances. Please help me with this. Other things have happened to but I’ll discuss that later Ty

  133. id like to add an observation to my previous comment. my daddy is in the final stages of cancer, he has little time left. HE IS an energy, the glittering staticy particles seem to be emitting from him…or maybe they’re just with him.?? im not sure, all i do know is there is no death. his ‘heart will go on and on’. watching him sleep, i get sea sick!! (lol never actually been to sea)
    any persons out there who can, would you let me know wether i am seeings daddys soul, or other beings. i have daily seen my nan in the room opposite dad, like a cine film projected onto the wall. shes presents as a clear person, smoky, foggy though. she ms to know i can see her, whispers say my name. other description would be people speak softly in another room. hmmmm i get chiming softly tweeting….audio disturbances generally.

  134. I have seen this ”white noise” energy almost constantly my entire life, at least as long as i can remember.. it has always been a very light grayish color and moving very fast, though slow enough that i can see it moving. After my ascension process began, this energy field has become much stronger and brighter, and i constantly see shadows of light and orbs floating around the room at various speeds. These orbs really freaked me out at first but i’m starting to get used to them as my whole perception of life in all its aspects is changing with my ascension. On the brighter side most of these shadows and orbs are good, as i mostly feel a warm tingling sensation when they pass me, or pass through me.

    • White noise energy? Does it look like red white and a small amount of blue at first? That is what I see and only once, and this scared the living hell out of me, I saw a little girl materialize in the air above my bed.

  135. Me and my girlfriend have been dealing with this for a little less then a year now.
    We have been looking everywhere for someone who has had these same experiences. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

  136. You aren’t the only one who can see it… I too, can see the “energy”. You described it exactly how I see them, except I don’t have to focus on a wall or anything like that. I can just see them. It doesn’t matter what I look at. However, I do not see energy “people” I think is the word I could use for them. I do feel their presence when I’m alone.

  137. Im just curious of what eye colour everyone has just to See if its linked mine are green with yellow ring aound pupil my eyes turn from blue to green depending on my mood. Ive seen energy in air since a toddler im not 25 years old with 20/20vision i have other strange gifts too.. If u look at the air it vibrates faster then an object if u look at a wooden table for instant it vibrates too but slower if u consentrate u can make these solid objects move with your mind.. There are loads of amazing things you can do tbh x

  138. *** i am 25 years old .. Lol

  139. I see something like that but it’s when I look up into the sky I see that energy,and I do not focus on the beings but I know they are their, I was told to find science engineer to make some by these beings but no one believes me. Other then family your the first I have told.

  140. I’m a 16 year old male and I’ve seen this stuff my whole life, I thought it was the norm until a while back, I’ve heard of the visual snow stuff but that’s not it, the stuff I see is like black and white but at the same time it’s every color if te rainbow and invisible. I see it even when I’m not trying too but unless I’m concentrating on it I don’t actually “see it”. I remember when I was really little around 7-8 it would get super intense when I went to bed I would eat this weird sound like a bunch if people were whispering really loudly at the same time but they weren’t saying actual words. Also when I would lay down ad put y arm over my eyes I coul see all these pictures popping up and like pink and green swirls that were clear a the same time. If anyone has any thoughts or anything on this please contact me at

  141. Additional details sometimes ill see like shadows on the wall but there not like people there just like random shapes and they’ll just disappear when I try to look at them sometimes but sometimes they won and they’ll stay for a second then leave

  142. sorry to say but it may be one of two , Alot of people at different times , the electricity from the brain make them see every thing like electricity like if there is electricity in their eyes but visions of ghosts are extremely rare , what i think is that it make your eye work as an EVP and it makes u see this stuff

  143. I love this article. Yes I can see this “energy” or whatever it is as well and could as long as I can remember. I also have frequent bouts of Hypnagogia visual as well as audible. It’s true you can see it nearly anywhere but there’s one spot in my house that you can see it very well. I got up in the night once to use the bathroom and on the way I saw what looked like an orange mass of electricity in the shape of a cat like your energy man. It looked at me and jumped right into that particular spot where you can see the smokey vortex if you focus as you describe in the article. And yes I’ve tried to show it to other people but they always say they can’t see anything.

  144. Things seems to be chaging rapidly for me since I started meditating. I do feel that we are only shown things whe we are ready and have the capacity to process the gift. It started as seeing & feeling energy all around me. This energy has begun to take shape, humanlike movements. Sometimes I feel exhausted because it’s like I’m surrounded and they all are needing acknowlegement that I can see them. I eventually developed empathic emotions & would have contact dreams that gave me infomation. Without my knowledge, My husband prayed that his parents (who have passed) would commuicate thru me so that he could overcome his disbelief in what I was going thru. The next morning I woke up to tell him that I felt I had met his parents. I was shown different things in our life to come. He no longer doubts me. Recently I went to bed like any other night but laid there tossing and turning. I looked up into the darkness towards the ceiling and was suddenly overcome with the intense sensation of motion sickess. The ceiling seemed to be alive, fluid, full of huge dark waves of movement. I had to keep turning my head to the side and closing my eyes to keep from getting sick but I was too afraid to stop watching it. I have been working to control my fear and to project positive energy when I feel anxious. As I calmed down, the movement did the same but I had to turn a nightlight on to finally get any sleep.Since that night, I have continued to sleep with the nightlight. However, last night, I felt a similar anxiousness before bed & prayed. I woke up to the feeling of someone softly running what felt like a finger over the side of my forehead, down my cheek, and on to my neck. I fully expected to see my husband because I had felt him get out of bed to walk to the restroom. At that moment, he was coming in from the hall. Being touched has been a huge fear of mine. I feel that I am reaching a new stepping stone of sorts and not quite sure if I am ready for whatever might be next. I feel that I am about to receive a true sight. I feel that God is preparing me to see what is around all of us, all of the time. I pray that I understand what will be asked of me and that it will be beneficial to someone. It has been so encouraging to read that so many people are like me.

  145. Something else that I forgot to mention…the past month or so, I have had this overwhelming urge to “go home”. I don’t understand this at all. For every practical meaning of the word home, I am there. I catch myself randomly thinking that I better get things ready because I need to go home. Or, I will be drivingon an errand from work and almost lose track of where I am going because I need to go home. It’s actually becoming an emotional longing, and a physical pressure in my chest to get there..has this happened to anyone else??

    • All the time, we are here for a reason to try to save the planet from the evil thats here destroying this planet for money, greed, power.. Ive never felt like i belong to this race.. Im allways sitting outside in the night just looking up towards the sky.. Feeling powerless and longing to go home.. this world is so selfish, and corrupt

    • you might want to Google things lik crystal children and starseed and indigo children…. I saw a video that they talk of goin bk home to their planet or somewhere in space

  146. this site makes me feel normal. lol i get fed up of staring about in awe and saying nowt n feeling like an outcast

  147. I see the same thing but worse. There arent many ppl out there that will understand.

  148. Things like the energy in the air you described catch my eye, lately with increased frequency. They used to worry me. A stray cat visits us and often i see him here a little while before he turns up, so i think maybe the energy is the emotion or the thought behind the intention manufesting in place it wants to go. My mother physically bumped into a couple of hooded energy men a few years ago. She actually bumped abd went backwards. She described them as large and male wearing hoods.

  149. i see the static stuff too and i have all my life even though i’m only 12 and i’ve always wondered what it is. i only really see the static and when i raise my hand i can see heat waves rising off though i think because i’m far sighted i cant see static on too close things. my mum said she saw it when she was a kid too but as she got older i went away.

  150. I can’t believe I am not the only one, I started seeing what seemed like waves of heat in my teens and now I see what seems like static and can sometimes feel the vibrations. I have also noticed them in my hands. I had a couple of experiences with waking out of breath after strange dreams and seeing the static image of a person. I felt a mal-intent but made sure to not show or feel fear and after a couple of days of it trying to come to me it went away and seeing my lack of fear it went away. I’ve been trying to figure out the static for so long I’m so glad I’m not the only one.

  151. I noticed that no one mentions a structured pattern that I first started seeing on the pages of a book that I was reading. It started about 3 years ago and it has not stopped. At first I thought it was something within the paper of the pages but then I started seeing the same pattern in the sink , on walls, on the carpet on my dog’s fur and when I looked up at the grey sky at night I would see the same pattern. It’s really strange and weird and I must admit I was scared at first. I do have to say that what most of you are describing as falling light I agree but it’s the same pattern that I see in the space or air between two objects. I am used to it but what I am not understanding is why someone is not mentioning a pattern. It’s an intricate pattern and is structured as if someone designed it. If someone out there has experienced what I have, I would like to hear from you.

    • Yeah i see a pattern to but different ones

      • I am still waiting on you to advise me on how to edit my name. I would like to only use my first name

    • I see a pattern in the same way you say you see one but the one I see looks kind of like the pattern light makes on water and it moves like it too I think.. sorry its hard to describe

    • Hi my name is Reece and mine was one of the later posts. I see mine in surfaces in the air and as a sheet that can be flat or even start to bend and also as people. No matter which way I see it, it’s always made of the same intricate vibrating fluid pattern that is clear but has the over tone colours of an oil slick. Light pink and green. For me it’s made up of tiny little vibrating coil looking peices forming together almost like the petals in a flower, repeating over and over outwards. If it sounds similar to yours, flick me your email and i can send this pick ive got thats isn’t exact but is definitely a similar pattern to what I see.

  152. Hi guys. I also see energy in air, however it moves almost like flames through the air. I practice focusing and re-focusing on the same spot, then I try to look between them. It’s almost as if when you focus on it, it moves like it knows you are watching it. The other day I could have sworn that a made out a shape, like a strange scorpion like shape made out of it. It moved different from the rest of the patterns.

    Am I nuts?

    • heck no sound similar to me and many other people, your fine. but research it more and see if you can get some info, if you do that would be interesting

  153. I came on this website actually trying to figure out what I was seeing, I havnt found much but this site makes me feel better, Im seeing the exact same thing except its kind of annnoying. Im not sure what triggered it either, but asicly I started auras, now thats second nature, then I did telekinesis, (still practicing)then I started feeling auras, and thats second nature, then I started seeing orbs, then I see a ton of orbs just floating around in the sky, and thats second nature, and then I started seeing this static, but I didnt have to practice, I had no idea what the hell it was and thought my eyes were going bad, so I got my eyes checked and I got perfect vision. Looking at the computer screen right now I can see the static, it makes up everything around me, but it doesnt like block anthing, its perfectl clear and visble. Its amazing really, I guess I wouldnt call ilt annoying, it just want to see things perfectly clear, and it makes it seem like instead of an object being a whole, its like it covered up with tv static, but it is really amazing. But Im not like 30, I just turned 14 a couple of days ago, but Ive been seeing it for a while, its secondynature. It scared me for a while because I didnt want my eyes to go bad at such a yound age, so thanks for sharing your experience, because I was going crazy..

  154. Robert Medina, 20 yrs old, born April 8th, Catholic, Aries, and also energy gifted. I’ve always felt different, not only because as a male I prefer male partners but also I never felt quite like I fitted in. I’ve been different from mentality ever since I was a child and now I still don’t quite understand why I am one of the “gifted” few. My form of thinking is just not understood by many but I have learned to accept and be ok with that.
    Allow me to briefly explain. God. I believe in god however I don’t follow religion’s rituals. I believe in the bible and I don’t believe in hell, the devil, or in evil. God and every other form of a divine being in every religion is right. There is no right religion because what is the basis of all religion is comfort. We pray or praise or act for our “Gods” because if allows us in time of need to feel comfort. It feels good to know that there is someone there listening to us and even though it doesn’t speak to us, at least we know we were heard and feel safer and relaxed and loved, love which is what I believe to be the life and creator of everything in the world, even God. Have you ever heard God is love? Never LOVE is God. So if God IS Love, love came first. And honestly it is what I truly believe in. Love between organisms creates a life form. Love in all forms of ways starts everything. It’s embracing and accepting self love and others love that we all seek. Love for music, dance, theater, sports, cooking, fucking, smoking, living, laughing, and feeling good is what drives our lives. Sex is a huge part of that, lusty or romantic you know once climax is reached damn you feel good. But anywho I digressed, God I believe does give us life but doesn’t design the way we live it. If he did we all would be perfect, and perfection is not real. We are all perfect already because we are all very human is imperfect, and being imperfect means everyone is unique, and if everyone is unique than we are all really normal. God doesn’t design our lives because we all make our own decisions from the day our brain decides to live to the day our heart feels it can’t beat anymore. God does not hate nor punishes. Humans decide to call evil or bad what they neglect or dont understand or dont like instead of trying to understand or help it. Lucifer was the angel of light and humans couldn’t stand an angel to be brighter than God so they created this image of him and story which pretty much makes God seem vain and self centered. If God is as I believe he created lucifer and wouldn’t care if he shined or looked more beautiful than him, that’s just who lucifer was and God would accept him because God is the a main form of LOVE. Life is about learning and accepting till the end. Failure is a big part of life. No one truly learns until they have failed or seen failure. So don’t be afraid to fail, in the end at least you learned what not to do next time. Wisdom comes with expirience and not with age. And so forth. Things like these are what I believe in. So how does this relate to energy…
    I began following my heart. Intuition and feelings are all connected with the energy around us, side note I also believe in astrology. Being Aries I tend to be stubborn so hit my head a lot but allows me to learn. Once I began to be more in tact with myself my body began feeling tired yet active. I began seeing the energy between my hands one night I thought water was on my ipad and as I ran my hand over the screen I literally saw the transparent colorful prism type energy stick to my hand and I felt it too. The little rejection created like a type of force between my palm and the screen. And eve since then I could see energy between my palms and all around. I have grown to control the times I want to see it and the times I don’t. As I began interacting with people more i realized sometimes I used my hands to message them and they felt better. Also I love helping others since I was a kid so I am a very empathetic person, I can feel others emotions just as they feel it. People usually feel comfort around me and I just try to advice them. Good advice it seems from the thanks I usually get. But I also learned to take care of mYself and my health first and sometimes I feel the energy inside me and by breathing deep and concentrating I can now usually feel better by “breathing” out any pain or discomfort I feel. It’s like the energy centers it or so. But as I’m only human, I am to continue learning about my “gift” and will do so to share with you all here. Remember embrace love, connect with your inner self, feel the love you have for yourself, and follow your heart and intuitions. By nature, I believe the body will naturally be in sync with nature and energies and will guide you the right way to set things right. Believe, never give up, love, and keep on learning. It’s the beauty of this planet we call earth.
    Thank you for reading or skimming, lol, and sorry for writing so much. You can Facebook me or email me at if you have any comments or questions. Peace.

  155. I ran into your article by chance and I’m glad I did. I was beginning to think I was crazy. My experience started long ago when I was a child. I only remember being sick and staring at the ceiling and something was moving. My mother asked, What are you staring at ? My response was that the ceiling was moving. My mother said your sick and day dreaming. I told her it was like an invisible ocean moving. I can still see this clear static moving in the air around me If I concentrate. I’m just glad others can see this .Don’t feel weird now, Thanks for your posting

  156. Does anyone else see a bunch of rings around the moon especially during full moons? I see a bunch of rings going around the moon in diiferent directions like the rings that go around atoms in illustrations

  157. I see this too. Thank God someone else can. I thought I was crazy. Omg.

  158. This is astonishing. When I was little I would stare at a blank wall and like you I would also stare at the space in between and this “static” would appear in waves and it covered everything I could see which was virtually the entire wall or area surrounding it. I asked my mother if it’s possible to see gravity because I thought that’s what it was but now I realize it is energy. I haven’t seen this static energy in some time but I also haven’t tried because I didn’t know what it was. But now that I know I’m not alone I will try to tap back into this and see what shows up. Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions.

  159. Fastidious answers in return of this difficulty with
    genuine arguments and describing the whole thing regarding that.

  160. So yesterday im staring up and i see little blue things dancing in the sky, almost like little bugs but they were blue and flying around like static. Its not floaters, floaters are black or gray dots and these were blue. i didnt have time to read everyones story but if anyone can help me out with an explanation thats isnt about floaters i will be verry greatfull.

    • Yes! you describe it perfectly I saw the exact same thing

    • Hi Ron,
      It is probably just your eyes and it could just be floaters that looked blue at the the time. But depending on your age, health, etc. You may want to just have an overall health exam and describe to your physician what you saw. I say this because I had an ischemic stroke about two years ago, and a few times during about a month previous I was seeing blue dots in my vision. Especially when I looked up to the sky or a light source. My dots were probably bigger and more ‘splotchy’ so it probably isn’t the same thing but if it continues and gets more pronounced, I would definitely tell a doctor or opthamologist. Otherwise, would like to hear if you find out more of this phenomena being related to the paranormal, please share. -Sharon

  161. I know exactly what you mean. Ive seen what you’ve seen since I was very very small and i think my brother does too but doesn’t realize what it is. But anyways, yes, I know the feeling of not being able to explain it to people, I even went to an eye doctor to try to get it explained. He thought I was a delusional little kid. I “see the air” as you put it, constantly, 24/7. Around the objects and people i look at it becomes more condensed and fluctuating, but still clear/invisible. And when I see spirits, or ghosts or energies (whatever you like to call them), i can see the energy or “air” fluctuate around where they are. I’ve touched them, and I don’t feel electric, more of a warm, energized, slightly tingled feeling where I touch them. I’ve seen my past dogs, my ancestors, and even some I yelled at to go away. I even figured out how to manipulate the energy that surounds me. Not very well, but when I feel and see the unwanted presences, I focus on the energy around me and make it my own sheild or barrier between me and them. They slowly edge away after I do that. I am happy that I have found somebody who is like me. And can understand what sounds absolutely psychotic to others who have not experienced it. It is a huge comfort.

  162. We intake 400 million bits of information per second that the sub-conscious processes and prioritizes. In the end you are only aware of 2 thousand bits per second when it reach conscious. Simply said, there is a lot going on around us that we just are literally unaware of, but through focus and searching one can bring unconscious data into our awareness and make it a priority, the first step is difficult, yet, it is simply noticing what is and has always been in front of you the entire time. It is only the tip of the iceberg! 🙂

  163. I’ve had this experience too but sometimes ,rarely, the thing has faint color around it and i try to focus then i get dizzy and unfocus.

  164. So happy to find this forum. Haven’t shared this with anyone. I have seen the “static” in the past but recently I experienced being surrounded by many tiny orbs of light when I was out for a walk with the baby. She saw them too and was smiling and reaching out to them. It was a joyful moment. I thought of them as fairies or something. Definitely felt like a friendly visit. They swirled around us for about ten minutes and then vanished. I did get a couple of pictures to prove to myself that it was real. I noticed in the photos that there was one large orb by the babies head. A few weeks later while waiting for a bus, I was feeling joyful and was praying my gratitude while sitting on the bench. I felt so joyful and tuned in to the cosmos – a spiritual high. I had an expectant feeling, like something good and unexpected was about to happen. Suddenly I noticed what appeared to be strings of light, like thin strands of silk or shining webs coming from above me and connected to me – my hands, my head. I had never seen or heard of anything like it. In a few minutes it was gone. I felt like a blessing or a gift somehow. Anyone else seen these strings of light?

    • I see strings or strands of a sort occasionally, seemingly randomly. They move from bodies and objects in various directions. They are like tiny infinitesimal stars with trails… they move slowly. I can’t seem to interact with them, but then again, I’ve never tried. I always thought it was a symptom of my schizotypal disorder, but today I was having a very in depth conversation with my fiance’s mother, who sees the exact same thing. Are we seeing somehow the fabric, the strings of the universe?

  165. Can you please post the pictures of the orbs, because i want to know if i see the same thing

  166. Hi beautiful people 🙂 who can see reality , the energy around you in 24/7 because I am one of them since I was a little girl or born with. Now I am 59 years old . I always thought that was normal vision. I am so happy to find this site to share with. I see color dots, rain of light , feel energy, silver fireflies up in the sky, few other things all my life.
    Some people said “Seeing energy” usually means we have a very stimulated third eye / pineal gland and our vision of perception is heightened.
    I would greatly appreciated to hear from you to see if you have one of same as mine .. When it was raining outside, didn’t you see the “energy” turn more yellow/ orange when you looked on the wall? 🙂
    Anything else? Remember it is not our 100% theoretical because we see reality.


  167. Wow, I can not believe that someone else can see exactly what I see. This will blow your mind how similar our gift is. Keep in mind that I’m not a writer so bear with me. My first account of the energy was while having deep conversation with an ex friend of mine. The best way I’ve described it ,was like clear but the faint colours of an oil slick. I have to use the exact same technique of focusing at an imaginary point in the air, and even then it can sometimes take more concentration than other times. This particular time I had a straight up and down flat plane of this energy running diagonal through the room like a sheet of glass. a almost alive clear wall with faint light pink light green coils a of energy at a micro level. Sometimes the plane of energy would seem to zume straight at me. It always seems in constant motion motion at a micro level. The second occasion this happened was the very next day. I had been trying to get it to happen so clearly and all encompassing again with little luck. Only ably to see faint bits here and there, when I discovered that a mirrored surface was more favourable focusing through the mirror. This time I had full peripheral contact. Starting with the entire mirror in my bathroom. This time the energy was spilling from one object into another. with such grace and fluidity some energy from the mirror would continue into the walls, ceilings and floor. Completely filling every i could see. It’s almost like your seeing the construct of the object at a pure vibrating energy level. At this stage I see a3d clear image of a man step into the open door way behind me as I am facing the mirror and seeing this in the reflection over my back. To tell you the truth I experience an amazing high while this is happening and welcome it without fear. The man has long hair and as he comes to stand directly behind me off set to one side I realise that it’s me with long hair clear like a liquid energy creating the surface if its being with some of those same colour again. He clearly looks at me and directly into my eyes. There is never any audio related to this. Although I can hear unusual things as well. He seems to stair right into my soul and I back at him for about 10 mins of absolute bliss just gazing apon this being from another time/ dimension who knows. The feeling peace was mesmerising while this gaze was in place. He the proceeded to turn around and exit out of my sight. The whole time their had been a loud tv on in the room but my recollection is absolute silence while the other me was there. This is just a part of my experience. I am so exited to find another person with the exact same thing. Looking forward to hearing absolutely anything about you and your experiences. Hoping we can help each other out with technique etc. so excited! So excited! So excited! Bye

  168. i see the white dots in the air, i see them in dark room too… it is stronger when im sleepy or high, but im able to see them whenever i want, also in a dark room before i fall asleep i see some sort of energy, like green energy floating in the room and when i try to focus on it, i can see that it is full of mini white dots, like the one i see in the air, i can only try to guess what that can be, but what is this thing with the shadow/energy poeple… that shit is scary, i dont wanna see it… duh ^^

  169. I see the little sparkles of air moving or energy,or whatever all the time . I cannot explain it to anyone because they will think I am crazy. I especially see them when the light is in twilight condition or oddly enough when I am underwater on a bright sunny day and I open my eyes. Your not crazy

  170. I’ve been seeing this “energy rain” for 5 years now (i’m 19), it started on when I was going through a high stress time. It was always accompanied by anxiety. The anxiety is mostly gone but from what I can describe of it is I always ALWAYS have a anxious/ butterfly feeling in my chest. I do feel like I am a very emotional, sensitive person and when I am around people that are stressed or upset it rubs off on me so easily. I’ve been told I have potential for physic ability’s I just need to learn how to overcome my fear. I’ve seen lights patterns, shapes, dots that look like bugs, when I look as the sky it looks like I am moving fast down a tunnel or stream. I would love to be able to learn more and see more and overcome my fears, I would love to hear other people experience and how they were able to develop there sight and emotions. I do believe its because I have a high level of energy running through me that’s why I always feel frantic , I just need to learn how to become one with it in a sense. IF you have and comments or ideas please contact me!

  171. I am glad to know I am not alone. I have seen those grainy migraine auras all my life. I also see that energy field around everything especially around the hands. lt’s like a haze or a type of atmosphere. I have also been having migraine headaches in my eyes where I see those funny wavy lines that look some type of electronic ramp wave.

    Last night I went outside to look for the Perseid meteor showers. I suddenly noticed there was something that looked like a fine mesh. It looked as if I were looking through a screen door no matter where I looked. It was not in my eyes, but everywhere as if the fabric of the universe was made of it. And it could very well be. The screen mesh does look as if it is fabric of sorts. I also feel the impression it looks like very fine cracks in dried mud or paint. Perhaps I am actually seeing the fabric of space and time.

    I sure would appreciate some feedback about this so I do not feel all alone and crazy. I have been going through some much personal toil, pain, and self discovery.

    Peace LEE

  172. Humans, if only they knew the truth. As teacher said “Humans get to the point where they see the door and that is where some of us get to and stay. We do not seem willing to take the step towards it… please let me know when you find that person that took the step towards the door cause I am also stuck here”

  173. I can’t see these “people” but I do believe in them it’s just i don’t think they’re ghosts or demons. They might be a way of travel through the 4th dimension also known as time-travel. I believe that in the future humans invent a way to travel in time but not physically but mentally as a way of astral projection. It is possible I believe in the future for this, this is why people think they see ghosts or beings who aren’t there. It’s funny i found this article trying to find what it’s called when you can see the patterns in walls and floors move, like a calm river of stream. I can’t find anything on the subject, but your “people” is the closest thing I’ve come to yet.

  174. Do a research on DMT – The Spirit Molecule, it will open your eyes… peace \\//

  175. I can see it too

  176. Very interesting . Funny, I once a while saw look like a sheet of hexagonal pattern like bee honeycomb with my own vision before you brought up about DMT- The Spirit Morecule. Have you ever seen a sheet of hexagonal pattern (your vision that no one else can see) it appeared by itself. Any idea, what it does mean ?

    Thank you for sharing!

  177. So cool to see so many people talking about this! It is such a profound & uplifting experience =]!

  178. Does anyone else see physical things as unstable?.. For a few years now I’ve been noticing the energy & the light particles.. More recently I’ve been seeing things as very unstable.. For example I could be laying on the bed, in daylight & notice that the closet door is moving.. Or the ceiling fan would be swinging.. But they’re not moving when my partner looks at it. It happens all the time & I know it must be some sort of advancement in the way I see things.. Just thought I’d get another perspective on the matter.
    Thanks in advance, if anyone responds =]

    • Yes i have i forgot to mention that. Its especially creepy when it happens to faces in photos…

    • Yes! All the time. If I stare at an object close enough, it will move, and sometimes I get confused on whether it’s really moving or not.

  179. it was 5 a.m when a strange energy came in my room.first i felt a burn in my arm,then i woke up and i see a strange was like x ray green was moving by the air.then i open the light,and i see that energy with the tiny balls of light you know anything about it? Thank you!!

  180. I’ve seen the predator entities as well. The ones I saw were large, humanoid beings. I call them beings because I theorize that they aren’t actually paranormal in nature, but rather extraterrestrial. I believe they are the scientists of their species and they are observing us in a way that provides a more valid measure of behavior with the least impact to our environment.

    Makes more sense to me than ghosts or specters and much more plausible given the vast expanse of the universe. It’s unlikely that we are the only intelligent life, let alone the most intelligent (or advanced technologically) in existence.

    I’ve seen them a handful of times, but the most memorable was the night I saw a group of them surrounding my bed. I was laying next to my husband, who was asleep, and had my bedside lamp on the dim setting. I was dozing off and felt something touch my cheek where I had a noticeable cyst that had ruptured and left a small hole in my face (I rarely have acne but this one cyst was horrendous). It was healing but had a scab forming. So when I felt something touch it I assumed it was one of our two cats being curious. I turned my head and opened my eyes and didn’t see anything so I turned back and closed my eyes again. I felt a more firm prodding of my cheek and opened my eyes and the hairs on the back of my neck raised. I slowly turned my head and looked to the side of the bed behind me. That’s when I saw it, what looked like a heat signature or some sort of camouflage. It moved when it realized I could see it. When it straightened up I noticed more movement around my bed and realized there were several of these things. They all straightened up at the same time and I froze in panick. I couldn’t move or talk and felt paralyzed. I shrank back against my husband and stared at the one that had touched my cheek. It felt like he was staring right back. When I looked back over the rest of them had gone. Then I looked back at the first one. He had moved to the corner of the room and stood there. Then he slowly squatted down so that his legs were bent. I remember seeing the movement as being very human in nature. He squatted down and sat on his haunches and rested his forearms on his knees, elbows out and hands hanging between his knees. He sat there until I fell asleep, which took a while. I assume he was there in an observant role, which is the only reason I could relax enough to fall asleep. If the visit had any malevolent intent there would’ve been no reason to retreat or sit around and wait. So when I do occasionally see these entities I typically ignore them and go about my business. If they’re here to harm us I haven’t seen any evidence of it, and if they’re here to find our weaknesses to destroy us then there’s not much we can do about it.

    Of note, I’ve always somehow found myself living next to large fields. Anyone else notice a connection between a large empty field and visits from the “predators?”

  181. Hello… I actually think this is mediumship. Some of the energies can be dark, some others are light. I recently found I have mediumship and finally a lot of things make sense, and it is interesting when you realize not everyone can see the same thing . if anyone needs to discuss email me because at first i thought i was going crazy .. LOL

  182. WOWWW, I SEE the x-ray green light, sometimes it’s orange, like heat wave or something, i can also see all the lights like tiny particles in the sky and everywhere around us, but these stories with the energy people, predators or what else… this is so crazy, i dont know but the only explanation i have is that if this is some sort of consciousness, you seeing it as human beings is because your brain is not able to accept their true form or probably not all of us see the same things. My guess is that these entities that you see are mechanical elves, you can meet them on a trip with dmt, i have only read about it, but it seems like they exist, you can search for information about dmt, mechanical elves or terrence mckenna’s work. If anyone agrees with me write a comment on this blog, i check it often for updates. This thing is a big deal and now with the internet we can connect and talk about it, imagine if we can be the next step in the evolution :))

  183. Wow i thought this was normal! Since i was little i would make images out of the dots and move them. So amusing. I can see auras and if i stare at an object for a bit and look away then i can see an outline of it. I can see them all the time but i just normally dont focus on it. Also, i can make the room appear darker using these but not all the time it takes practice and i have to be relaxed.

  184. Amazing, since I was young I could also see the ”energy rain” though I often called it snow… not sure why but yeah… I can also relate to seeing the TV static post that was posted somewhere here. To add to this list I once had an unusual experience that really creeped me out. When I was young, me and my mom had to share a bed once. It was night, dark, she was asleep, I was facing her and then I saw… ummm… energy? coming out around her head… and the creepy thing about that was that the ‘energy’ looked more like worms or needles and it was moving. I remember it was violet/green but more violet. This incident only happened once but I’d still like to know what happened…. for now it’s a mystery…

  185. I’m almost 50 and for several years I’ve been able to see the energy that surrounds people and things. Yep everything. Also I can see rifts of some kind of energy that flashes by usually just above tree top level. It looks like a faint shadow, sometimes the energy shoot up from the ground or into it. There is a lot we normally don’t see that’s around us. Don’t think of it as neat or cool, it’s not. The most important thing you can do is accept Christ Jesus as your personal savior. Say the sinners prayer and be sincere. This is a fight for your soul and it’s no joke.

  186. I’ve been seeing the same energy as you since I was a kid. I thought it was normal and everybody saw it. I also saw streaks of rain all the time. It doesn’t happen as much anymore but I see it on TV all the time. I also see a kind of screen or mesh. It’s looks like the kind of screen on a laptop but very fine. I thought it was “Persistence”. The glow of dots on the older analog TV screens. After the trace lines scan the screen, the image persists so that it can be seen by the human eye.

    I thought it was this but, I see it all the time even when I close my eyes. No matter where I look, this screen is there all the time. It does not move when I shake or make my head. It is as if the entire space or infinity is in this screen mesh. I mostly see it when there is little light or looking at the sky at night and usually have to relax to see it.

    There is more that I want to share here, but am afraid to. I have been in situations that were creepy, scary and beyond my control. For lack of proper words, these were evil encounters and I do not want to go through that again.
    I’ll display my email address for those who wish to contact me directly and help me sort out.


  187. It’s all in your head people, and we are all in our heads, this is nothing but a dream, the good things, the bad things, nothing is real, as you think it is, the reality – we create it with our brains, so the evil encounters are just a part of your imagination, just like our life, we are nothing but a consciousness, and we are all the same ONENESS

    • …nope Believe what you want but nope thats not how it is

    • You will be surprised how many things you don’t know about in this universe… It continually surprises me daily. We are not alone….

    • Freakin hippie…. Were not all the same anything except for screwed by our own government and economic system

  188. To Taradam: I wish they were imagined, but some of those encounters I had were definitely not pleasant,but evil in the most unpleasant way.

  189. well tell me more about it, i’ve heard about people who use DMT and they are able to see encounters from other dimensions – mechanical elves, i’ve heard about people who have sleep paralyse, their body is asleep, but their mind is awaken and they see evil encounters in their room, but please tell me your story, i wanna discuss it here with others who have the same experience, i have never seen an encounter, of any kind, and i hope not to, one question, do these EVIL encounters have hurt you in the real life? like physical contact

  190. I am 21 years old and I have seen these what I call it wave like things/heat waves in the air. I see them moving 2-3 feet away from me when I am alone and at night time. I can feel/sense that it is a person or something. I feel that it can see me staring at it and sense it’s real. I thought that I was going crazy or something but after reading these comments I know I’m not the only one…

  191. I too have experienced the seen and the unseen energy. I saw the waves, it’s exactly how you have described it. I feel a sense of relieve that I have actually found someone that feels and saw what I experienced. I am incredibly greatful because I was suffering thinking I was NUTS

  192. You are not nuts. You have no idea how many of us are out there. How much we could learn from one another. I have been in contact with 2 people that were willing to give their email addresses and I have set up a simple controlled experiment. What I aimed to do is get people to try the same experiment and then measure each result to compare if we had the same experience. The results were 80% the same. These people don’t know each other nor do they know who I am.

    Result… you are not crazy… we are not insane.

  193. Hi Peter. Your friend Gene here. Thank you for the research and telling others not to feel alone and that they are not insane. I wish people had the courage to list their emails as an act of faith as I did, and I will do it again.

    I would like to further say that talking to others is comforting especially if you are private and isolated person like me. Sure, talking about it on an online forum takes me out of my comfort zone, but my personal suffering in silence, has to end at some time.

    I believe I mentioned this before, but here it goes again. I see a matrix or a screen type mesh. No matter where I look or when I close my eyes. It is an unmovable mesh. If I move my head, it is still there and does not move. That way I know it is not in my eyes or in my head. It is real.

    I read in a link from ZENGARDENER.COM that quantum science describes
    a reality of what I am talking about. I don’t know if I am fortunate or cursed to see it with my own eyes. That’s what this forum is about. To consult and talk about our experiences.



    P.S. Has anybody had/have trance like visions of red scorpions surrounded them on the floor in a threatening manner? If so, let me know so I can get some peace and rest.

  194. Funny that Gene, I have seen the scorpion like things. I also mentioned them earlier in the forum. I didn’t see them as red, mine was just empty. Almost invisible. If they persist to annoy you, light up the room more.

    Your friend,

  195. Well, of all the people I thought would not know about the scorpions, here it is, Pieter, my new found friend. I know you have contacted me personally via email, but I thought the open honesty in the Forum might help others.

    My scorpion experience was when I was going through a difficult time in my life. I became friends with a fellow church member of a small fellowship. I was in the midst of a lawsuit from a serious dismemberment injury accident and drawing disability. The church member rented a room to me in a mobile home park. Renting rooms was against the park rules but, my friend took advantage of the rule slackness and my circumstances.

    It turned out that my so called Christian friend, was a vicious and cruel
    person. He told me of his online friendships with women and had them come over for casual sex. He told me that he was still married to a woman he left behind in the Philippine Islands, and was currently married to a woman state side. For the purposes of peace, I just smiled and went along with it.

    It was obvious this man was evil and had no remorse. He bragged about his affiliation with gangs and also bragged about a sexual assault on Catholic nun at age 12.

    I kept to myself as much as possible and not dare make any waves since I
    could sense his vicious instability. Then I started having visions of scorpions every time I opened the door of my room to the rest of the home. It was as if evil was at my doorsteps just waiting for me.

    One night I got up to go to the kitchen about 4:00 AM and I heard a low
    growling voice say, “Just get the fuck out of here”. There was no other sound and I knew it was not my Friend since he was on the other side of the home. The house was quiet and I didn’t hear any other sounds.

    To say the least, the place was haunted and the source was from my Christian friend.

    Then the final episode of the haunting happened when I opened my door to use the bathroom. The door adjacent to my room started moving back and forth as is someone from the outside was trying to get in. I saw the knob spinning around at the same time. I was just standing there looking dismayed at about 4:00AM trying to make sense of it. Without fear, I turned on the outside light, opened the door and looked, but saw nothing.
    There was gravel and sand that was not disturbed and I heard no sound of walking on that surface as well. I was totally confused.

    Then, a few minutes later I realized I just witnessed a haunting and I got chills all the way down my spine.

    Things got worse with his vicious attacks because my disability check was late and he was not getting his illegal rent money. So, I wrote him a check and asked him to deposit it the next month and he agreed.

    I made arrangement to borrow a truck and moved the next day. My brother was kind to lend me his truck and we had breakfast at Jack in the Box. I moved in less than an hour’s time while he was at work. I had to move fast in case he got off early. Well, it just happened that he did get off early because we saw him frantically going down the road looking for me. He had the look of a mad vicious wolf. Ready to attack his prey.

    When I checked my mail at the post office, I received my settlement check. That was a real blessing and it came just in time.

    What I have noticed in my life, is that those who profess godliness and Christianity, are the most evil. I believe I can safely say that because I have seen that with member of my own family.

    It is not a pleasant experience to go through. That room mate was the darkest and most evil person I have ever met. I will even say in this forum, that a certain family member of mine, runs second.

    Regards and Peace.


    • Please dont steriotype Christians. There are some people who are like that (mustve been a horrifying experience you had), but many are good people.

      • I agree that there are good Christians. From my observations here in America, Christianity has morphed into a cult that worships everything except Christ. That makes my experience that much more disturbing. Instead of advocating peace as Christ would have us, Christians promote war and death. At least here in America.

        This forum talks about personal experiences based on what we see, hear, feel, and for which we have no answer for. We therefore turn to the unseen, the mysterious, and the spiritual, to make sense of it all.

        My departed parents were good people and both Christians by way of the Catholic Church. They both advocated peace, love, and civility. Like most Catholics of their generation, they had large families of 10 plus children. Out of the 10, several of them have
        turned out, in my opinion, very shallow and greedy people.

        I could go but, I’ll talk about it on my own blog.


  196. Ive had a weird experience too, i too see Everything as energy and can sense beings good and evil, and i am empathic i know what other people think and feel which can be a curse at times.. Ive had alot of strange experiences in my life but a few months ago was the most scarey experience ive had.. In the night whilst i was sleeping my house alarm went off… My partner went down to check it out and make sure all the windows and doors were locked etc.. He reset the alarm and went back to bed… And one hour after it went off again (bare in mnd this never happened before) so he went down stairs again too turn it off as this happened i seen a mass of energy come in to my bedroom and felt a presence it wasnt evil it felt good but it made me have a feeling off death that smeone was in danger and had a sinking feeling in my stomach as if i was falking down a cliff and and a feeling that somene was going to die, i felt astho someone in the family has died, in the morning the fisrt thing i Done was ring my mum, dad, sister etc.. And i asked them if they were still alive lol.. I told them what happened in the night and told them that i feel like someone is going to die today.. About 3.15 that day i felt breathless after picking my children up from school and had that feeling again and a voice inside me saying gooo home do not take the kids to the shop toay just get home.. U will be safe there.. And 10mins after i got back loads of police were on my street and 11 children and 7 adults were run over by a man who just got reliesed out of prison to find his ex with a new man and desided to go on a killing spree.. That day a young woman died on my street and 5 kids still in intensive care… My family rang me up askng me how i knew someone was going to die and are actually scared of me due to me knowing things etc.. But i also read n another site saying that people who can see energy in the air are actual seirs . (people who know the future) what are your thoughts on this? Xxx

    • That’s an interesting story there. I was driving down a long gravel road on the way home about 4:00 AM. I was living in the desert 100 miles outside of Las Vegas.

      I was tired and exhausted after working 2 weeks nonstop while working as a musician. I fell asleep at the wheel with my eyes open. I was in a trance.

      I heard a gentle voice telling me to wake up. When I did, I looked at my speedometer and was going more than 80 miles per hour. I told myself not to panic or hit the brakes but, instead reduce speed gradually to a safer one. When I slowed down to about 30, I was shocked because the road made a hair pin turn, which I completely forgot about. The timing of it all
      was a miracle. If I had kept going at that high speed, I would have been killed in a vicious wreck. A month earlier a woman with 3 children died on that same road.

      Earlier that year I had a dream about a child. The dream was so real, I thought I was a new father. I woke up and realized it was just a dream. I was sad and disappointed inside my heart.

      I had a dream the next January. I was on a roof working on a radio antennae where I used to live as a youth. There were black crows flying in the sky above me in a circle. I woke up because a phone call came in saying that my mother had just had a massive heart attack. A few minutes later the call came in telling she died.

      At that very moment, I felt something leave me like a gush of water. I feel that part of me died with her too.

      It was the worst pain ever.

  197. Hi Gene, I am sorry that you had to go through that experiance. Please note that not everyone who calls themselves Christians are in fact. Many people out there would use that refrance just for peoples trust. I have met good Christians that were kind and just. People are evil, the religion isn’t.

    I understand that it was a rough time for you, but I have not had the same experiance with these “scorpions” they come and go as if they feed on something. I do not know what they are, however I di feel that the more you see them, the more they are atracted to you.

    Your thoughts?

    • Apparently I am a magnet for evil. It just seems that way.

      “The Lord chastises those he loves.”

      P.S. I haven’t had another scorpion episode since that time.

  198. Gene i found out something for you :- As a totem the sighting of a scorpion can be a warning of potential harm or the need for self-protection. The scorpion is very adept at self-preservation. Also, a scorpion sighting can be a reminder to be careful not to inflict pain or suffering onto others. Scorpion energy is very strong, anyone endowed with it can be less than understanding of people with weaker dispositions. But, the scorpion person can learn compassion and become a strong defender of others. The scorpion totem will often reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Are you cloaked in a hard shell that is difficult for anyone to penetrate? If, so then perhaps you will want to let your guard down and soften a bit. Or, are you a defenseless softy that needs toughing up? These are the questions scorpion totem asks.

  199. Hey Charly. I had no idea what “Totems” meant so I had to go online and research it. I haven’t had any scorpion visions since I got out of that hostile and evil dwelling. My room mate was the darkest person I ever met. He constantly made threats against me and when I confronted about he, he just laughed it off and said I misunderstood what he said. He had all the classic signs of Narcissism, for instance, self worship, esoteric knowledge that only he was privy to, exaggerated self importance. etc.

    I had to get away not only only for my safety, but his as well. I believe in peace and civility as my parents taught me, but this person was provoking me to near retaliation and violence. I knew he had gun so I did not take any chances. The safest and sane option was for me to get the hell out of there fast.

    Thanks for reading and sharing my experience. It means a lot to me that you took the time about the relaying the Totems advice.


    Gene >>>

  200. okey chill out, this is normal, the other people that are blinded and dont see these stuff are nuts to thinking that the reality is only what we see it, there are things and colors that our eyes are unable to see, but other animals can. We should make another forum, that is more easy to access and that is only for this topic – it would become easier to communicate with each other and find others who share the same experience. What do you think? Can someone make a forum and post it in here?

  201. I can see the energy waves coming from the ground, trees, roofs etc and would constantly ask people if things were on fire, because it appears like smoke. I also see what people are calling energy rain. It was not until my parents purchased an infrared internet camera for me that I was able to show people what I normally see. My mother logged on to the web cam site and told me I needed to move, because the ground in my house was moving. I was shocked that she was now seeing what I can see. I had to explain to her that it was just the air movement that she was seeing and that is what I see without the camera. What I could not explain were the numerous “bubbles” flying around the house that my dog was watching. Everyone logging on to the webcam site asked me if I was blowing bubbles. Weird things do happen here like things flying off the walls and the tv turning back on after I turn it off, The ghosts, as I call them, also hide my cigarettes and tv remote. I will search for them only to later find them sitting out in the open in a place I had looked. Thank goodness they are not harmful, just annoying at times. Lately they have been scaring my dog away from his food at dinner time, I guess they are hungry!

  202. you just told my story word for word,i’ve seen it many times you wouldn’t believe me if i told you what i’ve been through with this’s not good spirits either beware of it it’s highly intelligent and don’t take no for an answer.the only thing you didn’t mention that’s been going on with me is that it’s vocal with me and has a very powerful voice of a man.

    • Hey lovley you need to keep a crystal on you at all times.. I use moldavite, turquoise as spirits find it hard to attcah to your aura if you wear these crystals.. Also i would advise smudging your self and your home with sage and open your windows.. Whilst asking Archangel michael to clense your home in white light and to take away all negative energys, beings, vibrations.. Ask him to take these beings in to the arms of God. Its sounds crazy but i can see and hear spirit and energys too and i can say it works a charm.. And try not to fear these beings as they feed off it and makes them more powerfull.. Also if u imagine yourself surrounded in white light like a sheild works too. Email me off you want on

  203. I’ve had many experiences playing with this pixel light as a young child. It use to tingle electric-like when I touched it. It was more visible during the night. I remember having an episode where I saw a dark figure one evening and I tried to reach out to it since at first I thought it was my dad in the darkness. It was like waving my hand through nothing. I called out to it thinking my dad was fooling around and there was no response. I turned my light on and it vanished. I also remember seeing large creatures that looked like giant bugs that were spider, ant-like when the pixels were very vibrant. They were around the size of a wheel barrel.. It scared the living hell out of me and was what created my night terrors at a young age. When I saw these things it was always in the darkness and light would always make them vanish. From that day forward I had fears of the dark. I don’t fear the dark the same way anymore. However I still see pixels from time to time. Not as much as when I was younger though. I haven’t seem bugs in a very long time. It could be what you guys have been saying are totems. However I also saw things that seemed like giant flying dragon flies almost?

  204. I don’t understand what you mean by the word, “Pixel”, but just lately I have imagining spiders and scorpions in the dark. I had a scorpion encounter years ago, which you may have read in my earlier comments, which was centered around the evil room mate I had.

    I used to live in the high desert in the southern Nevada area close to the California border. I caught a huge black scorpion walking across the road at night. I got a spray can of carburetor cleaner and killed it then put in a jar. Well, it was still alive, but just stunned. I released it later.

    I heard a story of large spiders in the desert that are several feet across in diameter by the local residents. I saw a special on TV about monsters and that same story was shown.

    Perhaps all those memories of my spider/scorpion encounters are playing with my mind, I do not know. I just wanted to tell you this has been going with me lately.

    Here is another story that may be unrelated, but during the same time I lived out there, I had foretelling dreams, my television turned on and off by itself, to the point where I had to replace the on/off switch, but it still did the same thing.

    But the most strange thing that happened was a UFO encounter. A large object flying over my house made rumblings and shook the house so much, that the windows were shaking. My neighbor, who is partially deaf, came out to look and see. It was at night and all I could see was a red light at the tip of something very faint to see. I could feel the other part of the object since it was so loud and close, the vibrations shook my chest.

    I have come to the conclusion that the object was one of those V shaped UFO’s. I told a coworker the next day and he said it was an alien craft flying north where Area 51 is.

    The last thing I have to report is that my new cell phone is acting weird. It’s is shutting off and on like the old one I had. Electronic watches act weird too by turning on and off. My laptop has crashed three times

    What is going on with me?


  205. you are doing drugs

  206. Omg. so thats what those dots and waves are! I’ve always assumed that theyre normal

  207. This same thing is happening to me in glen cove neighborhood in kamah, tx. It’s all my old stuck up washed up neighbors who think they are going to scare me off and they are going to bathroom with me violating my rights and breaking into my house. They even go as far as violently hit me although it does not feel like a punch its more like a really annoying pressure that is in comfortable. If these pieces of $@&! Can get their hands on this technology misuse it in the way they are with no repricution then this is not at all a good thing. What if a child molester finds out about this and has his unseen way at the areas children. What then we just tell everyone those kids are crazy and have a vivid imagination. If someone 6 months ago would have told me this I would have been the first to dial looney bin. I encourage anyone who has had good or bad experience with this to let as many people know so this is common knowledge and less likely to fall unto wrong hands unnoticed .feel free anyone with questions and confusion being harassed in the same or other manner I am to email me and I can tell you all I know and maybe we can all put 2 and 2 together. And for all of you in glen cove and other misusing this , shame on you, my son is and my dog are scarred and scared because of y’all pieces of &&@?. So keep on smiling and looking at me as if you know something I don’t, you really aren’t all that smart just chosen.

  208. You’re not alone… I too can see it. You did a pretty good job at describing it.
    It’s always been something I’v been weary about. I’v only found a hand full of other people who have described it like I have. By the way I’m not religious.
    I’v hade multipul “sit-downs” where it’s just me in a room. Nothing “paranormal” happened, but “the energy” got to be to real almost (visually). Kind of like a trip. That’s the other thing, I’m not sure if you’ve ever partook in hallucinogens, but they are much more intense for people like us.

  209. nickolas why they are more intense can you explain it to me?

  210. Lately, I’ve been having experiences with seeing things. Generally little figures out of the corners of my eyes which are usually just sitting there or moving like they belong there, sometimes even trying to escape my sight. They are always either small, close to the ground or something high reflected through my bedroom mirror. My parents are divorced and I often find them at my Father’s house, but I cannot look at them directly, even when I see them at school. I try to focus on them and they look sort of mean… But I haven’t had too many experiences. Last night was probably the worst of anything I’ve ever encountered. The power was out. Dead out. We were looking for some candles. I stopped before the doorway leading to the bathroom and stairs as something caught my eye. It was big… and unlike the other beings I’ve seen it was overwhelming. A robed silhouette. Black. It moved in the darkness of the small hallway towards me, its robes almost spinning and overwhelming me. I felt cold and it had become very hard to breath. I stepped back away from it and started tearing up as I tried to not run away. It wasn’t sad or minding it’s own business, but something cruel and now, I really don’t know how to approach the situation. I didn’t hear it with my ears, but it was almost like I felt what it was trying to say to me, and I didn’t like it. I am less than an eighth Black Foot Native American on my Great Grandmother’s side and she, still being alive shares her stories of intuition with me. Her Intuition skipped both my Grandmother’s and my Mother’s generation and I have inherited it. It scared me sometimes as where my Great Grandmother had witnessed the funeral of her younger sister a month before she had died in a car accident. I have seen similar events involving injury whether unto myself or my family. I so far have not been able to prevent what I see and my family gets uncomfortable when my Great grandmother and I discuss the events we see to one another. I know I am an Intuitive, but I now worry about the things that I’ve been seeing. Especially the being I had witnessed yesterday. I am still only 17, and these things I’m seeing are only just showing themselves to me. I wonder if they are just now developing or if I’ve always been blowing them off, either way I’m bother afraid of and curious about what I’ve experienced.

  211. Hi. I’m 16 just now and started seeing energy again, I used to see it when i was younger and thought it was air as well and learned how to control whether i saw it or not but i see what i can only describe as sparks too. Sometimes they’re blue/purple or red/orange sometimes white. I started seeing them when i was about 14 but not when i was seeing energy, they would just randomly appear from time to time and they are quite bright, they still appear and i see more of them when I’m looking at energy. I also see light blue dots floating about when i have been looking at energy for a while and things that look kinda like doors and i can sometimes get orange sparks to come out my fingers. Does anyone know what these things are because Ive tried goggling it but haven’t found any answers yet. If it helps i have seen my aura before and that was orange and I’ve also seen white figures of people before but only for a second them they disappeared and one time i was sitting in class and i sensed something behind me, it wasn’t human, it was pale sort of blue, very tall and i don’t think it was wearing clothes when i turned around it disappeared does anyone know what these things are and why i sometimes see them. Also are they dangerous and do guardian angels exist because when i feel unsafe i often ask my angel for help and i feel protected. Thank you for any information you can give.

  212. Hello,
    I also see a energy. I usually see it when I am outside at night and I can see what looks like a smoke. I see swirls of mist that is coming from me. I can see it when I hold my hands up and my arms. It is like a mist coming from my body. I was not sure if it is my energy or my aura. I am so glad to hear that other people can see it too.
    I am starting to sense more energies around me and now I can sense it they are male or female and sometimes what they may look like.

    It seems that energies are getting easier to feel and notice.

    Does anyone ever see the energy like it is mist coming from your body?

  213. I see the same thing only its all the time
    The dots are clear but still a color. And honestly the most beautiful color Ive ever seen. I also see other shades of colors to but mostly clear. The other disturbance come in all shapes and some move extremely fast.I started seeing this aroundl 4 when I got electrocuted by a Christmas light. As I started meditations it really intensified

  214. I stand at nearly 6 feet… Tall lady. I’m actually 5’11” so the figure, must have been at least 3 inches taller than me. I haven’t seen it since that day, but i still see figures. I want to start honing in on my intuition. I’ve been practicing visualization… Cautiously. So far it hasn’t made a big difference, but I’m still a bit worried for what i’m experiencing. For example. there is something living inside the mirror here in my room. I try to ignore it, but when i look to the mirror, I can see it.. sometimes physically and mentally. I just feel like it’s there when my eyes don’t see anything.

  215. this what called telepathy or the monks say the inner eye when my brother bushed me over my walker when i was a baby. and i got to the age 11 i can stated to see this. and when i hit 14 i got the ability to move abjects.

  216. yeah i think it’s the inner eye, cause i can see some light floating in a dark room before i go to sleep and when i close my eyes the light is still there, when i focus on it it’s really amazing, a light or green energy with tiny little dots in it moving around the room. The same little dots that you call seeing the air, or particles in the sky. So jimmydrake i can move objects too, but if you can do it with your mind – tell us your secret 🙂

  217. reading builds up concentration and focus which telekinesis takes high levels of it. and it takes time and and it takes deep thought. clear everything from your mind.i did it sense i was little and i can flicker lights and the tv volume. and i can barely move small abject btw when read you see it 50 time you focus it on items but smal ones. when you unock telekinesis you use it to keep negative energy away from and spirits as well.

  218. i see what i can only describe as pixels every were i hav done all my life for as long as i can remember and no ive jus realized tht its energy its weird bt the good kind i hope i can develop this more to be able to manipulate the energy and may start learning to do telekinesis has any1 got any good tips for this?

  219. jimmydrake have you ever heard of dmt(the spirit molecule)? do some research and then leave a comment here to let me know what you think

  220. @nobody.

  221. Oh my! Finding this website has made my day. I will start off by saying that I practice alot of meditation, and I believe that it’s caused certain things to develop or activate in the mind. It has heightened my awareness and sensitivity levels. It’s developed certain psychic abilities within me to unfold. Dreams have become more detailed, clear, with a sense of importance, and some are precognitive. Changes that have come from this activity have amazed me, and what I have experienced has left me in awe, that goes for the following subject that I’m about to speak of. Only recently, I have been able to see “visible energy” which appears to be all around. I actually found this out by complete accident as I was focusing my eyes on the air. At first I noticed a movement of energy in the air, which formed in waves, and patterns, and specks of sparkle. This energy sometimes appears as heat waves. Other times it will appear as a fast flowing downpour, similar to rain. I see fast streaks of light shoot through it from every angle and every direction. It just looks so alive. When I talk about what I’m seeing online, people tend to disbelieve me and think of me as being on drugs. It doesn’t go down well at all, and it’s a shame so many are narrow minded about things they don’t understand. I believe I can see auras too. I hold my hand out in front of me against a plain white background, and I instantly see an outline of glowing light blue colour. I see this around living things like the trees in my garden. The leaves have a white glow around them. I tried it with my mother’s lemon plant and it had a beautiful glowing pink colour surrounding it. There are alot that refuse to believe such things exist. It hurts me at times. At least we know what we’re seeing is real to us.

  222. I’mhaving something similar to what you are and trying to seek answers . What happened to me , I was sitting down clearing my mind, I stared at a candle in front of me, it seemed I spent there more than an hour and then y could see like waves, specifically orange waves, there ware not physical but some how ghostly? Coming from my body I tried not to move and was just there watching..until my legs went numb , y made a move and lost the focus, I tried again and set down in a diferent position andtriedagain , and there it was again, coming from my bodylike waves.

  223. Holy doolies, please, do you people actually believe this is some sort of “power”? Goodness, how silly.

  224. I just asked my husband this question tonight, about my seeing the “snow energy.” I have seen this all of my life ( I am 67 years old) never questioned it until I gave it some thought today, and finally wondered about it. (I guess I assumed that everyone sees this, and never dwelt on it one way or another.) My house is always full of Orbs, I have tons of photos showing these and a lot of weird paranormal photos and stuff! I have always been pretty physic, perhaps this is just a part of it. . .???

    • Yeah i agree i think its just energy , everythi g is made up of energy and everything vibrates at different speeds, i think we are all more open to the unknown then other people, and can see, sense other dimentions? And can see evan manipulate the last element Ether..

  225. I also see the TV static lights all around me all the time. When I meditate at night I can see there are definitely things moving thru the energy field but I cannot make out any definitive shapes. When I was little I remember seeing the clothes of a person form out of the static and her walking towards me Nd me being terrified. So I wonder what the static is… Is it ectoplasm?

  226. If there was a place to show photos here, I would love to share some photos I caught, ectoplasm, Orbs, etc. . . Also a few photos of my cat that died 11 years ago!

  227. I have the same similar experiences except I haven’t actually touched or felt the energy touch me. I’ll be around my house and ill jus see this unseen man or energy sitting around my house. Or sitting next to a family member or when I’m some where I’ll feel the energy enter the room but I don’t feel afraid we acknowledge each other subconsciously idk if it makes sense but yea it’s weird the energy kinda jus lingers around

    • I have just started to see the predator type of waves but they have been small and close to the ground. They have been coming after me and I keep thinking they are mice or rats and I feel them attach to me. Does anyone else feel them coming after you and it feels like a shock when I touch them and sometimes my hands or legs go numb. I first thought I was being bitten by something and if I look in the morrow I can see where they latch on and bite me or suck and I will see the little mark form like a mouth was sucking on my skin. It’s really scary and I don’t know what’s going on with me. I just turned 30 last month and live in San Diego if anyone can help me find answers to this I would appreciate it a lot. Is there something trying to get my attention? I’m not religious but I do think there is a higher power or other life out there but I don’t know what it is. Oh one last thing is my grandfather would talk about how he was part black foot Indian and we always used to think it was kind of a joke but I read someone else on here say they were part black foot also.

  228. It truly is remarkable of what the mind is capeable of, but that of course, is with the help of meditation, speaking personally. The most recent update is that I have tried “playing” with this energy, and I have found that I can cup it in my hands and then as I release it, I can actually see it fall through the air and it makes a rippling effect as I release it. I notice if I wiggle my fingers through the air I see a wave length appear. When I’m upstairs on my landing, I tune into it and it’s basically all around, but I see it coming from the floor near the carpet the most, and this happens outside too. For example: I will be relaxing in my garden and I see the energy coming from the ground, like the soil and from plants. To me, it just looks so similar to rain, and it has fast streaks of light shoot through it. It’s fascinating to watch. It’s also very noticable under our apple tree.

  229. i have seen this energy for all my life, i also see auras of humans and everything else and i can feel this energy with my own aura, and there are many living beings out there that dont have material body, many times i see little light orbs flying around me and to my body, some are bigger, once a human silhuet of energy appear in front of me and put a hand on my forehead but i got scared and run away and many beings comes to my room and i can feel them with my aura and i see their energy. try to not focus on anything when you look, watch with whole eyes , 3D space, you can see it very clearly in the sky on a sunny day, but without meditation is useless to try to see, you are not in your eyes

    • i like to go to a big mountain and then i watch the horizon, rain of light is forming thousands of big twisters and waves, i recomend this to everyone, its something totaly diferent to see the whole picture instead of watching rain in front of you

      • we have to do something for our young ones, my parents have put me to a hospital when i was a kid asking mother what is this vibrating in the air and after this i have start to lie that i dont see it anymore and i become very unsociable person

  230. I see heat waves too, sometimes also little dots popping up for a fraction of a sec. In yellow, blue or white, even black sometimes..

  231. if anyone of you childrens watching this blog has problems with parents i can give you my email and i will explain to your parents why you are normal more than they are

  232. Hi, ya its true with me…i can also see the dots while focusing with concentraton. What is it alll about? what next steps should be? these signs what they wanna tell to us? I do believe these things have some kind of significance.

  233. I can see this energy in the air or anywhere. Around people animals plants. And I could also somewhat interact with it. I could also see the invisible heat waves. Almost all the time. I had a situation when I was sleeping one time and I woke up like something stole my breath. I knew something was there and I was alittle scared. It happened a couple of times.

  234. I don’t need to focus to see it either. If I focus on it I can start to make like energy flames or something like that. If I focus it becomes more intense. But I’ve been able to see energy ever since I could remember. I just didn’t know what it was until I was 16

  235. Isaac.

    Wow, I had a dream the other night. I was trying to curse at someone who caused me harm. It was about a family member who is very abusive. In the dream, I could barely get any words out. It was as if someone was sitting on my chest. When I thought about it later, while trying to psychoanalyze myself, I came to the conclusion this person is not worth the living air I breathe and not worth being angry about. Whatever punishment they deserve will be from God. I am not qualified to judge them.

    As for seeing things, I have seen this all my life. A haze around people and objects. A kind of wire mesh or matrix that extends everywhere. Something that looks like heat waves or rain. I will actually go outside and see if it is actually raining, but is not.

    Any more thoughts? I read an article about the Universe being Holographic. Our reality of being surrounded by solid objects is really a projection. It is no wonder that I can relate to the movie, THE MATRIX. I watch it all the time. I like the story and am quite fond of Trinity. She looks hot in that black leather and boots. Well, I can only dream, I mean, project about her.

  236. White specks darting around yes – looks like its right there around me. They appear to move with my eyes.. its nothing special.. something generated from within I believe.,. probably lack of sleep.. Ive seen it too.. We all probably have something in common

  237. Yes, I think some are just equipped with this phenomena. My brother passed away a week ago, and 3 days after he died, I noticed that every morning at the same time, a light (somewhat like the light from a flashlight) would flit all around the place where my brother had always sat, when he visited. I believe he was telling me he is okay. I looked all around to try to discredit the light, thinking it might be a reflection. . .No, nothing was responsible for it. The light just sort of danced back and forth over the seat, and I would ask “Is that you, Frank” and when I did. . . The light would go away. Like he was satisfied that I acknowledged his presence. . .????

    • Hi there

      I started seeing these things four days after the death of a loved one… Anyone else?? A couple of other people I have spoken too I. This site suffered a loss also so maybe we are seeing our loved ones?? I don’t know just trying to make a connection..

  238. That’s a real moving story, JJK, I lost my youngest brother in 2009. I haven’t seen any light, but I do dream about him all the time. Sometimes, it is so real, it’s like he is still with us. When I wake up, I realize it’s only a dream and feel so empty inside.

  239. What u are seeing is spirits like u & me but after they left there human body behind.

  240. Is there a way I can look up who the spirit was when they were alive.. ? Is anyone familiar with the spirit mr Steele ?

  241. I can’t believe I finally found someone who can relate to the exact same thing I see. I have to say u explained everything quite perfect. The only thing that doesn’t happen to me is seeing the spirit energy or full formed spirit man, I see 3 layers, the static, but the static background has that swirly color when u put a little gasoline in water and u see different colors that’s what the static looks like to me as far as color wise. Then the second layer consists of…I would say it looks like fast moving energy particles, then between that I would see light energy orbs just slightly bigger than the tiny energy particles I could diffinitly tell them apart from the other, I don’t think a number even exists to how many there are, and when I look at it they seem like they have some what of a conciousness because these energy lights move in different direction simultaneously all at once, and sometimes I would see invisible tiny streaks or orb looking forms like on that movie with predator when he becomes invisible and transparent. That had to be a perfect example I don’t think I would have been able to figure out something to describe it, so u bringing that part up was pretty awsome. And u know what the messed up part is I don’t even know if the names of what I see is even really what they are called let alone what they are. Honestly I don’t know what it is. I stumbled upon aura readings on YouTube so I would go and practice outside and look at the trees to see if I could see colors. That’s how I started seeing energy balls an infinity amount of it in invisible thin air. I thought maybe it’s my eyes after all I wear glasses and my eyes suck I’m not able to see far away with out my contacts or glasses. I can stare in the dark and look at my ceiling and I’d see some movement in the dark, nothing scary though. You would think being almost blind I wouldn’t be able to see these things. Oh another thing at first I would be able to see everthing if the sun is up outside, it took me a while to see it in my living room with my lights on especially if it’s kind of dim, but I practiced and I can see it now. And I’m only able to see these things if I chose to see it it doesn’t happen automatic out of know where I have to want to see it. Well I hope I didn’t bore u with my long ass life story hahaha…. I’m just extremely excited I’m not the only one…… Because for a minute there I thought I was losing my fucking mind. LoL. And I don’t smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, I don’t believe in prescription pills, and I’m a vegetarian. I just smoke weed. Well now that I got that off my chest I can move on with my damn life. Thanks for listening.

    P.S- That stuff about the energy spirit man standing by the kitchen door freaked me out I’m hoping I won’t see something like that, reading that part gave me goosebumps lol

  242. I can see it to I thought I was loseing my vision. I went to the eye docters and he said everything is fine. all my life ive strugeled in school my close friends say im extremely smart in my own ways. I hope one day I can figure out what my job should be but until then I know what I want.

  243. I’ve been seeing and using for 2 years now. You can manipulate that energy with your third eye. Another words telekinesis. I have videos. First try with flames on a candle. Or a digital scale. You can get energy spikes with the scale. If anybody wishes to learn, just let me know. I can only try to teach what I have learned so far. But to be honest. It appears theres not much of a limit.

  244. Since a few months back, I can see and feel the energy, on my finger tips, palms hands. It started small, finger tips repel like magnets can. Weird things started happening, wrenches and kitchen utensils fly out of my hand for no reason. Things drop out of my hands at high speed, does not appear to be the same gravitational pull as normal… In fact I feel I can sense gravity differences with my hands now too.
    Hands and Fingers, I can see the energy as described above, diffusion of light but in linear arrays between my finger tips when held close together. This developed further as I explored it to be able to extend these meters long now and not just between finger tips. I can feel the energy repel at great distances now, even feel it through out a room as I move my hand in around. I can feel contours and I can with eyes closes outline and object with my fingers, hovering close to it but not touching it…. That took practice to develop the sense…. I became aware of other things, moving objects that should not move, an earring tree on the nightstand will almost dance…. (this same thing happened to me once, and only once when I was very young, the TV antenna’s moved back and forth, scared the crap out of me at that age and Mom rescued me with calming hugs that night, perhaps I shut it out 45 years ago because of that scary experience but now I love to explore this new ability/experience.
    It has become more intense…. I see the distortions others have spoken of, felt them in my bed, even sexual, the imprint of weight is on the bed, lifting a pillow from the bottom has significant weight to it. I can feel weight on me and if I yank the sheet it feels like something has flown into the air and then lands back down again. If I do that to the side, it seems to shoot off. Something is there but I cannot see it. I can smell perfumes and other scents that should not be in the air. Sometimes musky, sometimes smokey. Air temperature changes rapidly too, cold drafts or hot dry heat….. Strangely, when I take of my pants at night, they seem 2 feet longer then they should be when I hold them up to my body. If I lift my house coat, it feels like there is something in it, shirts and pants same….. I shake a towel, feels like something’s hanging on to it…. I felt grabs in my pockets, my waist band tightens up like a belt being tightened but I am not wearing one. The belt loops on the sides are pulled tightly to the back of my pants. If felt something pick my pocket, touch my shoulder…
    Now stranger things are happening…. If I do something bad (say abuse alcohol), my ass on one cheek hurts as if it just got kicked…. If I do it again, it gets sorer. Strange things happen on the TV and other media, lots of hints, not directly speaking to me but I sense its messages as the words are not in context of what is on the screen. Computer acts strange, hard to explain but it’s just not right…. (Not a virus)…. Things move, not in a bad way, just move to a new spot a few inches or so…. Sometimes a tool I need appears for no reason – I swear I did not take it out but there it is handy, almost like someone is working with me. I also feel a presence directly behind me but no one there. I hear voices in the house, but not fully understandable, like there is another family here. Sometimes I sense that something might have happened in this house and that is what I’m hearing…. I’m not religious nor do I believe much in ghosts, demons and such. Other life forms we have not discovered most certainly I believe in, Aliens a possibility…
    Sometimes I wake up clean shaven yet I did not shave. My hair appears to have been cut, sometimes it appears to be very thined, then full…. At night when this starts to happen, I get muscles like I was twenty, then back to normal when I wake the next day…. Time goes by very very fast when it should not… other times, it does not seem to change or I could swear when backwards. I can be awake for days then sleep for 24 hours straight… my schedule is screwed right now.
    The TV can go full 3D and it is not a 3D TV, the sound controls itself going extremely loud even when I’ve turned it down multiple times to the lowest setting…. Strangely, sometimes I feel someone has inserted contacts or put a thin film over my eyes when this happens.
    Stranger yet, the house morphs, it appears to have been freshly painted…. Floors bulge or sag, I could swear it is being levitated like being lifted from a crane, if I move side to side I sense the room swinging. Yet the next day when I’m up and around, it’s sold as a rock.
    I’ve also had pricks or stings in the fingers, back, legs and arms, like a needle but I cannot see it. I can feel it and can pull it out but it appears to go back in. Sometimes under a nail there will be an hard object, if I dig it out it appears dirt but if I touch it, it feels like something just buried itself in my finger…. Like a nanomite or something…. It happens very fast… but something small and hard definitely burrowed into my finger…
    Nothing malicious has happened, more so help and warnings. If I’m working on something and a tool fly’s out of my hand – it was the wrong one. If a bolt shoots to the floor, it was the wrong one for where I was about to put it….
    I also sense now that I may be able to move things. Glass can become flexible and bend, I’m moving light objects millimeters now without touching them… I’m trying to practice to improve that as I did with the finger energy. I’ve always been able to call out to people subconsciously and the next day they call….. I do believe we are connected to everything…. The body does not end at the skin… we are made up of atoms and molecules and immersed in a pool of the same stuff, our body and skin is conductive and flowing with electrical signals. I can’t help but believe there is no hard boarder line at the skin so there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to extend my mind and ability to send energy beyond the skin I’m in.
    None of this is bullshit or made up. There is no upside or reason for me to do that. I just saw this blog tonight and since it had in it much of what I’m experiencing, I thought I share just so others don’t think they are crazy…. The post of the sexual sensations compelled me to post back as most anyone else would think that is total BS… yet I’ve experienced similar. If I shared any of this with anyone close to me I’d be tossed in the Looney bin I’m sure. I’m completely sane, father of 2, wife, house in the burbs, 2 dogs and all the normal stuff you’d expect of a Gen Xer…
    Not scared, don’t fear this, having an interesting time exploring it. I trust it’s something good.

    • How did all of this start for you ? Your comment stuck out like a sore thumb because it seems like I’m experiencing more and more everyday and it’s getting weirder as days go on.

  245. Just on the off chance, people seeing dots, for some they might be floaters – protein spots in the eye, harmless…. your eye doctor can check for them…. Not saying they are…. just sharing that tidbit as I’d had a few of them for about 15 years or so.

  246. One other item I forgot to mention, when the stranger stuff happens around me I have a very high pitch sound in my ears…. like an ultrasonic tone that I should not be able to hear and can’t normally. Pitch and loudness can change as I move my head or direct sound to my ears by cupping hands on them….. It goes away when things return to “normal” – what ever that is now…

    • O My God!!!! me too! Can you hear that constant buzzing as well. I f you focus on it it becomes louder. When the stranger things happen it IS high pitched. Amazing. I love that you brought that up! Makes me happy to know someone has experienced the same thing, like most people who seem to have stumbled upon this post.

    • Just saw your first post. Some of those things I haven’t experienced but there’s no way I can or would judge you.
      Similarly, I do see the walls and pretty much every inanimate object move as though it is breathing or bouncing away, yet remains in the same place, if you know what I mean? It’s not the sort of thing that hinders your perception of where the object actually stands, but you see it moving all the time. I have always thought of it as seeing the energy everything is composed of and simply witnessing its vibrations visually.

    • Do you still see, hear and feel this?? I am trying to understand what is happening to me. I don’t feel all the things you do but I do some. Please email me

  247. Ur cool man thanks for sharing. I feel the same way as far as telling ur family and friends. I tell my husband everything that I see, experience, and believe, sometimes I feel like he doesn’t want to hear it hahaha…. But my husband and I both can see energy particles I think I see it a little better than he does though. I need to practice and see if I can control or manipulate the energy… If that’s possible. Well keep doing what ur doing. And I don’t think ur crazy thank god for the internet right lol


    • Hello Craig: Just read your comments in this column; the first time I’ve been on this website. You’re lucky to have actually experienced all you have; wish I could experience at least half of what you’ve experienced. Yes, there are tons of un-explainable phenomena in this world that we all should be able to really understand clearly, eventually. I am very curious at heart, thank God, and so that makes me “not a skeptic.” Also, as a result I do have an open mind when it comes to unusual, un-explainable phenomena such as you’ve encountered/experienced. Thanks very much for sharing your very interesting insights on this subject. What especially “clicked” with me was your very interesting phrase: “The body does not end at the skin . . . .” So 100% true! We don’t know all the answers, but hopefully we all will, eventuallys, after which life should be a thousand times more “bearable” for lack of a better word. I really love your phrase very much, the one about the body not ending at the skin–what a great insight. I must commend you on that. Just awesome.

  248. I know w a fly what your talking about. No one I know understands what I’m saying. I sound crazy but I’m not. I see things weekly.

  249. So where are you people from? From whole world i believe, i live in Slovenia, Europe

  250. I’m from Honolulu Hawaii. What does it matter where I’m from. We all live on the same planet, you know, the one we call planet EARTH!

    • I know, i communicate with planet, it has its own consciousness, i know what will happen to hawaii but what does it matter

    • Aloha Brandi: I couldn’t help noticing your “THE WORDS I LIVE BY: Peace, love, light & wisdom.” Mine are: “Much Love & Aloha!” I agree 100% with you that “it does not really matter where on earth you live, especially when you realize that absolutely no one is really “floating” in space, but has their roots (feet) planted solidly on the ground, somewhere on this one planet we all live on: Earth! LOL! P.S. I also have my luau feet “planted” in Honolulu, Hawaii, as well as you, which we both have in common! Much Love & Aloha. Mahalo! for sharing and posting. Roger

  251. I’ve seen something similar to this. At first, I thought it was natural gas. If you’ve ever seen a gas stove left on (but not lit), when enough gas is out its real wavy. It’s not opaque, yet not completely transparent. I guess it’s more translucent, but nearly transparent. I wear glasses because my right eye has poor sight. However, I see 20/16 in my left eye (meaning I can see clearly at 20′ what most could see clearly at 16′). And, I can see this with our without my glasses, so I do not think its a vision issue. I’ve been wondering what this is, but haven’t figured it out. Many astrophysicists, theoretical physicists, etc., now believe in the possibility of parallel universes and of more than three, maybe as many as eleven, dimensions. Could that be what I’m seeing?

  252. Michiel see for your self, source is waiting for your brains to be turned off then it will reveal to you what you should know, depends on your responsibility

  253. U think Hawaii is gonna sink a volcano is gonna explode, what u think I’m out in the loop and I don’t know what’s going on? It’s not just my home land it’s the entire planet that’s going to change along with everything on it and everything in it. I’m more into the game than u think I am LITTLE BUDDY I know the consciousness of the human race is raising everyone is waking up and taking a look at the bigger picture even the animals feel it. Our planet soon will be at a different vibrational frequency. Spontaneous weather patterns will continue all around the world. The HUMAN race has forgotten the importance and the benifit of Mother Earth we mistreated her for thousands of years. EARTH IS A LIVING BREATHING PLANET WITH A CONSCIOUSNESS OF HER OWN! HUMANS ARE LIKE FLEES MUTLIPLYING WITHOUT A CARE. I HOPE EVERYONE IS READY ITS TIME FOR MOTHERS EARTHS BATH!!!!


    • sister i won’t bother you anymore, i’m sorry for my arrogance

    • Brandi

      Can you elaborate on this or can you email me please?? I don’t know what is happening but I feel like I am going crazy. How are you getting this information?? From a couple of sites I have googled this seems to be a general consensus. Can you please give me some details

      Thank you 🙂

  254. How can I post videos. I have a few that actually show what most are seeing on here. (You can see it coming down like a clear rain.) The video will help the people that cant see it. Plus in the video, im hitting a scale with it, causing pressure to make the numbers rise. I have many other videos also.

  255. You can post to YouTube and share the link here

  256. Hi Matt,

    I would like to see the videos. I would be glad to give you my email addy.

    Thank you ! Karyn

    • Im not trying to put stuff way out there. Just for the few here, just so they can see their not crazy.

      How come theres a video spot, but cant post?? Just wondering? I came across this site like a month ago or so. I started to think I was alone. Its crazy how many stories are similar to mine.

    • All I have right now, is my phone. I need to get my computer fixed. When I email the videos. It makes me break them down to mp3. I want to put these out with the best quality. I’ll keep in touch, so I can email to a few. Give me like a week to fix my computer.

  257. I have been thinking about launching a forum on a free forum site for discussion around this topic. They allow video posts. Currently working off my phone as we’ll but maybe in January I will launch a forum and see what happens with it. If I do so, will post about it here.

  258. Matt and Jen,
    That would be great! I look forward for both 🙂

  259. Hi everyone, I’ve responded to a couple of posts already but thought I’d elaborate on something some people have mentioned, or just bring to your attention a possibility.
    Some people have mentioned feeling negative energies or felt negative presences etc. Some people have also noted that they feel they can somehow, or to an extent, manipulate the energy perceived. Have you considered that maybe a personal perception of an energy as positive or negative is in fact a manipulation of that energy, in the sense that because you perceive the energy as negative or positive it takes a negative or positive form? Initially perhaps the energy is neutral and it is feelings of fear or initial belief in negative entities that is actually manifesting itself and not the presence of an actual entity?
    Also, if this is a possibility, could it also be possible that if people can manipulate this energy into taking a particular form, that these ‘forms’/entities can be projected onto other people? I think some psychics would refer to this as a ‘psychic attack.’
    So maybe we manifest negative energies ourselves and perpetuate its presence from fear and perhaps we also experience other peoples projections??
    Just a theory. This also might be only part of the picture.

    I see the energy in the air like most of you. I’ve seen some unusual manifestations of this energy. For instance when I was younger I saw a very large orb. I was watching television by an open window. It was twilight. The sky flashed as though there was lightning (my lounge just flashed then as I was typing this?! haha) and a large blue and red flashing orb zoomed from the sky and sat outside my window for a few moments, just hovering. It zipped off into the sky again and the sky then flashed as it disappeared. I was sitting with my sister and asked her if she had just seen what had happened? She hadn’t. So this might contradict my initial theory of us manifesting entities, but I thought that maybe sometimes we manifest them.

    I also see inanimate objects moving all the time. It’s as though the walls and floor breathe. This is not a drug induced hallucination, it’s something I’ve seen since I can remember. It is also a visual experience that does not hinder my perception of where the object actually stands. I think it is just seeing the energy that comprises everything. Some things have had a strange energy to look at. I have seen houses sway and buildings glitter or pulsate unusually as though they are heavily charged. Everything emits a light as well. The general colour I see is a dark blue nearly violet colour that surrounds everything and is more easily perceived in the dark.

    I can hear the energy as well. It’s a light buzzing sound and when I try to listen it becomes louder. When I have had particular experiences this sound becomes a loud ringing and I sense the energy is strong. I can also, when I concentrate, feel the vibrations.

    Has anyone ever experienced walking along the street, on a concrete path, and the concrete feels soft and bouncy beneath your feet?
    Has anyone ever heard music, outside of your head, very pleasant and you are more than certain that the radio etc is not responsible? I have heard ringing bells, a choir, picking guitar, flutes, monks singing ‘om’. They’re always very pleasant and I am overcome with a complete sense of calm and feeling of ‘oneness’ with the universe.

    I do not have a religious persuasion. I just have what I think of as spiritual experiences.
    I have had a very unpleasant experience before. It was for a period of about a month and it happened about 5 years ago. It was the only time I experienced something that really disturbed me. One evening I was sleeping on my friends couch and woke up to a very loud ringing/buzzing sound which I was familiar with, but this time it didn’t feel right. I felt as though I was being held down and had to concentrate very hard to not panic and make the presence desist its oppressiveness. Once I did I got off the couch, I saw everything moving in a very jagged, intense way. The walls that usually breathe calmly were pulsating very rapidly. I am also aware of hypnopompic and hypnogogic experiences. I’ve had them many times, this was NOT one of those times. I also saw the ‘energy particles’ in the air moving very rapidly and flashing. I ran into my friend’s room and woke her up, trying to explain what was happening. She did not seem to care much and left me to deal with it. It eventually died down and I got to sleep after staying awake for a long time. Over the next month I did not experience any delusional thoughts but I did have heavy, uncontrollable visions when I closed my eyes. I saw a large eye and then what seemed to be very random people, events etc. This happens sometimes but it is never scary like this was. A few times I was wide awake and felt invisible hands running up and down my legs. I felt very lethargic and cold but I did not have a fever. I ended up, out of desperation, calling a psychic (an acquaintances mother, free of charge) and she said I was experiencing a psychic attack. She told me what to visualise to protect myself. I did the visualisation exercises with a great deal of focus and then it all just stopped instantly. This is where I feel it is important to reiterate that I do not have a religious persuasion, I wasn’t aware of psychic attacks before this happened. I found out not long after this that the ‘friend’ I was staying with, while this was happening, was extremely mad at me. She used to go to a spiritual church, believed in psychic attacks and other spiritual phenomena.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this? It really is the only time this energy world has been truly unpleasant. Also, I am friends with someone else who experienced the invisible hands on her body while awake. This happened to her when a lady who disliked her was staying with her.

    • Dear Moomoo,

      Thanks for sharing your story. I do have the ringing in my ears which gets louder when I focus on it. In my dreams I only hear the ringing when seeing ghosts in my dreams that mostly feel very scary.

      When cleaning the house with sage I see that there is more room between the walls. Like all the emotions/energy got removed, there is more space to breath.

      I had twice or perhaps three times a moment I woke up and felt someone was holding me down. One time at my throat and cross, an other time I felt an arm on my left. The one time at my throat and cross was weird, because I didn’t told any about it after weeks and then my dad told me, around the same time he experienced the same.

      Again thanks for sharing!

    • Please take my email adress when I sae the buzzing, I had to read through I feel as though its hard to believe but my fucking eyes are welling up, I have had that exact ssme experience and its been happening ever since, like you I have always been quite intouch with energyvthat surrounds us. Uf you want to talk please email me because seeing that truely hss threw me off. Just tell me, was the eye apparant at the front of your for head? And the actual eye shape was it in a triangle Shape? As im writing the energy is filled with the bizzarre swirlings and zings of life, the whole reason i came on here was for searching because i couldnt sleep for looking out of the window where its got a bigger area to float, beautiful it really does suck you in but that ecperience was terrifying, and i feel asthough it follows me, i was told to imagine a door in your mind, to keep the door shut because I am drawing it in by thinking of it, I believe this. Take care, taylor.

  260. Well, with the passing of Peter O’Toole, the British actor famous for “Lawrence Of Arabia”, I am reminded of a vivid dream I had a few years ago.

    I was a waiter in a restaurant and O’Toole was a guest. He was very kind and gave me a very large tip. He smiled at me and put on his hat. Since I am religious, I asked if he were Christ. He just smiled and walked away.

    There was kindness and a gleam in his eyes. I also remember him wearing a white suit and matching hat.

    The money he gave me was multicolored and read “Parson’s Bank”.

    Does anybody know what that means?

    Email me if you have any thoughts. LEEGENIX@YAHOO.COM


  261. I have no idea what that means, but I love dreams like that. I have recurring dreams with Adam Duritz in them and they never make “sense”, one in which I was going thru paperwork with him to help him figure out who had stolen his identity….I do believe the dream world is a real place where we can interact with those we don’t normally in waking life. Lucid dreaming/astral travel, etc. thanks for sharing your dream.

  262. I have see this for years thpugh in the past two weeks ive started seeing peoples auras aswell . These ‘predator’ things were in my living room last week there was three of them 2 were fighting and the other one kept swoooping and zooming towards me. When i hold out my hand i see string like energy coming from my finger tips ive also seen orbs in the past i would love to develop this skill further and would appreciate any feedback from other people

  263. I’ve experienced the ‘predator’ and ‘heat wave’ stuff, and even seen faces and figures made of it. I’ve written it into several songs, and tried to describe it to people, and they understand, but they don’t see it. This is very validating to find this page. I’m up for discussing it any time. Just email me. Deadpoet82 at gmail dot com

  264. I’ve seen exactly what is described here. I’ve seen flashes of light in my home, big and small. I used to only see the moving energy at night but now its during the day too. I feel it as well. Sometimes weird coincidences happen or things that dont make sense at strange times. Dreams that show the future, or possible outcomes of the future. Looking at someone and seeing everything about them in my mind. Knowing their true motives, desires. All of this ‘psychic’ stuff started happening after I nearly died. But I don’t understand the point. None of it makes sense or fits into my world. There’s no use for it in my life. What am I supposed to do with it? I love it and its given my life a deeper meaning but I wish I could understand the bigger picture. I’ve been searching for answers for years now. I feel like these gifts weren’t really meant to be a part of this earthly world. But I guess I don’t really know. It always feels like the answers are just beyond my reach like I’m so close yet I’ll never fully understand. These little miracles never cease to amaze me and other people definitely don’t get it. At least it’s made my life more interesting.

  265. Hi I have seen all of that since I was a child, I thought it was normal, and every one see it, haha had no clue I was the only one, I see it every day, to me its part of life,

  266. i haven’t read everyone’s comments but I’m starting to see colored energy coming out of the palms of my hands when i try to make an “energy ball”. its mostly yellow and sometimes orange…its strange because i seem to be powerful. can anyones else see/do this?

    • well i see energy all around me but i’ve never tried to control it, how do you make energy balls?

      • well months ago i told the idea to a desperate indigo friend of mine (I’m an indigo btw) to make a concentrated energy ball. she really needed her grandma (who was raised around the idea of voodoo and thinks all unseen things are evil) to understand that indigo children were blessings, not some evil for of possession of something. its very similar to making a chi ball as far as the concept but the intentions are slightly different. it can be used for healing, teleporting ideas and even changing someone’s mood. as you move your hands to gather in a spherical motion, you must meditate on the color energy that you want to form the ball. the takes a while to get strong if you’re not used to channeling energy but will get easier with practice. when your ball is formed and filled with just the right amount energy you feel is needed to change or curve someone else’s in how ever way you intended, you throw (or push) the ball directly towards the person, you don’t have to be close and the person doesn’t have to know anything you just did. for example: my 2 friends, their grandma, and i, were picking their grandma up from church and we started talking about the indigoism in the car, grandma started freaking out and telling my friend that she was practicing evil. i was sitting in the bad seat with her and suggested that she create a “knowledge ball” fired with the truth about indigoism and some suggested love energy. she then closed her eyes and silently started working on her ball. after a while i could seen strands of color, like small invisible lightening bolts forming the ball then i too added some energy of creation and wisdom myself by concentrating on the ball and adding my own colors while it was being made. (i can see colors btw) after she felt that the ball was big and powerful enough, she quietly launched it at her grandma’s head. i told her that the results don’t come quick, the maximum wait was a week perform her grandma (who really disliked her) called her and told her she understood everything about indigo finally and that shelved her. how you say? well, once you send the energy the message just falls right into their laps or it “just happens” but it appears through their normal routine of life. BUT this is NOT easy! you must practice raising your vibrations before you could ever possibly channel enough energy to change someone else’s. this is one of THE MOST POWERFUL THINGS you could ever learn how to do, but use it for good, because messing with someone else’s energy can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and harmful to them. practice making the balls with your eyes closed and when yo can feel it in your hands, look at it for key colors that mean what you want. practice makes perfect and were all made up of energy so don’t stress yourself, it will happen. you should practice on people you see everyday and wait patiently without interfering for true results. the more powerful your ball is, the less time it takes and more is done/changed. Be safe, have fun, good luck.

  267. I’m glad I’ve found someone who shares similar experiences with me…a couple of years ago I realized that every time I look up at the sky (or anything light blue) I see a sort of “invisible” static. Ever since I noticed that, I see static everywhere. Although, I haven’t seen any figures or shapes of energy. I do often times feel like something’s watching me. Also, if it’s raining and I look at the ground, I can see every location that a raindrop lands in…even if the drop doesn’t move a leaf or anything. Kinda weird…huh?

    • Also, if I look at a fence or a certain pattern or something, I see moving lines and dots and stuff…along with the static.

  268. Well, you are not alone. I see a black haze around people all the time. I thought it was normal and everyone saw the same thing. It looks like a dark line or a force field for lack of better words. There is more that I see, but I don’t have the time at the moment to explain it all. However, one thing I would like to add that others have seen is, sometimes I see the outline of a figure. It looks like invisible creature on the movie ” Predator”. It or they, look at me and I think it is just my imagination. Perhaps they are from another dimension or are ghosts hoping to get our attention?

    Merry Christmas and Peace to all of you.

  269. I didn’t catch your name, but unfortunately I also know what your talking about. Though my experiences seem to have differed in many ways from yours, there are still many similarities to what you are saying.
    First off, unfortunately you’re right one see you see them they never go away. What ever they are or what ever else they are a part of, I see them almost every day, and I suppose sometimes I’m just sick of paying attention to them, therefore perhaps my perspective on them changes constantly because I am not ‘trying’ to focus anymore like I did upon their realization. Based on the things that I have seen and some of the experiences I have had because of this crap, there is no person alive who can convince me that the things that I see, that no one else can see are not real whether either of us knows what they are or what they do or not.
    I dunno wtf it is, I can only speak to the things that it can do to you, or make you see, and not all of them …are invisible. And they can be more dangerous than you would think.
    …You did not mention ,however, and this is the part that I am most interested to learn more about…

    …What about the energy leaking off of your body? ;notably in my case ,leaking out of my fingertips. Looks like a clear or translucent gas just shooting or streaming out of each fingertip individually. Sometimes notably stronger or more visible than usual. Occasionally I note that I seem to have some manipulation over this, but have not even figured out what it is. So, even if I could manipulate it successfully, at least just ‘make it move about’…. Id have nl clue what I was doing or if it was even worth it.
    Could it be The missing link to what the old world would’ve referred to as magick? Or is it simply a worthless parlor trick for the amusement of those who are tortured by the invisible things?

  270. Hey their, I know exactly what you mean and see. I don’t know how I do. But I do. If I focus I can see them. I haven’t had the electric shock but I can feel what the feel (sadness,lonely,love,kindness). Recently noticed how often I’m focusing in on things. Boxing Day shopping in the mall I could feel a little girl, every time I walked by the candy bulk store. I don’t know what exactly it is, but it makes me feel better someone else sees it too.

  271. I haven’t posted in a while, but felt that I have to share this. Katielacombe commented about electrical shock. I have had that twice. When I see big entities that seem transparent and I try and grab it violently, I got this numb shock from my hands to my elbows. Then it’s pins and needles for a few seconds before it is better.

    Recently I also discovered quite by accident that I can lift large heavy pieces of wood much easier than the same weight in iron or anything else. My two friends took one side of a sleeper (wood they use under railroad tracks) and I carried the other side by my self. I am not big built. It came easy for me. Not sure if it is linked in some way to the things we feel or see. Like the energy from the fingers that look like little lightning bolts or sometimes they look like thin string.

    If any one has had the electrical shock or something similar, please email me.

  272. It’s been quite a while since I last posted my experiences here, but I now have some other things to speak about.

    First of all, I should probably give you some background information concerning myself. I engage in daily sessions of meditation. Meditation has changed my perception of life. It is a key to unlocking mysteries and revealing truths. It has expanded my mind and has let me reach higher consciousness. It automatically allowed natural talents to surface. It has truly been a fascinating and life changing journey.

    Due to the fact that it heightens the levels of sensitivity and awareness, I am noticing things that I wouldn’t normally pay attention to. It helps to trance into the formless void of space, but as it does this, it also awakens you to subtle dimensions of reality that are not normally seen. It activated and awakened my third eye. (A chakra that is responsible for “second sight.” Intuitive perception. I learned that it is by the third eye that people see aura’s and other non-visible phenomena. The perceptions of the eye are not limited by time or space. The third eye sees energy patterns, and it is not limited by distance.) Once my third eye had been awakened, I was able to see energy.

    The energy I see appears as a fast flowing downpour, similar to rain. It has fast streaks of light which shoot through it from every direction. It appears to be all around. Inside the house and outside. (What I also find interesting is that my element, is in fact, air.) Reality doesn’t quite seem how it used to be, but rather, it’s like I can now see past the illusion. It feels like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, like a transformation is taking place. It helps to view things through the eyes of a child and have a love for nature. I’m currently 23, but I feel like a young girl that has opened the gates to a magical garden. I’m still learning, but what has been revealed to me has shown me an entire new level of discovery.

    Now, I will speak about the main subject. Today, I opened my back door and I noticed that the sky was blue and full of clouds. I chose a small cloud to focus on, and I tried to make the cloud shrink and disappear by chanting certain words. I made the tone of my voice lower. I was trying to “connect” with the cloud by altering my voice. I continued to focus and chant for a further 4 minutes. As I was doing this, I noticed that strange dark swirling holes began to form through the air, which reminded me of a vortex. It was a grey or black colour. It was very noticeable, and had a whirring movement. I’m wondering if anyone knows what it could be, or if anyone has had a similar experience.

    • Sometimes the source is making cloud formations for me, we communicate in many ways

      • actualy i asked it if it can do that and it made an om symbol of a cloud, than i asked if it really sees everything and it made an eye of the same cloud and then i asked if it will really come to this planet again to be born as a human and how would it look and then the eye cloud was transformed into a skull, all three formations happened in a minute, and some other time when i asked it where should i go it made a hand of a clud with finger pointing to direction that i was seeking, but it gives me signs in many other ways, not only clouds, it gives me signs in times when i am not able to communicate directly

    • Hi Rebecca. Your post was interesting. Like yourself I meditate every day, and have done so for a long time.
      Your description of the energy you see, sounds very similar to what I see. Sometimes like heavy rain, fast moving most of the time, but sometimes clumps momentarily, into like a large, bubble of water, and then reverting very quickly, back to the heavy rain effect.
      You say very little about when you see it. I mainly see it, of a night, in a very dimmed room, when I am about the house, or even outside. I have seen it both in Spain and the UK. I have seen it during the day, if I put my mind to it, but it is never as strong, as it is, of a night.
      One thing I have noticed, is that when it first appears, it always seems to come from the same direction, and makes its entry to the house through the glass, of a window. In both Spain and the UK, it seems to come from the south. When outside, it becomes more obvious, that it is from the south I do not know what country you live in, but I would be very interested if you have any observations of this kind, or any other information.
      I am currently writing a book, well 3 books actually, all on a similar subject, but I am researching this energy for 2 reasons. One. until I found this blog, I could find no one else, that had ever seen, this energy. I think my friends though I was mad, but maybe that is the way they think of me anyway!!
      My second reason is, that, being logical, i think this might be a natural phenomena, which links the spiritual and natural world, and one of my 3 books is on that subject.
      Like you, I believe we are seeing a form of energy. I do not believe it, to be unfriendly, as some on here do. To the contrary, I find particularly, when I have just got into bed, and the light is dim, if I hold my hand up and stretch my fingers apart, within a very short time, the energy appears, Initially like a flock, of very small starlings. (hope you know what I mean). I think this is its, “very fast travel mode”. It quickly assumes the heavy rain mode, as above, and hovers around your fingers. I find, I can actually feel it touching my fingers. If you reach out further towards it, it initially moves away, but then moves in again, and seems to play with you, like a dog would. Bits of energy break off, and then rejoin. If you move your hand in a circular motion, the whole energy cloud moves in a similar way, and more energy appears to fill the room, eventually forming a vortex.
      I always think of the energy being good, and I am not afraid of it. I sometimes tell it, “I love you” (I said I was mad).
      The energy, does seem to have some form of intelligence, but though I talk to it, it does not, seem to answer.
      It always has a friendly feel, and I believe it has healing powers. I have become a lot more positive, and always feel better, the next day, after a session with it.
      I would add, that though I get no answers when I talk to the energy, when meditating, I get answers, in the form of a, “Knowing”!
      Another point.
      I find that towards the end of a session, I get tired, and I am ready to go to sleep, and do so almost instantly.
      Experimenting, on occasions I have tried to stay awake under the covers.
      and when I look out, the energy, seems to still be there, moving around the room, but it disappears, as dawn breaks, and light appears.
      I do wonder, if the energy, is maybe always there, for all of us, but only some of us see it, – And encourage it, or maybe, “We, are mad” or maybe, we just have, a very good imagination.
      C.V.Ballard – 23rd Jun, 2015

      Would be glad to hear, if any of the above, rings bells with you, Rebecca.
      Take care.

  273. I have been seeing energy the last 4 years. It presents itself in orb shapes, moving forward and back, invisible, and the centers more solid. Sometimes the room is filled with them. I invite them closer, and can feel their vibrations when they are touching my hands. Never afraid, as it’s always positive.

  274. That is interesting. I would love it if cloud formations occured for me, as a way of communicating. I have a very lonely life. I have severe social phobia so I avoid people and social situations. Meditation, developing psychic abilities, and recording my experiences in a personal journal have now become a part of me, an advanced part of me which has opened a new level of exploration. I don’t really feel like I’m human. I’m always wanting to discover unusual and new things. The sight of eleves, fae, gnomes, creatures lurking through secluded areas, like woodlands or near quiet lakes. I already seem to connect with nature well, and the Universe speaks to me in ways that I find beautiful and intriging. Star gazing for example, has become a nightly activity. I sometimes look up at the diamonds of the sky and if I blur my eyes, I notice that the stars open up and seem to have faces. Back to my current experiences though. Sometimes, I hear an electrical buzzing sound around me, a noise which isn’t meant to be heard by the average ear. This also started since I began meditation. I look at my hand and I can see invisible or white beams of light coming from each finger tip. Very odd things are happening, but it only heightens my curiosity and makes me want to discover and learn more.

  275. As a child, from as long as I can remember I used to see patterns of colour and pixels that used to fly all around my bedroom at night. Sometimes it seemed like I could interact with it in a fun harmless way. Then is just seemed to stop as I got older, maybe by 7 or 8 maybe.

    Then a few dark figure sightings, nothing major up until my late 20’s when I used to wake up almost paralysed seeing orbs of light – I would have to fight to snap out of that semi conscious state. Then that just seemed to stop.

    Then recently I have realised I can see the “heat lines”, and more interestingly grey smoke in darker rooms which has panicked me on occasion.

    I don’t know how to make sense of it all really, I am either mad, or more receptive to things that we have no understanding of.

    So glad to hear it’s not just me.

  276. as long as i can remember ive noticed been able to see heatwaves comimg off of light bulbs but in all directions not just up like heat would saving bulbs just trickle off .but sodium flood lights piss out like a clear mist.i thought everybody could until 2 summers ago when i was looking after my new baby he was sleeping and i was watching the heat waves coming off the beams of light through my blinds when out the corner of my eye i noticed heatwaves coming off a plug extension lol strong aswell which took me back a bit as it had never happend before .i googled it straight away lol and read it might be aura,so then i tried seeing if i could see anything off my son and sure enough i did but it was harder. i can now see it off my fingers,ive know idea why. i dont think its of any use to me but its great to hear all you other people in the same boat. from my fingers sometimes i can make out different colours but only blues purple slightly red,mosty clear sisters a medium she gets messages from spirit n all that stuff i havent talked to her about it much because i dont like her doing it,but i wonder if she started out been able to see gunna have to have a talk wiv her.ive had dreams that have come true before aswell over the years.and seem to know things that i shouldnt know about people.but i think it could be me reading there body language subconsciously . ive never been able to talk direct to spirit like my sis can,not sure i want to either,its nice to get that off my chest lol i very rarely type on this gunna type up what my sis says about it and if she dont know she goes to one of them spirit churches,somebody there will

  277. i decided to read all the posts on here it took me fecking ages lol but idont need to talk to my sister about it as its all here to be seen.what i would like to add is that i beleve allthough the biggest percentage of posts are a true account of whats happend to them. there could be some people that are victims of the power of suggestion. its more powerfull than most people realize and can creep in to you unwittingly.our subconscious mind is ages older than our conscious mind remember .eyes see what we see and sometimes are imagination fills in what we cant based on are hopes fears etc,most of the orbs youve taped on your handy cam is just out of focus dust particles that look bright and spherical for instance. allthough im lucky enough to have one on film from last xmas , and the movement in your peritheral vision is sometimes just white blood cells trapped in the eye called floaters. …. tiredness.emotional problems. medication.all have an affect on fluctuating neurotransmitter levels which are the very epitome of cognition and perception at the pathalogical level, allthough not the spiritual one.there are a number of illnesses which have been mentioned that should be ruled out aswell before you open your self up to this amazing phenomeno.and after ruling out these things the danger is still there in useing this ability as a form of escapism which will consume you and unballance your life just like it has my sister,but only if you let it. i would say most of us here are probably particularly sensitive and that can make for the obsessive type.this is just my opinion and could well be a subjective one but might bennefit somebody by going through a tick list of possibillities first,, ,just a bit about my self to see if we may all have anything in common at all,im british but look meditteranien i have acute adhd from birth and still do at 38 with mild over lapping asperges slight dyslexia and terrible ocd. im very philanphropic to the point of problematic in constant study of just about everything in life. which trust a curse made worse since the internet.i have floaters in both eyes from an eye infection as a child and im sagitarius i sweat from just my head only when i sleep just like my dad did and my son doesnt know why,i also have asthma and no sense of smell at all.thanks

  278. I see the energy all the time, too. Like, it’s everywhere. I don’t even have to focus that much, it’s always there.
    I also see floating objects… like orbs drifting past, but only for a second. And sometimes I see people (like the ones you described) in the corner of my eye, but they disappear when I look at them.

  279. WOW! IM NOT CRAZY!! lol I ran across this article researching a disturbing dream of the sun rising and the sky turning a brilliant blinding pink and when I looked to the oversized rising sun a large mist fell in front of it like a trail from a bomb in moist air or a comets tail without the comet. I then looked over at my other half holding his hand as we walked down the road and said “Hunny, I think we are about to die” then I awoke. (I had a prophetic dream once of my mothers apartment building burning down.. the next day I got a knock at my door.. her apartment burnt down. The biggest fire in that area of the century. (winchester va peppertree apts for reference) I myself have problematic empathy ( I can’t keep others feelings out of me!) see energies.. auras.. whatever you call them, ghosts, clouds telling stories and have since I was a child. It was something my dad warned me not to tell anyone because they wouldn’t understand and would lock me up and test on me. So naturally, I’ve been cautious. I see the energy static too.. I used to watch all the colorful dots that reminded me of that old toy light brights a little bit, turn into pictures of stuff and then the pictures would float out of sight into the side of my vision till it felt like they got sucked into my ear (which ever side the picture would float too). I still do this from time to time. If anyone is open and would like to discuss this, my email is

    • can you please try to see the time of that flaring, i know your dreams are true, try to find some signs, i saw the pole shift in my visions and i focused on my body, it was old, somewhere around 50 years old so i know that we dont have 20 years anymore, there will be loosening in gravitation for a short periode and sea will overflow, earth will not look the same anymore after this, i saw three big continents, europe and asia were separate

  280. Whoa…Same here! I’ve only recently figured out it is energy, though. Shocking with the invisible man though! For me, personally its just little spheres of sparky energy or weird diluted energy. I’m not crazy, and i’m pretty sure anyone who asks the question honestly isn’t either. I’ve only seen a couple of other experiences like yours online….Coincidence? 0.0 But anyways I can’t see auras and I can’t see the dead…I can see energy around them. Everyday objects even have this energy! My laptop has a different energy from my tv though 0.0
    If you know where I can go to to learn more about this, post because the email is just a fake one I dont have an email. ^w^

    • UPDATE: Now i’ve realized that different places have different scents! Anyone else?

    • you can not learn, you can only feel, so meditate, silence your mind and you will understand, it can not be put into words

      • Understood…thanks :3

      • I’ve been thinking about what you have said…
        If we can only feel, what is the point of learning? Nothing is pointless if you learn something from it. So if I cannot learn…

      • there are two different worlds, one is which god has made and one is composed of words in your mind so you are always focusing on only one thing and it is just an illusional replicate, words are not your intelligence, you have to cross the line of your mind if you want to feel what energy is telling you

  281. Here is the latest update. I no longer need to focus on seeing this energy, as it’s everywhere, all around, and is becoming more distinct and visible.
    Sometimes, when I’m relaxing on the bed, I will just observe the energy in the bedroom and watch it’s natural flow and movement. Recently though, as I’m observing it, I feel a very noticable sensation on my throat. The sensation feels like tingling goosebumps. The goosebumps swarm the skin. It’s similar to when people have a chill down their spine. Apparently, this sensation has been referred to as the life force, or the life force of the Universe. I’m not certain if this is true, but it definately feels like some kind of acknoledgement towards energy.

  282. Hey thanks to all now know that I’m not alone 13 years old this stuff creeps me out only feel bad energy my nerves start to tingle when it happens and funny thing is this only happens in places I’m sleeping in

  283. Last night I was trying to get to sleep and was having a difficult time of it. I usually toss and turn the night just before I’m supposed to go back to work, so it was pretty normal for me to be unable to sleep. I drifted off around 12:30am into a very light sleep (the sort where you still feel somewhat conscious) and suddenly awoke. I glanced right up, like something was watching me, and instantly saw the faint outline of a large bubble–the size of a beach ball. I remember seeing lines on the side, like the creases of an inflatable ball, and the instant I saw it it floated up and disappeared. It didn’t frighten me at first, because for a moment my mind struggled to come up with an explanation. The first thought was that I had a balloon adrift in my room, but I had no reason to even have a balloon–so that was quickly tossed under the rug. I also instantly thought that maybe I was looking at my rice paper lantern, which is about the same size and hangs on a hook above my bed–however what I looked at was see through.
    Finally, I settled for it being a waking dream. However, I wasn’t dreaming before I woke up–at least I don’t think I was–and I know I was looking up at the ceiling clearly because my heart started pumping in my chest and I know the thing disappeared. I don’t know what I saw–but it gave me quite a fright!
    I was reading on this chat that others have had run ins with bubble like orbs? Anyone had anything similar to this?

    • I had the same experience but I wasn’t sleeping. I just had my eyes closed. When I suddenly opened them, I distinctly saw the clear outline of a human figure in shadow form sitting, yes sitting, on a bench right across from me. As I stared at it in wonder and surprise, it slowly started to fade, but as it did so, my dog, who was under my bed, began growling at it. I looked at jim and he was staring at the shadow figure so I was sure it wasn’t a waking dream. I had my confirmation right there. I’ve always wondered about thismyself because it implied that there was someone or something who could watch us, see us, interact with furniture in our world, and yet was hiding this reality fromus. Why? What’s the big secret? Because obviously, there is something that is being hidden from us. I still don’t have the answers.

  284. I can see the heat energy waves too! But none of the other weird ass Shit Yall be talking about! Maybe I ain’t smoking enough… But that’s not possible!!

  285. steve smith here again lol, junobunos idea of two worlds is true in my opinion. when we perceive it is at the pathological level ie organic material brain matter etc but our sole or spirit uses different ways which i dont understand fully maybe when my times up all will be revealed.i hope so. and to morganne, theres an asteroid going to come very close to the earth in 2029 and i mean close as in close as our satelites if it hits us it will have the power of 17 tsar bombs and if it misses will affect gravity and be back in 2036. this could be yours and junobunos dream but allso remember when spirit are placing these visions in you they might be showing what could happen as ive found out over the years my self.the good news is nasa and russia have a dedicated team on this and the way tecnology is evolving in 15 years time i think the tecnology will save us from this threat but ultimatley destroy us in the long run. but just in case im off to the pub lol

  286. I see the visible energy you speak of, and believe you about the energy man/people. Similar breath taking experiences, but no electric shock sensations. 🙂

  287. I’ve also seen the ‘energy static snow’ many times… but most of my experience with it has been while I’m staring at the carpets at church. I listened to the audio book – The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. In this book, it talks about “FORMLESS SUBSTANCE” “thinking stuff”) that permeates the universe and it will materialize the things that you project/think/imprint on it with powerful feelings and emotions. Could this be the energy static snow that we’ve all been seeing!? Or is it the energy that keeps all matter together… Or is it just groups of photons flying around like crazy through the air? If we can see it, you would think that there would have to be a scientific study and an explanation on what it is, somewhere!

  288. What you saw we the classic set up for a energy vampire and his minions. The large man by now has moved to a remote location leaving the other behind to suck your family dry of the energy. If you have any further question you may contact me directly.This is no joke(These people and any one who goes to that location is in real danger.) Namaste PS I have seen this many times before.

  289. I just saw transparent rainbow colored energy anomalies today. They oved around my visual field and were long & twinkling. I cannot ignore it, as this entity or light energy wants me to know it’s around. I put my hand up and mimicked the travel pattern of the light being, as a vein attempt to show the being that I did see it and was acknowledging it. I knew it was spiritual in nature and was a light, positive, healing energy source. I have heard it could be a very high level spirit. In addition to this, at times, I can also smell spirits. This is a very interesting gift as then I have to try to see who is trying to communicate with me from the other dimensions. Sometimes I can smell perfume, sometimes cigarettes and/or cigars so potent, they actually make my eyes and nose slightly burn as they would if someone was smoking and blowing their smoke into my face or around me. Thank you for this post, as now I know I am not alone with seeing energetic beings or anamolies. I can also feel (in my spirit) the presence of spirits at times.

  290. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can see perfect places (mostly inside) of places I’ve never been. Not always but sometimes people. I guess like a dream but I’m wide awake. If I concentrate on bringing things into focus. A few of the times the people have suddenly looked at me aangrily. Like I shouldn’t be able to see them. It fills me with such fear I open my eyes to escape. I always attributed it to just the power of my own mind. Yet the feeling of seeing something I am not suppose to is so overwhelming.

  291. Your not alone I thought I was going crazy the first tune it happened to me it happens about every time I look out Windows or sitting still looking straight ahead

  292. Hello there. I usually comment here and have a user account, but couldn’t remember my log in name. So here it goes. *smile*

    Someone mentioned about seeing figures that looks like the creature in the movie “Predator”. Yes, I see things here like many of the bloggers, including “Energy Waves”, “Auras”, foretelling dreams, and many other phenomenon. The other night while I had my eyes closed, I saw those strange psychedelic, fluid like things that look like a Kaleidoscope and fractal geometric shapes, which I have seen since childhood.

    After those images faded, I actually saw the “Predator” moving and looking at me while I was in this state of mind.

    I am a sci-fi movie fan and I am reminded of the Japanese horror movie called, “The H Man, or H Monster”. In the movie, the monsters were set on fire to destroy them. I remember seeing ghostly images of those creatures about to be destroyed. This “Predator” figure reminds me of them. Perhaps they are ghosts and trying to contact us?

    They seem to float of walk. l always thought it was my eyes because I have those floaters and being that glaucoma runs in my family, I that it was due to that.

  293. You described it perfectly. Email if ur interested in talking about it. I have no answers but very curious about it. Have an idea tho!

  294. I know what you mean. I live with this everyday. I also see purple flashing lights occationaly along with white light. Just like a spark and then it is gone.
    But everywhere I look all the time it appears to be a fuzzy screen in the air but when you really look its billions of tiny particals shooting around like a molicule blizzard.I went to the eye doctor a couple years ago and I have perfect vision with no issues. I am 28 years old. This I would say has been gradually intesifying as I age.the strange thing is amongst the chaos of these molicules are boxes or circles of a fog I believe these are spaces in time or other demetions of space.Not everyone can see how light energy moves around there fingers like ballet dancers but I can. it is just one of those things I guess I thought happend to everyone untill today when I asked my hubby if he could “see the air” and he looked at me like I was nuts.

  295. I do it all the time and i use the exact same method 🙂

  296. I see energy, too. Sometimes it appears to me as swirls, circles, waves, t.v. static, lines, and even flashes. It became enhanced when I experimented with LSD. My friend says that my third eye is wide open, therefore, I can “peer” into other dimensions without realizing it.

    • I smoke ganja and when I do it is so intensified.Onetime the static just disappeared and I felt really scared and then this pulsating red orb appeared.It scared the he’ll out of me.

      • Wow everyone experiencing colors…find the chakra color guide. These colors will let you know where you are in spiritual enlightenment And what chakras are blocked and open.

    • Yes. Lsd is awesome for us meduims. That is what we are. Believe it or not it is a psychic ability. You need to look into chakras and balancing. It can be intence to feel the energy of the world as well as seeing it. The colors you see have meanings and will guide you. It is too intence. I know my energy is off balance. Keep crystals with you to sift out negative energy it could effect your personal relationships with others around you.

  297. Oh my goodness I have spent weeks trying to find an explanation. Sometimes they seem to flow in currents.Its like thousands of crystal static things.I also see forms to disturbing them, it’s like a blue or outline of people for me.One time u swear it was a man walking right at me.

  298. I have just decided yesterday that I would look up what I saw when I was a kid which is very similar to yours. I went to a wedding in the woods and I went of to go get flowers and I came to this little clearing full of white flowers and I saw a clear man like the way you described it almost like some one wearing a green suit in front of me standing in the flowers. my step day came and got me for the wedding and when I went back after words he was gone and were he was standing was black and pressed down like it had ben burnt and smashed. the next day I was with my dad at my grand ma’s house and my siblings and I rode our bikes up and down the street I saw him again standing by a big bush. I heard my little sister skid and scream and her leg was twisted odd under her bike. she fell right were he was standing by the bush! my first thought was that he pushed he but she was completely un hurt. the road is gravel and she was twisted in the bike. she then said she felt hand catch her and set her on the ground. I still don’t know what it was I saw but if it is these energy thing I would love to know more.

  299. ill make this breif, im 18 have similar sights & would love to talk. this is new for me. email me please

  300. I see the sme thing and I describe it EXACTLY how you just did! EXACTLY!!

  301. My name is Sarah. For all of my life I could off and on see the air..I thought nothing of it. Untill around my 26th birthday I woke up and thought something was seriously wrong with me. My vision seemed fuzzy almost but not. Before the fuzzy vision I was experiencing purple flashes of light.
    Anyway I was off balance felt like i couldn’t walk straight.
    I got my eyes checked and a cat-scan done everything was normal. A few days after barely being able to move I felt fine.
    But my vision stayed the same.
    And I now see white flashes of light as well as purple.and sometimes yellow
    These flashes usually look like they are being born then going into the energy I see all of the time. I am also see geometric shapes coming out of sunlight and then going into the energy in the air. The energy I see is constant and everywhere I look.

  302. I see the same, Sarah. . . They look to me like silver sparks that travel quickly, and constantly moving. You gave a good description. That is what I see when I look into the sunlight, or up toward the sky. If I look in a room, the best way I can show what I see is to put my camera on “vivid Color” and it shows what the camera is focused on, but shows also the “snow like” movement. . .That is what I see when hot looking into the light. I have done this all my life, I thought everyone saw what I was seeing, until I found out differently. . . Also I am rather Psychic.

    • Hey JJ and Sarah, I’ve been keeping track of this blog very closely ever since I found out about others having similar capabilities as I do. Its good to know that there is a community of people sharing the same thing, that being said silver sparks you described from sunlight is extremely accurate. I get the same thing and noticed couple weeks ago if sunlight is reflected off clear glass on a bright day the sparks become more active. Laughter helps as well. If you would like to share more feel free to email at

  303. Is this energy visible to you all day everyday like me? Some people only see it when they focus in one area. But it is everywhere all day everyday for me. Even in the dark,lights and energy more visible. My daughter has had it all her life. She sees colored lights in water also…so weird and cool

  304. The white light is the spiritual chakra which is everywhere. With grounding your energy and using crytal healing you can gain all seven chakra colors. Being barefoot helps and doing meditation
    Standing with you knees bent pelvis in arms out is for several minutes is a good way to ground your energies. Being grounded is important so that you aren’t soaking in everything around you which can change your mood and ways of thinking.

  305. Okay…so since I opend up about what has been goin I have had more experiences. So. I heard about this green man and thought…wow that is strange
    Yesterday I did a buddist chant and was sitting in my room. The sun was out on a fridgid morning. And I saw a red glowing ball of light that disapeared into a green ball of light and reapeared as an image of a short bald faceless man that when away and came back a bright neon green surrounded in red

    Did some investigation.
    It is a symble of rebirth peace harmony with the earth and many other things.
    Thank you guys for bein so open and honest. Does anyone else see the green man in red?

  306. I would love to post photos here. . .

  307. 450 responses. That is nothing short of amazing. I wonder if there is at least a scientific explanation for seeing this stuff. I am a physicist. I see these things also. I do not have an explanation scientifically. I do want one. Not that I would accept it anyways :D. Can any of you bend the energy? I have experience with if I focus on my hand for a long period, a darkness will begin to surround it and it will start to mold to the color of the surroundings.
    Any explanation for this science or new age?

    I have also been told in a group of people before that I vanished. I know this sounds gay. I’m not playing around or being a jerk about this stuff. It’s special to me, I just want to know what others know about it.

  308. Firstly, I just want to say how wonderful to read all your fascinating accounts. It’s nothing short of amazing to hear others use similar wording to explain a phenomenon not experienced by many in everyday life and therefore can be difficult to share about.

    I have also noticed the strange see-through rippling effect in the air at times (inside and outdoors/cold and warm weather). The closest I can compare it to is like the ripples of a heat wave on a hot summer day or the shimmering effect that radiates above anything hot like radiators. Sometimes when I see it, the whole thing can swirl around and move more – on such occasions I might realise a fly has just flown past me and seems to impact this see-through swirling ‘stuff’. But other times, after close inspection of the room I’m in, there is nothing, no flies – seemingly nothing to cause that rippling stuff to swirl and shift about.

    I also see that static effect. Sometimes it falls heavy and fast, like transparent ‘invisible’ rain. Also the darting around ‘microscopic creature’ type things that dart about, noticible especially when looking up at the sky. I also see what I call ‘dings’, flashes of light that can vary in colour and size. Sometimes they look orb like. Also unusual fast movements in my peripheral vision like something is there, but when I look there’s usually nothing.

    I also see auras. This initially began as just a white glow and/or transparent outline around things. Then I started to see a colour glow around people/animals/objects. Then I began to see various colours surrounding the same thing.

    I have had my vision tested numerous times since experiencing this phenomena (had this for many years, but seems to be intensifying more in recent times). I had the eye pressure test, that was fine. The optician said I had 20/20 vision. I don’t have any medical problems that would cause these effects. Also I have floaters as well, these are completely different to the other phenomena and just float about in relation to eye movement.


  309. All your comments here have inspired me so much I thought it would be wonderful to have a forum where we can meet and share experiences and ideas. I hope you don’t mind me taking the initiative but I have started a forum for this purpose. I would like to make it a place where we all feel as comfortable as possible in sharing about this subject, so please feel free to comment in the welcome section on any ideas for the forum. I have made the forum viewable for members only so that we all feel more comfortable sharing about our experiences. So you will need to become a member (it’s free obviously) to join. Anyway here is the forum and hope to see you there:

  310. Thank you, J. you have explained very well, what I see. . . .

    • Hi JJ,

      I’m probably not just speaking for me, but it means a lot to find others who are seeing similar things,

      hope to see you on the forum I started 🙂


  311. This page has helped me except myself and explore the possibilties

  312. Hi i have had similar things happen to me. The most resentwas this past january i was laying on the couch at my daughters house i was awake listning to the appliences the sounds they make when all of a sudden i was hit on the arm it was hard then something got up in my face now the room was dark and it was 3 in the morning and it scared me to the point i could not move but this was the first time anything got physical. I told my daughter and she said that blaine her son had an experience simalar to that.she said he was so scared he stayed up the next 2 nights.and thats not all that has happened to us.we just except it cause it happens on a regular basis oh and blaine practices telekinesis.we saw him do that with a slid across the table at the length of a cigarrete butt.

    • Carolyn. The reason for that activity at your daughter’s house is because Blaine, your grandson, I believe, is experimenting with telekinesis as you mentioned. Years ago my younger brother started playing records backwards. It was called “Back Masking” and some rock groups were intentionally chanting demonic messages. Well, we paid for it with the house becoming haunted. There were screams at night, things getting knocked off the furniture, and once I saw two Evil Eyes that looked like
      eyes of a hurricane when seen from space.

      I strongly suggest that Blaine stop experimenting with witchcraft or telekinesis since they are both the same thing and that he instead, start praying and seeking after Christ.

      Personally I have seen energy and apparitions. I have come to the conclusion that most of this Unseen Energy are of demonic origin.

      In many of the blogs that I read, there is a growing concern that these incidents are becoming more common as man becomes more sinful and evil. On a daily basis we read reports of kidnappings and ritual Satanic murders. Some of suspects are from rich and powerful families, like George Bush, the Queen of England, and members of British governments.etc.

      Regards and Peace in Christ.

  313. Guys, We NEED to find a way to chat because I have so many questions and comments. This is something that is miraculous and important, and we need to probe into it together. It’s uncharted territory and I believe it is related to the evolution of the planet. So this is important. Maybe visit my you tube channel and reach out. Freekeechakra is my name on there. Let’s try to come together.

    • Hi James and everyone,

      I feel the same. I noticed a few times people mention on here (when reading through all the messages – took a while, but didn’t want it to end if you know what I mean 😉 about having a forum where we can discuss this more. So I thought if no one’s started one by the time I reach the end of the messages, I’ll start one. That was the day before yesterday. So I started a forum 🙂 You’ll all have to excuse me as I’m new to this sort of thing and am still learning how to use the forum properly. Would appreciate any help or ideas from any of you who’d like to join in and participate. From any technical advice, to ideas for categories, threads etc.

      Anyway, would be great if those interested would come and join so we can get talking more about what we are experiencing. I’ve made it members only for those of us who perhaps prefer a more private environment.

      Looking forward to meeting you all there 🙂

      Ah, might help to give the link to the forum 😉 Here it is:


      • Thanks J! I noticed that a few of us had the same idea at about the same time 🙂 I’m signed in and excited to look around and post on that forum…looks great. The thing that is so compelling to me about these energetic experiences is that most of the people who have posted here seem to be seeking love and unity and are open and kind. There must be a connection between the perception of these energies and unconditional love. Anyway, I have been feeling a really strong urge to connect with others who openly seek the mysteries of Love. The forum is a great idea! (I think I had the idea first, tho! lol)

      • Hi James,

        I think you’re onto something there with the seeking love/unconditional love.

        Not sure if you’ve seen this inspiring video before about a woman called Anita Moorjani’s near death experience. She talks a lot about unconditional love. It’s an hour and a half long, so something to sit back and enjoy with a nice cuppa.

        Also something else you might be interested in (if you haven’t heard about it already) is ‘ho’oponopono’.

        ‘Peace begins with me.

        Dr Hew Len points out that that we always need to remember the very old saying: “Peace begins with me.” He says that if there is to be peace on earth; it needs to begin individually with each one of us.

        Dr Hew Len says that Ho’oponopono is about looking within ourselves for debts, errors or blocks in our subconscious minds that replay as problems, judgments, putdowns and all kinds of other problems.

        The blocks are within.

        Dr Hew Len makes the point that Ho’oponopono is about saying to The Divine within us (The Self): “I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is going on in me, that I experience the world in me this way.’

        You can read more here:

        And here’s an interview with Dr Hew Len (another one to put your feet up and enjoy):

        My reaction to this method initially was a bit negative. Sort of like the ego defending itself I suppose, and other misunderstandings perhaps of our current modern day mind set. Also, I don’t think I properly realised what he was talking about. Basically he’s saying that what we are talking about is the ‘data’ running within. It certainly makes you think more about how and what is creating this physical ‘reality’.

        I see you’ve posted on the forum, looking forward to reading your introduction there 🙂


  314. Yes. Agree. We all can see how energy moves. Some of us can see the colors of these energies. Have any of you looked at the sun or the moon? This will help you gain more energy. Try the rising sun
    And sun down
    See the colors that I see then post
    Any time the sun is not high you can look at it. Trust me
    Spread the message
    Spread the peace
    Contact who ever will listen

    • Hi sarah,

      I practice sun gazing (although can be a bit stop/start here in the UK!) It really is a magical experience.

      I would suggest (especially those new to it) to only practice it up to an hour after sun rise and up to an hour before sun set. I’ve heard that to practice outside those times (especially perhaps in the beginning) has caused some eye problems. For example, someone a friend knows practiced it when the sun was higher in the sky and they ended up with a permanent blob in their vision, meaning they had to give up their job as a jewelry maker.

      I also practiced it once about 2 hours before sun set. I ended up with a temporary blob in my vision that strangely only became apparent when I went to bed that night. Luckily it went away 2 days later. Also I went into a strange altered state of consciousness and felt very weird. Gazing at the sun is certainly a powerful experience.

      Thanks for mentioning about it because this confirms my feeling that sun gazing enhances seeing potential. Btw I’ve also had positive results gazing at the sun with eyes closed (ideal for when the sun is stronger and higher in sky).

      Also thanks for mentioning about moon gazing! This has been on my mind for a while, that surely there must be benefits gazing at the moon as well and stars.


    • Below is a link to an article about Sun Gazing for those who want to know more about it. Here are a couple of quotes from that article:

      ‘What is Sun Gazing?

      Sun gazing (also known as sun-eating) is a strict practice of gradually introducing sunlight into your eyes at the lowest ultraviolet-index times of day – sunrise and sunset. Those who teach the practice say there are several rules to the practice. First, it must be done within the hour after sunrise or before sunset to avoid damaging the eyes. Second, you must be barefoot, in contact with the actual earth – sand, dirt or mud; and finally, you must begin with only 10 seconds the first day, increasing by 10 second intervals each day you practice. Following these rules make the practice safe, says sources…’

      ‘…Sun-gazing is a practice also called the HRM phenomenom, coined as such after Hira Ratan Manek, the man who submitted himself to NASA for scientific testing to confirm that he does indeed possess the almost ‘super-human’ ability of not eating, gained through his dedication to this interesting marvel. Funded by NASA, a team of medical doctors at the University of Pennsylvania observed Hira 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 100 days. NASA confirmed that he was indeed able to survive largely on light with occasionally a small amount of buttermilk or water during this time.’

  315. When I look into the sun and the moon I see the most beautiful colors. Usually layerd in 3
    The colors change depending where the sun is in the sky
    The moon changes at its diff sizes
    I don’t know how I can see this ultra violet light. I would suggest people not be afraid look at the sun. It will not burn your eyes.My husband says..the sun is white or yellow

    Ummm yeah its anything but yellow and white

    • Hi Sarah,

      I know what you mean about the colours when sun gazing. Yesterday evening I saw pink, green and blue. The day before I noticed colours extendng much further out, I think that was because it was earlier than yesterday so could see more of the sky around the sun.

      I’m going to explore moon gazing more.


  316. J, I watched Anita Moorjani a while ago and loved her. I think it was an interview. I’ve never seen this preso in Sedona, but I’m gonna do like you said and kick my feet up. I’ve been very fascinated with the near death experience accounts…..could listen to most of them over and over.

    Now Lew, I’ve heard of, but never actually heard him speak. His name sounds Hawaiian…..maybe he’s a Kahuna? I love Hawaiian teachings of Higher Self !! So I’m gonna do what you said again….kick back and enjoy! Thanks dude! 🙂

    • Hi James,

      hope you enjoy those videos 🙂 Let me know what you think. I’m especially intrigued by Ho’oponopono. Like I mentioned before, initially I found the idea of it a bit challenging. But I think that’s partly because I didn’t understand it properly. When you are saying forgive me and I’m sorry – you are talking about the ‘data’ running in you (like a program I suppose) that is manifesting this reality around us. I suppose it could almost be seen as our own personal virtual reality system. And there’s data that currently runs it and manifests what we’re experiencing. Also I didn’t realise that this work is entirely focused on ourselves. It’s about stopping pointing the blame, and points out we can’t change others, only ourselves. So the one that we are saying ‘I’m sorry’ to and ‘Please forgive me’, is the divine within ourselves and to our inner child. ‘Sorry you are experiencing this due to the data running within me.’

      The fact that he’s had such amazing results in his life (and the lives who he did the ‘cleaning’ about) shows there must be something to it.


  317. Hi guys. I’m only 16 and tried searching this stuff because it happens to me too. You see i tried to stare at a certain object and after that my vision started to turn violet and i can sense everymovement around me. I don’t know if my mind is playing at me. But i know it’s real and happening. Lol. And another time when i stared again at a object it turns invisible lol. Maybe it was only my eyes were ignoring it.

    • That exact same thing happened to me like I can feel the surfaces of my entire surroundings in detail, I actually don’t like it it feels like my hand is touching everything and its feeling out every single detail of that object its been getting stronger lately and I feel like im going to be able to start to feel all the way down into the molecular parts of objects ugh why do I have this I also see energy btw And I don’t think that any of this is a coincidence ive been contacted by gurus voodoo shamans priests even freemasons I think that everyone on this site may be subject to a new breed of human if you will this wouldn’t supprise me considering our spiritual advancement throught our history as a species

  318. Please contact me. I believe you and I’ve found others. I don’t know “why” but I have the inner spirituality sense to know that this message to you is important. There is a reason certain people have come into my life and this is all fairly new to me. Don’t freak out that I’m some fraud because I write this with an honest heart and pure intention. I don’t want anything but good. I trust in myself and I am sincere in a quest I know little about at this point.

  319. Who is this that you are requesting this of?

  320. Oh, OK . . . 😀

  321. Coming online looking for tjr reason this keeps happening to me because I can longer stair out at this, i want answers and have to say its a relief soneone else is experiencing it too! I too have tried explaining it to people and its obviously vague there for making me so sound high or like an incredibly thick science freak. Ive recently moved out of my old place where I saw it was happening alot more often, thid isnt the reason I moved but its killing me I cant sleep when I feel it and then once I start to get off I get this sort of electrical surge through my ears its terrifying, its like being attached tjump leads. I talk myself out of it but its making me ill. I always encountered a kind of electrical feeling when I see these static movements and about a month ago before this electric shock in my head started I felt it, I freak out and tried to scream this heavy hand like thing was forcing my mouth shut it was horrendous my whole body felt like theyre was energy pulsing through it and I saw this strange colourful thing. You describe it perfectly, thankyou for posting, have you came to sny conclusion at all?

  322. Coming online looking for tjr reason this keeps happening to me because I can longer stair out at this, i want answers and have to say its a relief soneone else is experiencing it too! I too have tried explaining it to people and its obviously vague there for making me so sound high or like an incredibly thick science freak. Ive recently moved out of my old place where I saw it was happening alot more often, thid isnt the reason I moved but its killing me I cant sleep when I feel it and then once I start to get off I get this sort of electrical surge through my ears its terrifying, its like being attached tjump leads. I talk myself out of it but its making me ill. I always encountered a kind of electrical feeling when I see these static movements and about a month ago before this electric shock in my head started I felt it, I freak out and tried to scream this heavy hand like thing was forcing my mouth shut it was horrendous my whole body felt like theyre was energy pulsing through it and I saw this strange colourful thing. You describe it perfectly, thankyou for posting, have you came to sny conclusion at all?

  323. Josie, the electrical surge you feel is the basis of all of this. Try to let go of fear and know you will be safe. Breath and try to let it happen. You will gain control by letting go.

  324. Was what you saw
    Start as a ball of color that manifested to an actual energy person of sorts?
    I see a green image surrounded in red I believe this to be the green goddess Tara

  325. They are actually spirits not of god. These spirits are spirits of the devils kingdom. These spirits manipulate you. And tempt you to commit sins, observe these spirits while you think, but be careful if your in a deepthought maybe about something bad that happen to you earlier, then you are already compressed.( that would be the spirit of anger )

  326. I’ve seen this to. I’ve also seen very large “beings” in the sky almost had the shape of a dragon. I had finally yold some close friends about it cause I thought it was normal. Well lets just say we’re not friends anymore. Does any one know what this phenomena is?

  327. I haven’t posted here in a while, but something scared the hell out of me last night. For the past 3 months or so I have been having strange dreams that left me so full of energy that when I wake I feel like I can explode. Also I seem to wake up at exactly 01H00 in the AM. Last night was an experience like no other. When I woke I saw 3 “energy beings” almost invisible, but I could see an outline of their shape but not any real detail.

    I couldn’t move at first and there was a strange buzzing noise in my ears. All of a sudden it was over, but even stranger I feel like there is something on my wrists. Kind of like when you have been wearing a watch for a long time and suddenly you don’t wear it anymore. It’s that feeling. 5 hours later and I can still feel it or something around my wrist. It’s a strange feeling and I am a bit freaked out. Any suggestions? Am I alone?

    • those beings are walking on my bed and bed is bend upon their weight and they are touching me everywhere, sometimes they lay on me, they sit on my chest and other parts, well if you wake up with full body of energy than they are helping you

  328. ,,,,, Peter, sounds like sleep paralysis, look it up. I’ve had it and was able to remain calm and breath. If you can keep control and not freak out you may be able to experience and OBE, out of body experience.

  329. I believe you
    I saw angels sitting on every bow of a long row of pine trees one night
    I see a lot of things from light that isn’t there.
    Light is energy
    The dragon is a very big ancient symble

    A lot of symbles I know have been misinterpreted through centuries
    Because I see symbles in the light
    Of bears
    And other animals
    The same things ancients carved into the pyramids
    I also see the light shape into geometrical shapes like a formula
    So basicly if we were all scientists on this forum we could figure out what the egyptions were doin
    Cuz nobody knows what the hell they are talking about
    Those who see the light
    Also see the darkness as a part of the light
    They exist together and never without
    Ying yang
    See there is anouther misinterpreded symble
    Your a cool dude
    Your friends are stupid

  330. it would be realy good if you would all register on the forum that J made for us, we can communicate a lot easier on forum

  331. My son and daughter have been describing seeing electron people or even static on living people. My children are 12 and 11 and have seen these things since birth I think because they used to cry and turn away from things that were near them. I saw nothing. When I came across this Article I read it to my daughter. She was like”mom, that’s it, that’s it. Oh please find her and tell her that we can see them too. They have been diagnosed with seizures, migraines, panic disorders, etc. I get the mess filled and throw them in the trash. I finally quit looking for a diagnosis and learned to accept that 2 of my 5 children are different than others. I never doubted what they saw because it’s an everyday occurrence. They have no reason to lie and aren’t looking for attention. They have told me about electron people since they were old enough to speak. They used the word electron not knowing that is a particle so tiny you can’t see it, my oldest daughter was a pre med student when her younger brother and sister were born and she made sure their first words were proton and electron. Later after they were old enough to understand they still used the word electron as surrounding people and being in almost every place we’ve been, only because describing it as electricity or static makes people think they see charges like lightning. I would love for you to speak to them so they don’t feel so out of place, or at least write more about your experiences. Thanks so much. You have changed their lives tonight. They no longer believe they are alone in the world.

    • TJ tell your children that they have nothing to be affraid of, they are not alone and please tell everyone in your family that they must accept them as they are because the only thing that is harming them is being in two different worlds and beings from material world are saying to them that there are no electron beings, that’s why they are affraid and suffering in heart, but it’s not good if they will talk to everyone about this, we will help them, i too live with electron people everyday and my family has fucked up my consciousness when i was young, i was trying to do a suicide a few times because i felt that i don’t belong here, your children are the one who will help to change this dying planet and they have a bright future so they have to suffer a little bit to get the knowledge about this world, maybe is the rigt time that you meet them with meditation

  332. Hi TJ,

    we’ve started a forum where we can go and speak about our experiences seeing energy and other phenomena. You and your children are welcome to join. We’ve made it so it’s members only so that it makes it a bit more private and comfortable atmosphere to share our experiences. So you’ll need to register (but it’s free). Come along and write an into in the new members section. It will be lovely to hear more from you about their experiences. Looking forward to seeing you there (and anyone else who is interested). Here’s the link to the forum:


  333. Tj,
    I see the “shadow people” in brilliant colors.
    I know each color is an aura color, for I see aura
    Your children probably have all the gifts
    Of visible energy
    They are lucky to have supportive parents
    These phenomenoms are usually a genetic trate

  334. Hey everyone this forum is pretty great. I’ve been practicing more on trying to see the energy particles. Before I would have to concentrate in one spot to see them, now I can pretty much see them at will when ever I want. Before I could only see them outside when the sun is out. Now that I have been practicing more and more everyday, I’m able to see them in the house. Sometimes when I’m sleeping in my room looking at the ceiling and it’s pitch dark I’m able to see flowing shadows sweeping across my ceiling really fast. They don’t stay, more like a fast sweep then disappears. These events don’t bother me at all I just started noticing this after 2012, this ability is not something I had all my life as far as I’m concerned.
    I think around 2012 I came across a YouTube video about auras, I’ve been wanting to know how to see this phenomenon. The video said that everything has ENERGY and that u can see aura colors in almost anything even Plants and Trees so I would practice outside to see the auras of these huge trees outside of my house when the sun is setting outside, ( aura color for the trees I was looking at is PURPLE and BLUE) then while practicing to see colors I started seeing the ENERGY PARTICLES, they would just pop out in the background, and that’s how it all started everybody.
    People might think this is strange but the entire sky during the day is filled with multicolors that constantly move simultaneously, like a rainbow wave. I’m only able to see this when I use the same technique to see the ENERGY PARTICLES.
    And it gets even more weird people, my fiancé and I found out that we have the ability to read each other’s thoughts. It’s not all the time but we think things almost the same time. I can feel when he’s going to call me on the phone sometimes we even call each other at the same time and we can’t even get through to each other because we keep calling each other and it goes to voicemail hahahaha…when my fiancé and I want things to happen it happens, like for example predicting that certain people from work will leave or gets fired. If we both don’t like them we work out thought energy to make this person leave and in due time it happens. We’ve had success with this with 2 different jobs. I think people underestimate the power of thought and how strong it is.
    If people are wondering what I think an energy particle is well…. They look like very tiny balls of lights they interact with each other and move in different directions. I don’t even think a number even exist as to how many there are. Honestly I really don’t know what it really is, hence the reason why I am on this website. I wanna know how to manipulate the ENERGY I see with my eyes. I think the knowledge of CHI may have something to do with this. I’m going to be looking into this more further. If I have a break through I’ll share it.



  335. I have one of the 6th senses called empath so I can see people’s auras and feel their emotions so at work today I saw a guy and he had a black aura and black auras are incredibly rare, because it means that they have died or are dying and he looked very well to me so I told my good friend and I had this strange feeling like he knew that we knew then every time he look at me and my friend we got sharp headaches then our chests got right and all this weird stuff started happening then when we felt it all like went away. I would really like it if anybody knew what he was?

  336. I would like to hear from anyone monitoring this blog who has a different opinion about all the sparkles, colors, shapes……..I have come to believe
    it is not all New Age beauty as many have described and hold as truth?
    I think it may be dark? Is anyone monitoring this blog with knowledge of MILABS, MK ULTRA, MONARCH. Yes everyone reading this , it is the, scariest scenario possible. Think about your life. How stable is it? How many antidepressants are you on? Cocaine, Meth, Alcohol? Let’s be real here please. If I am the ONLY one on this sight who experiences everything you do but I am completely screwed up than you all need to wake up. Abduction is real. I am in tears. I don’t know how to live the rest of my life now at the age of 47. I will never be the same again ever since my soul finally began to seek the truth. The New Age Movement is sweet but Google the truth. Please…….Eve Lorgen, Karla Turner, Barbara Bartholmic. James Bartley….the list goes on and on. This is the truth. MILABS, Alien Abduction. Please contact me if you feel you can help me. The dark side does exist. I am so sorry to say this to you, I have been so despondent ever since I came to learn this to be true. I wanted to much to have faith in what I found recently in the New Age Community however that dogma was crushed rather abruptly when I learned/realized the truth. Many of you are abductee’s. I am sorry. Please read. I have listed the beginning of my journey. I have been counseled by Eve and James who are wonderful. Karla and Barbara I did not have the pleasure. Ahhhh the tones.
    How many of you have been hearing tones in your ears ever since childhood? They sound like a tuning fork and come on out of no where lasting for about 10 to 15 seconds? Maybe once every six months, once a year however you ALWAYS know it is happening and just think it has something to do with radio frequencies and every one hears them? I am so sorry this is so long but I am at break. Suicide Program kicked several times and twice should have worked. If anyone please understands this I need to talk. People listed above are wonderful but I need to talk to actual victims who relate to me and if anyone had a Tickle Machine dream as a child we really need to talk.

  337. I don’t do drugs.
    My life is as stable as the energy I let in and out
    I am an alien abductee
    Have been my whole life.
    But the aliens seem to worship me and give me messeges to pass

    • But yes I do get that sound in my ears
      I am strange
      Was born with green eyes. Had a horrible childhood a rocky life
      My left eye changed to half brown around the time I was first contacted that I remember at 5..
      I started seeing the air molecules all day everyday after I was taken to there planet where they touched me everywhere and made me feel very loved
      As they gave me horrible visions of the future
      And told me I need to spread peace
      And told me I would know what to do
      At night I fly in the stars torwards the vortex in the stars but I never reach it.
      This happens without me thinking about I’m being astro projected
      Without my wanting to be

  338. i am sorry i posted. i was looking for people who understand.

  339. What you put out is what you get back until you change your way of thinking to be peaceful.

  340. Sheila, perhaps not all of us understand, but I do to a degree. I have been hearing high pitched tones all my life. It does like you said, about twice or more times a year. A friend of mine has high blood pressure and he said he hears that tone also, but his doctor said it was from his health issues.

    I think to some degree, MKULTRA, Tavistok Institute, and other agencies are using us as guinea pigs for mind control.

    Your story is complicated and difficult to have answers quickly. Please give the forum more time.

    If you want, email me


    for chat on Skype: LEEGENIX007


  341. Sheila Tupper, try looking Bashar up on YouTube. It might give you some piece of mind. There is also another on the Yahyel. If there are aliens I personally do not believe they are here to hurt us. Only to help is evolve peacefully and in a loving way when we are ready as a mass conscience.

  342. I think I see the same thing you do. I have all my life and I thought everyone could see what I see. I just found out that this is not the case. And how you describe it is what I see, except I see figures moving around, nothing solid, but shapes that look like people

  343. Wow, I thought I was the only one who sees this ‘energy rain’! I’m convinced that severe sleep deprivation opens up a portal to the otherwise unseen spiritual realm. The more you are sleep deprived, the easier it is to see these otherwise nearly invisible ‘energy’ fields. As soon as I let my eyes go out of focus, it’s as if another dimension appears. When I do it in the daylight, I see the ‘energy rain’. However, in the dark, I see stranger things yet. Dark shadows that seem to be constantly moving very quickly. I am beginning to question if the supposed ‘hallucinations’ caused by severe deprivation are actually really there, you just aren’t able to see them when you are sleeping regularly.

    • Hey I read ur comment about the black shadows. When I’m laying on my bed in the dark staring at the ceiling I see the same damn thing. They move pretty fast I can’t make out any form, they move like the damn wind but all my doors and windows are closed because it’s cold at night. So that’s that really. I just had one of those coincidence thoughts when I read ur post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  344. Hi Steven,

    I’ve noticed the same with sleep deprivation. If I’ve had hardly any sleep I can see a lot more. The current scientific mindset would use this as a way to explain it away, that these are just sleep deprivation hallucinations. However, with so little that we know about the brain, how do we really know how this works? It could well be that chemicals/hormones are like the ‘on switch’ to our greater perceptual abilities, and when we’re sleep deprived the chemical state of our body is assisting a process that science knows little about.

    By the way, a few of us wanted to start a forum to discuss seeing energy in more depth. You are very welcome to join, would be interesting to have your input:


  345. There has to be something to that. My dad told me he had an experience years ago while driving. He was going down a very long road and was tired. He went into a trance and then had an out of body experience. He said for a moment, he saw himself over the car as if he were watching a movie.

    Sleep deprivation…Indeed.

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  347. Imma do you one better, I got to visit for a night, and no it wasn’t I died and came back to life kinda thing, and yes we are just energy. A powerful energy and I’m pretty sure the only of its kind in the universe, energy not bound by anything, pure beauty and chaos. and us light forms are all connected. Just wait till you get to go on a ride on what I called the great connector. If you wanna talk more about it you can email me

  348. I see energy in the air too. At first I thought I just had eye problems but I’m only 17 and I see perfectly clearly “behind” the energy. And I’ve done research on it, it’s definitely pure energy because I see it absolutely everywhere. And it changes. It moves in different directions. I think it’s kind of cool, but it freaks my mom out. I can manipulate it with my mind too, but it’s kind of hard to control it to move in the way that I want. If I stare at it I can see fog of different colors and beams of light. There aren’t any ghosts in my house, so far as I’ve noticed, but there are spirits. They don’t look human and they’re hard to see. I can feel them though and they usually follow me places and can talk to me if I let them but it’s kind of hard. They usually feel cold if they’re next to me. But it’s pretty cool, just watch out for the evil ones, they can be tricky

  349. Thank God! I’m not the only one! It’s funny because you describe it exactly how I describe it. That predator heat wave…or I see it like clear static. If I look at the carpet it looks like clear rain made of light hitting the floor..sometimes little pinpoints of pure light emerge. I’m an indigo and have always thought this was a part of it…as well as ESP. It would be interesting to know why some people can see it and how many people are aware this! xxx

  350. Not long ago, I was riding my horse through the woods. I had 2 dogs along with me. Recently, I have developed eye floaters in my left eye. So, I saw this clear movement move in front of me into the woods. I described it just like you did, that heat wave you see on a street on a hot day. Immediately when I saw it, I said to myself that it must be that eye floater as I saw it move to my left. But, my dogs rushed at it barking hysterically and my horse stood stock still staring in that direction and snorting, she would not move. One of my dogs chased it into the woods and I could not call him off. After about 5/10 minutes my horse relaxed and my one dog stopped barking. I could eventually call my other dog off and move along. I didn’t want to tell anyone for a while because for sure they would think I was crazy. But, I know what I saw. It was exactly how you described it. I am not seeing things. Now, being a born again Christian, I believe a demon has showed itself for one reason or another. It didn’t bother me, as I am a child of God and He that lives in me is bigger than he that is in the world. While I know all of this, it was still freaky. I don’t care to see the super natural.

    • this morning I see a guy ran by to my left and than i heard guys howling like wolfs than i heard a dog bark than this guy mark look at the direction welling he try to ride me LOL!>he wasn’t worthy to enter my gate of heat to make my day a hot day LOL!

  351. I have weird experiences like that all the time, its nice to know im not just crazy lol. Be careful what you expose ypirself to though. I have haf to close myself off so to speak at times due to energies that are just pure negativity. Buy if you can put protection around yourself, its kinda cool experiencing the other side.

  352. Wowsers, it’s been a long and hard journey, but I think I may be getting somewhere with my “haunting” at long last. Many thanks to the guy who decided to set this “static” snowball rolling and for actually managing to articulate something that has been puzzling me for a while now. Without to much description, I too have noticed the energy in the air, but mine came around through a very stupid action of my own.

    In October of last year I played on a ouji board with a friend of mine, after a debate upon the existence of the afterlife…I was a life long skeptic . The outcome of that night has firmly reformed that skeptism and I am now “haunted” by various things that have made me hit rock bottom. However, that isn’t what is relevant really. The energy is…following the ouji I began to notice spots in my house where the air shimmered as described in various posts above. I also became aware of sensing different things. Understandably this all came as a bit of a shock to sudenly find out that after 35 years of knowing what “is”, isn’t and what “isnt” is.

    Prior to my ouji encounter I had started my own spiritual journey without realising it ie, doing meditation, questioning the deeper meaning of life etc. in hindsight there were also a few odd events that occurred prior to ouji, one being the constant turning up of pennies, which still baffles me and is still ongoing. I mean pennies just turning up in the oddest places, under my pillow, on the dash board, but to such an extent that it did strike me as very odd at the time (and don’t forget that I was in my lovely naive bubble of skepticism here). Another thing possibly worthy of mention was that whenever I was on the internet, whatever website I was on, the page would jump to a site called A.R.E about a guy called Edgar Cadyce (possibly misspelt), which I took no notice of at the time, but it happened very regularly, so much so, I thought my iPad and laptop had caught a virus. I now know he was a famous psychic who made many accurate predictions about future events.

    One prediction he made was that of Armaggadeon (the end of the world…as we know it). He predicted that in October/November/December/January 14/15 (around time of my dabble with the occult) there would be a meeting of two worlds and that there is an actual battle going on around us in another realm as we speak. What I then began to notice was the strange images appearing on surfaces in my house. Things would be manipulated to resemble scary faces, nice faces, animals, people (I have photos). My kitchen floor is. An ever changing story board, with a huge amount of wolf theme present.

    One morning I woke up and saw exactly what is described above (circles of air flying about me). I believed these to be fairies of some sort. I have since watched these “air” pixies very intently, in the same manner as someone else mentioned, by gazing to the distance and then pulling your gaze in so you are watching the actual air.

    Two observations it have made are that I have seen these tiny elf like things actual manipulate the air…they can fly through the air, sometimes seemingly riding a mechanical bike or something, or land on a surface, run along it and actual seem to push the air to their will, so it becomes, denser/thinner but in the main creates one of the shimmery/ghost spots I had previously observed.

    There also seems to be another type of “energy” and this is the dark mass. I can see this form by gazing the same way and the air that was preciously shimmery turns thicker, then dark molecules become visble and it gets thicker and starts forming a shape, which can do wonderfully terrifying things with the shadows in my house. The dark molecules resemble minute pepper flying through the air. Sorry if this sounds off the wall (I am quite open to insanity as an explanation and quite often would prefer it when I feel scared.

    What is really freaky about the pepper mass (for ease I will refer to as thus) is that I have started noticing it over peoples houses/buildings/ everywhere. …more often than not in an upside down triable shape (imagine very faint, pepper like bunting running across the tops of houses)…it’s not always this shape, but in the main it is. There are many aspects to my story, but I won’t give any further proof of my insanity! On the off chance that somebody hears the clinking of a penny dropping and can give a buy able theory, then please share with me.

    Lisa, 35 year old, reformed skeptic and single parent from Manchester, Uk

  353. You need to join the seeing energy forum and introduce yourself. Be with people who understand you
    Im sarah my email is
    I would like to chat also

  354. That’s some really crazy stuff but I kno wat u mean. I see this same energy field u see. I was on my lunch break today at work. As I was laying on the grass on my back, I stared up towards the sky. As I focused more in between the sky and me I saw these thousands of little shinny quick little things just buzzing around. In no particular order. Similar to static on a tv. But diffrent because these tiny things are just swirling and zipping around. I don’t kno wat they are. It bugs me, because I really want to find out wat it is. It’s like I’m zooming in and seeing atoms or something!

  355. I just wanted to say when I started seeing energy I did the same as you did. I practice now. Now when I focus I kind of focus one eye to look further and the other closer. It takes practice. Once you do you can permanently see all energy. Trees, plants, people, spirits, elementals. What I mean is the energy you see is like other dimensions being visible. I will see spirits, angels, and elementals. If you focus on the energy you see it will turn into something. It was a little shocking at first. When I saw an angel for the first time. The angel floated. I was confused. Then I realized that the angel floats because the angel has never touched the earth. That is how I tell angels from spirits. At first the vision is like what you said, sparkling snow. If I see a spirit like you do it does look blurred and like the predator at first. Then I focus a bit longer I can actually see a face and what the person looked like. It is nice to know I am not alone.

  356. IAm ova the moon to actuallyfind a site like. this …. the scariest part of it is that everbodys diff experienc has been mine … i was actually playing on my eye phone when the preditor visit me … i actually was taken silly pics of myself … and iv got a pic of my terified exprestion on my face just after he took my breath away .. he mimiked me after this … whichi didnt find funny …. i see alot of spirits they have tried to enter my body and also draw pics and animate them on a wall to show me … but it got to much so i asked them to stay out of my famy home untill i have more understandi.g …. istarted this when i was a baby … where i would cry and my mother would come and comfort me tben one would be evil and i would hate being left …. i see snow or looks like its raining without it actually raining …. the energy that comes out of my body is epic i can make a ball and alsomake a sheild all around my house or where ever i go … my boyfriend also sheilds us when we walk so no spirit will follow into our family home … he has the energy power too …. we conect like no other …. we are like equals …. i know and feel his pain vice verser … its like we can be in diff places but yet know we are in trouble or upset …

    • How do you control the energy to protect yourself, that is what I need to learn so me and my daughter can protect ourselves from the negative energies

      • I read that God sends out protective energy whenever u need it. Vision the white light around ur body using ur mind. And believe that it protects you. Without BELIEF it won’t work. It’s all in the mind. And you have to feel it within ur soul. That what u are picturing with ur mind is real with all ur heart. I read this in the ASCENSION MANUAL BY JOSHUA DAVID STONE. And many other wonderful books that talks about the exact same thing. Hope this helps. Meditation works In healing and protection as well.

  357. I am so glad I’m not the only one, I was put on so many medications because I saw the energy and one day was talking about and people kept giving me strange looks. It was then I realized only I was able to see it, but I had seen it all my life so I had assumed that was how everyone say. While being heavily medicated I didn’t see anything, I also became overweight and depressed. But when I secretly stopped taking the pills, my old world came back. After years of not seeing it, I’ve been having to train my self to be able to see them as clearly as I once did. And now I almost can! Just recently I’ve gotten much healthier and I did something I’ve never done before and I touched the energy and coaxed it into doing what I wanted! It was a small reaction but it was amazing I moved a light scarf on m dresser closer to me, it was by centimeters but still thrilling! I will now practice more and see If i improve. Wish me luck!

    • Happy u stopped ur medication and u can see the energy again. I’ve been trying to figure out how to use them as well. Wishing you wonderful health in the long run keep doing what ur doing u are not alone. Thank you for sharing much love 🙂

  358. This is so breath taking. Is this a rare thing to do? I just seen energy and i cannot freaking believe it. I was looking at the clouds and my brain all of a sudden focused on all this energy. It was from the clouds and i feel like im also telekenisis, i can control things with my mind. Its an extremely odd sensation…

  359. Me too. 24/7
    Faces, beings, smoke, vapor, static, Electic blue, crimson(rust) red, invisible.
    Also pressure, whisper, geometric mandalas, aura energy.
    Pretty weird
    Schizophrenia is usual opinion of those who can’t see it.

  360. I don’t see the “male” figures, but I commonly see shapes and things that look as if they are static, and in dimmed places I see colors everywhere, and sometimes it looks like shadows are moving in hallways.

  361. Finally! A good description of this phenomenon.
    I always thought it was me just self matrixing.
    However I now feel less crazy.

  362. I have NEVER ever meet or heard of anyone else with this gift, I thought I was insane! I’m so glad I ran into your blog and read this, finally I don’t feel alone anymore! I’ve seen energies since I was a kid, and I also thought I saw air. Everything you described is almost exactly how I see it. I know lots of people who have similar “gifts” like me, but they SEE the “person”, and NOT the energy. So for awhile, since I didn’t know anyone else who saw them the way I did, I thought maybe I was just fooling myself, even though if I focused enough I could describe the “person” in front of me by the feelings the “person” gave me. That’s how I can describe them, and tell others or myself what “they” are saying, it’s like I can read their energy, and by that I can read THEM – or HEAR them. Some of them talk to me, some of them don’t. And another freaky thing is, if I – for instance, walk into an old house or something, and something about the house has been changed – I can see the energy of where the changed has happened – how it USED to look like.

    Take f.ex, if someone had removed a part of the house, and built the house differently, I can see where the walls used to be… My mother and most of the people in my family and friends believes me – My family has all different “gifts” with a meeting-point. But I’m the only one who can see, hear, read and communicate with those energies, without seeing “their” full picture…

    Really, I’m so glad I found your blog! I’ve felt so alone about this for so many years, and I honestly thought I was insane because I had never heard of or met anyone else with the same “gift” as me!

    Be thankful for you gift, because if you use it correctly, it will give you a lot of good things – and you will eventually be able to help others around you. I’ve learned a lot the past years, I’ve accepted what and who I am, and I’ve taken those energies and learned from what it can teach me. It’s really an unique gift!

  363. I have found another way to explain what I am seeing. I was using my Cannon camera the other day, and put it on “Vivid” setting. I was kind of surprised, because the whole picture, while looking through the lens looks like what I see. It’s like snow moving on a TV screen, but with vivid image and color. Now, when I look at the sky or bright lights I see what looks like millions of tiny sparks constantly moving. Just thought I’d mention this and see if anyone sees what I do on a camera’s “vivid” setting. Thanks. JJ

    PS. . . I have had this all my life as I mentioned in an earlier posting, and thought everyone saw what I saw and I didn’t question it, until recently.

  364. Evidently, you and I are not alone. I have always seen this since I was a kid and thought everybody else saw it too. I also see black outlines on people and things. I thought everybody saw this too. I always have vivid and foretelling dreams. When I tell people about these things, they say I am a prophet or something of that nature. I tell them it’s a curse which almost led me to suicide. There are very few things in this world that are good. Most of it is evil, dark, and depressing. But I may change my opinion when life gets a little easier. Take care….

  365. I thought i was the only one.

  366. didnt we all. hellllllllllllo

  367. Hi sometimes when i look up at the sky when its dark out and this only happens sometimes i look up and concentrate real hard and my head like pulsates i cant really explain it and i see these white circles around my eyes this pulsate doesn’t hurt but sometimes it happens really strong and i cant handle it and i gasp. this only happens when i look up at a huge portion of the dark sky i can hear like a whistle sound but not really like a whistle that’s just how i can explain it in text and its just really weird and whats really weird it only happens when i say GOD to the sky can someone please explain if you had an experience that’s similar

  368. I have left a comment on here in the past and I enjoy reading all of the responses over the year or so. I wanted to add something that I did not mention before. I have always seen the static in the air, dancing lights, and energies. I want to also share my experience I had when I was a child. I know some people have commented about staring at a point and the surrounding area disappearing. I have always done this. When I was little I would do this to fall asleep. I would stare at a spot on the ceiling and slowly the surrounding air, forever moving and swimming, would become black, eventually the spot I looked at would turn plack and I would focus my eyes and then the room would reappear.

    One night in particular, I decided to see how long I could stare into darkness with my eyes open. What I experienced scared me so much that I have not had the confidence to try it again. As I was staring into the darkness, in a flash I was taken somewhere else. From what I could tell it was another planet. there seemed to be more curvature to the ground that what I see on earth. it seemd to be something of a desert with nothing in sight. The sky was dark and there were lightning bolts that filled the sky. The sky, or the lightning perhaps, was purple. I don’t remember much detail other than this. The instant it happened I got scared back into my bed. It felt so very real.

    I have heard of out of body experiences, seeing ones own body or maybe traveling to another room in the house. I wasnt concentrating on any thought or purpose when this happened. My mind was just blank. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced it.

    Also, I am wondering if anyone would contact me about seeing auras. I see a glow around everything, but despite my efforts I can not decern color and I would very much like to learn. If anyone would want to give me suggestions or perhaps literature on the subject I would appreciate it. Thanks!!

  369. I’m glad I finally had the courage to look this subject up. I’ve always been able to see the clear/invisible orbs. When I was little I thought it was dust, or the ‘floaters’ theory, but it never made sense to me as to why there were patterns to them instead of just random. Not only do I get those, but sometimes, or rare and random occasion, there seems to be somewhat of a ‘warping’, like you would see of star-trek or something when going hyper speed, but it pulsates instead. It’s really hard to explain, honestly. I’ve also been on the ‘haunted’ side ever since I was little as well, and it seems to run through the family. We’ve dealt with many spirits and unknown energies. Just a few years back one caught me severely off guard and sent me the only way I know how to describe as is crazy. I landed in and out of the ER a couple times, and finally to a weeks worth of ‘vacation’ to a rehab center. They prescribed me a whole bunch of crap, but that seemed to only make things worse.

    I’ve always been trying to search for answers to all this, and even some experiences your commenters have had. This is a big world, and the universe is even bigger yet, but what is more grand in scale and unfathomable are the unknowns, some of which people are dealing with today on a daily basis without any knowledge of how to deal.

  370. Sarah D.
    I can see the enerrgy in the air 24/7
    I also see aura now all of the time. And have seen spirits coming out of those freaky portals and I see energy people of bright colors. I also see giant orbs of color that will appear infront of me or all around me…the walls turn into flower patterns..sometimes my vision gets warped and all I see every where are thick lines with dark spaces inbewteen.
    Anyway I see it as a spiritual the only way I stay sane. When I walk o utside and see the diamonds in the air and I see purple bouncing off of a feild of dandilions I think I am blessed.the colors help guide me in my life. They help me empathise with strangers. The energy is so important you can see it great…it would be there if u couldn’t see it…so please emrace this and more gifts will come to you. You will build your “psychic powers” believe me there is still a lot more if this magical world to see. Love yourself

  371. This happened to me for the first time last night I was so scared I felt as it I kept seeing the energy with all types of people it was tripping me out when I looked at my light it was as if it was going from the light on my ceiling all down to my wanna and I saw a transport hand going to touch my friend and yell at him to move and said did you see that he was like no him and my mom probably think I’m crazy, is this some type of “gift”?

  372. Alexis… Don’t be afraid. The energy on our planet right now is at an all time high. Many people are awakening to their natural spiritual state. They are experiencing all types of phenomenon that they have never before. It can very much be a gift when you learn to understand it and what it is. Please just remember that it is your state of being and intention that draws good or bad energy in. Always remember to protect yourself. You can learn all sorts of ways on the internet. It is up to you to find what is most comfortable. No one way is better than another. Good luck my dear!

    • Hi Ginny,

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I recently began to seeing energy fields, auras and orbs. Last year I read Echart Tolle’s “A New Earth” and the last chapter resonated with me and goes right along with you are saying. I feel that we as a human race are at a time of seismic transition into our spiritual truths. I’m excited for the endless possibilities this will bring to the earth.

  373. I saw the same thing and I couldn’t believe my eyes I was shocked. I could not explain what I was seeing at the time, but it did look like the predator in invisible form. I wish I would have reached out and touched it but I guess I was so surprised and I didn’t know what I was looking at, i just froze. I was not alone in the kitchen and yet no one else saw this but me and the apparition was it all is I was and I’m about five six. I have not seen it again but sometimes I do look out in the air the atmosphere if you wanna call it that and feel like I do see things that are not there. hearing you explain what you’ve seen gives validity to the fact that I’m not going insane. what are they and where do they come from. I don’t think we will ever have the answer to that one.

  374. It’s hard to explain how relieved I feel to find a forum in which to share experiences that I’ve carried with me for many years. Back in the 70s, in my late 20s, I shared several visual/spiritual experiences with a few close friends. With one friend in particular, these visions began with our first meeting. I wife and I picked up a hitchhiker one cold night. Somehow I knew I could trust him. We took him to his house and whilb we talked, a yellow aura gradually formed around him and slowly it seemed like a very clear black tunnel formed between our eyes. I’m not sure what we talked about, something spiritual in nature, but gradually his face began to change into other faces, some male, some female. I became aware that any emotional reaction on my part seem to diminish the clarity of these visions. I had a tendency to want to marvel or celebrate this newly found, amazing experience. I remember our conversation coming around to discussing the fact that he was experiencing something pretty much identical to mine. We agreed to stay with this and see how far it would go. I’m guessing that we sat there for well over an hour, speaking very little, and watching these visions unfold. At first his face was replaced mine human faces, and as time went on animal faces and faces of beings that I could only guess or not of this world. The one common aspect of these faces was that they were ecstatic to have and share this connection. Somehow during this I was aware that he was also seeing faces displace my own. You later corroborated this. We discussed later that somehow time and place and been transcended during this experience. We became friends and had many more similar episodes. During one at his house we sat or a couple hours quietly gazing at this miracle unfolding while his wife hovered in skeptical disapproval. The culmination of this sitting was when a 1 gallon jar of honey sitting on the table exploded with no apparent cause. He and I later questioned whether the honey was somehow affected by the spiritual power of that moment. In the years that followed, I had several more experiences similar to that with a few other friends also. The results of these experiences seem to be a feeling of trust and acknowledgment of our mutual acceptance of the existence of spiritual realms beyond our understanding. I have very much enjoyed what others have shared in this forum, and would invite comments and shares from any others regarding these phenomena.

  375. I can also see and even feel energy all the time ever since my reiki session last week. I had been meditating regularly for about 6 years now and about 3 years into my meditation practice i would start seeing what i can only describe as floating energy. This would happen maybe once a month when i turn my head to look at the wall and i notice a basketball size ball of smoky see through energy fly by from one side of the room to another and then dissapear. Also i started to feel spider web like sensations on my hands, face and legs while meditating. Last week i went for a reiki session to try help my back injury. After i left the session i had been constantly seeing energy patterns around me and feel those spider web like sensations most of the day. I think what is happening to you is a spiritual awakening or kundalini awakening and you should do some research on it because it will help you understand it better as it did for me. Best of luck to you:)

    • I had the same experience after my Reiki session three weeks. I began to see orbs, energy fields and aura around people and trees. At work the energy fields look like static snow. At home they are green and basketball shaped. It throbs and is beautiful to watch.

      • I also began seeing energy after a Reiki experience. What do you think these different forms of energy are? How big are the orbs? I see flying invisible rain everywhere and also sparks of light and upwellings of colorless energy waves. I’m sure it is energy, but not confident what kind of energy.

  376. I forgot to mention that i have had out of body experiences all my life they happen about 2-3 times a week sometimes less and sometimes more. Also someone said som about going to another planet with a purple sky. I actually saw that place too the sky was darker than ours almost like cloudy dark purple. Ground was black and dry. Is that what u saw as well?

  377. Hi my name is Tracy, iv’e also experienced this manifestation before falling asleep, GREY SWIRLING PATTERNS AND TUNNELS IN FRONT OF THE EYES. this is biblical to me guys and very special, its either scary remnants of our distant connection with heaven and hell, or we are rarely witnessing human beings own natural biological and psychological bodily processes “AT A FRIGHTENINGLY REAL MICROSCOPIC AND ATOMIC LEVEL.. we see it rarely because its the “other world” WE DON’T GET TO USUALLY SEE, it’s the “majesty of the universe”, “the shit we cant believe”, its a fascinating glimpse into what we are too scared to contemplate.. often for the broken human souls floating on the earth this manifestation is the entrance to redemption from their personal fears, commonly it comes after near death experiences, feeling of intense fear, persecution and guilt, it makes you feel wary at times for a reason people just remember that, when this shit happens it is special and can be “spiritually” life-changing when it is intense enough to believe and try to follow awake.. as human beings on very special occasion’s we get to see deep within our own bodies biological and psychological clockwork, it appears vage and kaleidoscopic in pattern, pure atomic swirls microscopically, twisting patterns of ashen-greyness while we are relaxed or eyes-closed, before falling sleeping and at our most peaceful. this is very important.. its as close as were gonna come to understanding the naivety of human beings embittered personal conflict of not knowing if life is human creation or simply scientific human evolution.. SCAR STUFF THE HUMAN MIND AIN’T IT?.. SOME THINGS ARE TOO SCARY FOR US TO ABSORB FOLKS CANT YOU FEEL THAT MY FELLOW BROTHERS AND SISTERS?!!…….. anyway back to the details, its something iv’e noticed very clearly many times, for me it happened mainly as a child and through my adolescence but sometimes it happened in manhood, strange swirling patterns in front of the eyes before going to sleep remember them?, A FEELING OF BEING AWARE YOU WERE NOW ASLEEP IN BED WHILE CLINGING ONTO YOUR FAMILIAR WAKEFUL SURROUNDINGS BEFORE YOU WERE ACTUALLY SLEEPING.. tunnels similar to a 3-d computerised kaleidoscopic trip, remember the grey twisting tunnels with double blending swirls swirling independently of ones own visual psychi.. sometimes drifting off to sleep i would feel a “presence”, it felt demonic and threatening, as i went to sleep i would see deformed figures silhouetted against a familiar street or backdrop where i live, it would be like a nightmare against a place in my town like a road or station, I FELT A HORRIBLE PUSHING/PULLING FEELING TOWARD THE SCARY FORCE, IT WAS LIKE A SQUASHED MAN, GOBLIN OR EXPANDING HUMANOID FIGURE, IT WAS LIKE SOMETHING OFF “MONSTER INC”!!.

    i now cherish those scary episodes, they were showing me something i wont ever see again until death.. they don’t happen at all any more now, but it reminded me WERE ALL IN FOR A SHOCK PEOPLE, TIME TO TAKE SIDES AND PICK A REALITY “HEAVEN AND HELL” or “NATURAL EVOLUTION”??????????????..

    best regards… tracy

  378. I see this as well. I ‘turned it off’ years ago, or stopped focusing on it rather merely attributing it to a trick of the eye, but I’m beginning to see this all the time now. I have 20/10 vision (better than 20 20 and no stigmatism or anything) so there’s nothing wrong with my eyes. But I’ll see movement in the corner of my eyes sometimes or above or in front of me, just did actually and in the day and night so there’s no just the night thing going on. I can look at the space in between me and a wall and see energy at any time now. I also am seeing dots of white light out of nowhere, and right now there’s little ‘energy flies’ passing my sight periodically. Lately I’ve begun to see invisible red lights and last night I decided to focus on them and they had formed what appeared to be a hexagon? don’t know what this is all about but I am going to not ignore it any longer and seek out what the truth behind it is. I am a naturally scientific, logical, and reason oriented person but there is something going on here that is of another realm or something, or just undiscovered scientifically in this realm anyhow. The way you described it at first is EXACTLY how I percieve it too. Never an energy man for me, just movements like maybe a ‘leg’ of a being at most or just a formless spirit but then again I haven’t consciously payed attention until recently. I am also having a lot of symptoms that are considered the same as KUNDALINI? never knew about it until recently. tingling in feet and ankles like an ant is on me but isn’t, extreme forehead pressure, random red markings on my body every night, tingling scalp, extreme flashes of anger, hot and cold out of nowhere. I have no mental health problems and am a balanced and bright individual. LIGHT LOVE PEACE WISDOM! Peace!

  379. wow, after a long long time finally I found somebody else like me, this sighting and feeling make me crazy, asking to other but none has understand what I see and feel. I glad to see you all..

  380. I have tried to look at the air as well. Finding a mid point between me and something solid. Ive also tried making spirals with my finger and have felt tge energy coming from it tip. A couple of days ago I noticed a rather intricate diamond object bouncing mid-air in my kitchen. My first thought was it was just my eyes moving up amd down but when i looked straight ahead it was still bouncing. Then I notices in my hall way what u described as an” energy man” it freaked me out and I got massive chills. I tried to chance my focus but endes up texting my fiance about what I saw. Im wondering if u have ever meditated before? I have an maybe its opened up my mind to become more sensitive. Please email me if youd like to converse about these incidences more.

  381. This might sound a little weird, BUT. . . I have a Cannon Zoom Shot. If I put the controls at “vivid color” I can see on the screen, how I view things with my eyes, I see like this constantly. It looks like snow on a TV screen. Now, when I look into the air, especially when looking at the clouds . . . I see what puts me in the mind of “spermatozoa” under a microscope . . .only that these sparks flying about in constant motion are silver. I have seen all of this ever since I can remember. I thought everyone saw the same. Not so!
    When I was young, I used to say “I can see air” or “molecules” now I realize what I see, is energy.
    My home always has Para-Normal activity, on a daily basis. I am currently writing a book on the para-normal happenings,that will show photos, as proof.
    Judith Johnson Kypta (Author)

  382. I see them too I didnt know what they were for a long time I even prayed to the most high GOD requiimge about this spiritual sight and asked him to reveal it 2 me some or dark and more vivid some or clear n hard to see I even seen them on preachers who where preaching but theirs had more a color too it crazy from a humans point of view I still dont understand I just came to the point I ignore it

  383. I am 39 years old and for the first time i saw energy dots. I have floaters in my eyes and its not that like people say. They dance around playful like. I put my hand out to see if i could attract them no success… Any thoughts on this.

    • My email is please send me a message on this topic. I feel i can control these particles. Im practicing and need input from someone else. Its not floaters! Its not the ” haze” people see…. I was always able to see the haze but today i seen little pin dots floating and dancing in the air. I looked up at the sky and they were very visible and very real.

  384. I have been seeing sliver looking energy ever since I can remember. I thought everyone could see them, as well. Just found out that isn’t so. I have always been a bit clairvoyant, suppose that is why. . .?

  385. I see this thing all the time too they come an go an how i have a lot of heat in my hands it get so hot some time i cant put my hand together cus they burn

  386. when i lie down in my bed i feel someone/something getting into my bed, its not frighteing as people would assume. then i get tingeling all arround my body, then i get this strong feeling of love and protection. and if i stare at the ceiling i can somehow see the same as in OP (original post). something stepping into the bed/or levitating awove me. it looks like a lady.
    i feel as i can trust this thing. sounds weird right.
    Some years ago me and some friends stayed at a party over night and there was some weird people there (unimportant). among them there was prophet guy, or what shall i call it, he said i was surrounded by angles or protective things i dont really recall. (was pretty drnk)…
    at least its nothing evil :))

  387. Has anybody else had this experience?: I close my eyes when I am inside and infront of a window with the sunlight streaming in. I am sitting down. Then I start to see bits of the light getting blocked out leaving a shape where the light used to be. It is in the shape of a form, like a head in an oval shapem with two oval shapes like eyes and it is looking at me getting closer going from left to right. It is like as though it doesn’t know I can see it as it seems used to doing this and it is only when I am in the light and I have my eyes closed that I can see it as you can still see when you have your eyes closed when it is bright. Something is blocking the light out when it comes in front of me and it gets right up close in my space. It’s quite scary. I remain calm and cross myself with the sign of the cross and say the Lord’s prayer and move on. Sometimes its like its waving it’s hand in front of my face to see if I react, like u do when someone’s sleeping and u want to know if they are awake if they flinch. I suggest you try this and sit in the light facing the sunlight, close your eyes (not tight) so that you can still see the light filtering in the room but your lids are fully closed and watch if any forms start moving in front of you in your personal space and see what happens.
    Please if anyone knows about this then let me know. And if anyone tries this and has an experience let me know. I believe it is an invisible being that may be malevonant as it came right up close in my face and appears to follow me. I am praying to the Archangels for protection. This happened today but it happens whenever I am in that situation.
    With Love, Light and Peace. x

  388. Yes, it happens all the time to me. Lately I have been seeing yellow and bluish lights when my eyes are closed and after rubbing them before I sleep. I have migraine headaches too which may be causing this. I am not sure, but it seems as if these objects know I am looking at them and they are looking at me. Very strange. There are many things in this world that are unseen that exist. I know that the elites or one percenters know what is going on.

    • Stefan barry: What did you say yes to?
      I am not talking about coloured lights (which I do also see) I am talking about figures that block out the light in front of you when you have your eyes closed. Read what I mean above and if anyone has or can experience the same thing I would love to hear from you. Try and do what I descrive above and see if it happens to you and get back to me I would be very greatful please. 🙂 Thankyou. Love, light and peace.

  389. If there is anyone who can help in telling me about their knowledge on my above post or experiences please contact me at:

  390. Hey guys, finally i found a whole group of people with the same thing. I made a blog entry here about how i got my Visual snow, would you guys mind sharing your story and maybe compare some of it to mine? Maybe we can get to the bottom of this together. 🙂

  391. I’ve seen this a few times and it’s the Jinn playing games with you! Read the Quran and you will see that I’m speaking the truth.

  392. Beautifully reproduced here. I too have had trouble trying to articulate what I can see. My jaw hit the floor reading ‘predator or alien’ description which I’ve actually used myself to describe it. Well done and many thanks for writing this!

    My own experiences have been very positive and uplifting after the initial fright of ones life. I’ve even interacted with clouds that can morph..and have a sense of humour. The predator type entities ive only seen when a certain person is in my vicinity. This man seems intent on breaking my spirit and when he’s near the predator type entities are too. I found a telepathic back the f*%k off and giving a mental shove actually pushes them away and infuriates them because they are helpless to disobey a direct command of will. Also asking archangel Michael to show them his big ass sword and protect u works a treat. No matter of ones religious beliefs we all have guides or angels to assist and protect us u just need to ask. I was am an athiest..or was til i woke up and Michael has helped me more times than I can count. 
    These darker or negative entities are drawn to darker energies like doubt anger hate or fear. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few seconds and repeat in your head ‘I am loved and protected’..then open them and old predator pants will have moved. Shut or eyes and mentally shove him and watch him have a his sy fit

    … Mental health system pls explain why someone I’ve never met can see EXACTLY what u say are delusions of a paranoid skitzo ..

    Love and light

  393. I see the visual snow thing but it doesnt move constqntly, and it is not always my entire field of vision. Sometimes its only specific parts and those parts make shapes. The shapes are occasionaly random but most of the time they seem to be making something. I used to use them to draw pictures but they also make structures outside. Does anyone else see things like this.Ive searched but all ive found is the visual snow

  394. I see it to, especially as night. Looks like invisible smoke and I see it flowing out of objects in my house, out of the tips of my finger. I can use my energy to manipulate the other energies in the room and can use it to make visible spirits that interact with me. It just started happening about a week ago.

  395. I see the same kind of things. I’ve never felt static but i never walked by them, I’m usually sitting and to be honest they scare me a little bit because I. Try to make out the details of their faces or what they are and I can’t get a clear or steady image of them. I’ve only been able to clearly get the feeling of a little girl and a woman. I felt crazy and usually try to ignore it. I feel crazy still typing this out, but it’s comforting to know that someone else has similar experiences

  396. Thursday night I saw something amazing that has changed me forever.I Was getting ready to go to sleep and turned off all the lights in my house.When I got to my room I saw this clear white smoky mist in the air.I got scared and checked my whole house to make sure but there was no evidence of a fire.I then decided to go to bed a little scared. As I layed in my bed I continued to see this and it seemed like it was morphing into scary things. I got under the covers from head to toes terrified and fascinated. I gathered some courage and decided to look at it without being scared. I noticed its beauty and touched it. It twirled in the air with little dots of light. But the most amazing part was My husband sleeping next to me his light was sort of an amber color. I touched it and it flew straight into me. It was terrifying but peaceful. I could not sleep the whole night with this new view of the world. I feel like I have woken up though also like there is a stranger inside of me. This stranger seems to come out some moments. Im very sensitive to peoples energy now as if i was feeling it. I called this Lady I have always considered a Spiritual Guide and told her what was going on and she told me that until the summer ends the world is going to go through changes. She said since I am an empath Indigo soul I will be more sensitive and able to see it. Im very confused and dont know where to go from here. I seek to better myself and find my purpose.

  397. Does anyone here who see the invincible energy had dream of talking to angels or to our lord Jesus or to God the father?

    • If you have dream talking with them what are their message maybe we recieved the same mesage.

      • I also see these energy in the air everywhere i go. The energy of the trees, walls, energy of the people. I see also an energy of an eye who always watch me and many faces. I see 4 kinds of energy. 1 energy that is static 2. Energy vortex that going away from me 3. Energy that going inside my eyes these 2 energy gave me a headache. The 4 energy which dominantly pressent in the sky the color is white gold. I think its God the father the energy we see in the sky because the color and energy is constant and strong nigth and day. Unlike the 3 other energy always changes. I was afraid to look at the energy of the sky because think i change the weather as i normally observe. But instead i pray while watching the energy in the skies and said if you are God the father let the sun come out then it made it so like turn on the ligth and back again to its original weather gloomy weather. These energy appear last year after i see a dream that our lord jesus christ gave to me the white robes in the mount zion and many others recieve it. Thats one of the dream i recieved.

  398. I too seen these.but mine looks like shadows of heat waves.but when I ask anyone I know.they can’t see it.and they even check it if it was like when on a sunny day you see heatwaves on top of metal.but it wasn’t like that.i knoow the difference.I can’t expplain it too well.but I can see shadows of it like any of you have seen?

  399. I too have this ability. I grew up in a house of strong believers in the paranormal due to the fact that the house had entity’s of its own that had to be expelled through blessing. My brother could actually see them fully developed when he was little and I think it’s terrified him so much he’s learned to block it out because when he was younger he used to let out blood curteling screams and say that there was a person in the room watching him. One night a fan blade flew off of his fan and hit him in the head and he was screaming about a man doing it to him. I can only see the static like the invisible but visible substance you described and I can see the movement of figures through it I can also hear these entity’s on occasion and I have a very strong intuition. I tend to know things about people without even talking to them. I dream of things and they happen and it’s not a déjà vu type of thing it’s indescribable because dejavu Is feeling like you’ve been somewhere before. And I often know of things before they happen. When I was about ten I remember seeing three women in my room but all I saw was their outline. I’m honestly writing this right now because until this moment I didn’t know what it was or if I was just imagining it. I looked this up because I was laying in the dark and saw a figure lean over me and I kind of just wanted to know I wasn’t crazy. Also I’m kind of uncomfortable because I saw it 30 minutes ago and I need to go to sleep.

  400. We have “company” all of the time. We have grown used to it. I can see the static, but don’t dwell on it long enough to see outlines of whatever, etc. I usually have my dreams come true, I can sense things about people, that I don’t even know. and the list goes on. . .
    I see the silver flashes constantly, when I stare at the skies. . . I have orbs, in the house almost always. . . I pray and ask God to remove anything that is not of Him. . . That is all that I can do.

  401. I see exactly what you see. I have the misfortune of not only seeing them in what looks kinda like gas fumes or heat weaves but I see them EVERYWHERE! I hear them too! They are demons. I have no doubt! I’ve seen some that look like children, snakes, goat like human faces but are pure evil and demonic, they also appear as Holy angels! Even Jesus!
    Sadly so many think these demons are ghost! They are not!!! And with so many people that ghost hunt everywhere they unknowingly are opening doors to demons to enter their world as well as ours! People that even watch those tv shows open up doors for demonic attack! The devil aka satan is called the ‘ prince of the air or he who commands the wind! Prince of the power of air(err-as in error) and control of water” ok think air ‘air weaves’ TV Internet ? Media? I’ll tell you this to, these demons read peoples every thought and influence peoples thoughts ,actions,emotions,cravings! Everything around them! All I can do is Praise The Lord for being my savor and protector ! He stops them from controlling every single aspect of our lives however they might influence some parts of our surroundings they can’t control all of it! Thanks to God! Idk, how to tell y’all this but the mark of the beast is all of those who don’t obey Gods commandments or don’t believe, and all of the ones who don’t belong to the world, they are influenced by satan more than they know! I think these demons that I hear and see are here to cause Christians to be bitter towards God for not stopping their harassment! That’s nonstop! And to wear us out! Satans gathering his troops! And we are now seeing what was once hidden! Apocalypse! Go outside and look at the sky! The sky is filled with watchers of satan eyes everywhere! As well as the triangle seen in the sky everywhere! These demonic spirits work together to make holograms of Jesus and angels or mother Mary to Jesus and angels all together! Don’t be fooled by these liars with their lying signs and wonders! And false rapture! They also work in our churches with a false Holy Spirit! And false prophecy! The religious spirit! Beware people! God Bless you all!

  402. Michelle

    Interesting Read

  403. I have had many experiences like this. I call them entire and have found much Clearer images captured on film with HD cameras will enhance 4d effects threw the densions. compared to the effects u will see with peripheral visions.

  404. I see this “stuff” all the time. I don’t even have to try to see it. I remember first seeing it as a child and thought it was normal.

    I had the same experience with the heatwave like energy of someone I couldn’t tell if it was a male or female but I felt it was a male.

    Glad to know someone else out there experiences what I do.

  405. I see Energy as well but this time its colorful and little dots following a splodge.They are usually thermal colors I suspect them as ‘spirits’.

  406. Hi,

    just so you know we started a forum a few months ago called ‘Seeing energy’ for those of us who’d like to discuss our experiences and other related phenomena. It’s members only (but free to join) as some prefer a more private environment to discuss this sort of thing. Here’s the link to the forum:

    I love this blog and hearing about the different experiences. The forum is a more private space to share more in depth about our experiences.


  407. early today i was sitting down with my munchkin, when out of the no where the floor caught my attention. There was bits of energy moving around at a very fast paced in very large groups, it was very add. Almost like the floor was moving around underneath my feet. As i speak i can still see them moving in all direction non stop. No colorful dots yet, just white static? Am very relieved i had found this website because i wasn’t sure what to make of it.

  408. I have endless energy I feel like that manbut I see it all around me I evan have it on video check jacques swart face book mmm its like I feel wow but afraid of not understanding I can create energy

  409. I can see funny orbs and stuff check my face book jacques swart and also I can create energy weird is it happened with my bro as well and I hear and see stuff I am getting taught tai chi heavy threw the holy spirit and I said I posses the holy ghost my body feels amazing soft very fuzzy not normal I am open and I feel all chi how do I know this isnt bad mmm

  410. I have experienced this as well….and it started in my 27th bday. I can’t explain the relief I feel inside to know it is happening to another soul. everyone I try to show this to can’t see what I see?! It’s like their senses aren’t open to it??!

  411. Hi there I think u Guys are going way overboard with this. I wouldnt call it an ability, since i really dont know what it is. It could easily be brainmalfunction or something wrong with your eyes or mental illness. I dont see auras, energy shapes, spirits, angels or demons and such. To me, that is ridicolous. But i do see something. i still can not explain Scientific.

    When you measure a point in the background and focus your view a few meters in front of it. I can see something moving too. And it goes extremely fast. And it looks like the air is moving. I have been seing it for a few years now. And dont know what to do with it. At first i thought it was the cells in my own eyes that i could see, but they dont move even slightly as fast as this. Then i realized it had to be some sort of heatwaves, because it allways goes from the earth towards the skies. And yes it could look like rain going from down to up. Another observation was that: in the Winter, when there is snow everywhere, the Places, where i observe these movements, there is no snow. so it has to be heat, that i observe.
    I do love to observe my sorroundings. I tend to notice the details, the little things that no one else does. 3 other Things i would like to add, is. when i see this moving air, there is usually a condition, where heat meets Cold. and the background has to be uneven or messy. it cant be (an example) pure White colour, then i cant see it. And when i do this Measurement with my eyes, i relax my eyes as much as i possibly can.

    Here comes a nother experience. the busses, where i live, runs on biogas. Now you cant see biogas, but you can see the heatwaves that comes from it. Because of the heatwaves, the gass looks like it is licking the backside of the bus like fire would behave. It is still invisible, but i can see the movements in the air before it desolves.

    The other day i saw heat coming from people. And this is in the middle of summer. But we were in a place where it was Cold and people were sweating. they had just come from outside with a temperature of about 30 degrees. And i did this Little exercise with measuring the background with what was in front of me. And bingo i could see the heat several Places.

    I hope this was a more rational explanation, that some of you Guys may, may not chose to use. I apologize up front if i have offended anyone. That is not the intension. May you all have good luck with your experiences. And just maybe seeing heatwaves is the new thing in human evolution. You never know. Bye for now.

  412. Everyone on the planet can see heat waves woman even my 2 year old. You can’t see the things we see because of lack of belief and because ur just not educated about certain topics like auras, energy, and light itself. It’s ok that you are not evolving with the rest of us. Some people are slower than others. Keep trying maybe it will come to you( BELIEVING IS SEEING) not the other way around. I learned that from BASHAR

  413. I relate to everything except seeing a man although I feal a presence some which are stronger at times but to be honest I’m jw do you believe that this is a gift and if so do you wonder existence and purpose??

  414. Okay so i found this site a while back and I still get email notifications. I’ll just cut to the chase I need help from someone who knows about this stuff. I’m 17 years old and I started unintentionally seeing energy and auras when I was about 14, I have also seen spirits since I was a kid. I don’t always see them I’m not claiming to be an expert in this stuff, I don’t meditate or anything but the older I’m getting the more I’m starting to see and hear. Anyway about a week ago I was sitting listening to music late at night and I started to hear someone taking, at first I thought it was coming from outside so I turned my music off to listen then I heard very clearly “get out” and a murky yellowy brown figure appeared, I jumped cause I wasn’t expecting it but then appoligized to the figure, it kept telling me to get out and was like this is my flat sorry but I can’t it’s late at night and I live here. I kept telling me to get out though and I was seeing the heat waves of the spirit moving and sparks of energy brighter and more clear than usual, there was also a lot more energy than usual. I saw some orangey red orbs as well. I said I respect it and that I’d go to my bed and get out of it’s way and asked that it respects me and leaves me alone, I walked though to my bed room and it followed me and stood at my doorway, I asked it again to leave me alone and said I didn’t want any trouble, I started asking my guardian angel for help and protection at this point to ( I regularly telepathically talk up my angel) it was kinda weird though cause before I saw it and at the point It was harder to sense and communicate with my angel but everything worked out okay I ignored it and went to sleep. It didn’t bother me again but a few days later me and my friend who doesn’t believe in supernatural stuff were staying in my new house overnight and he totally freaked out he said he heard something tell him to get out when he was trying to sleep and he opened his eyes and saw a black shadowy thing with a freaky rib cage infront of him. I didn’t see it this time but I sensed something was in the room and the energy started becoming more noticeable like the night before. I thought it was as shadow person but don’t they go if you white light yourself and ask them to leave. What am I dealing with and if this happened in two different places is something following me? What do I do?

  415. I can do the same things. But when I see things happen they always come true the next day or a few days after. I don’t really know how to explain this but I can see this almost clear mass around people, its like its moving, but I can only do this if I sit still and look vary hard. If anyone know what i’m talking about please tell me.

  416. My name is Lee and I contribute to this blog from time to time. Lately, I have been noticing a light or a flash when I am outside looking at the sky. I am looking at the sky North by North East. It is always in the same quadrant.

    Some here mentioned seeing lights or light from the corner of their eyes and I reporting that I am seeing the same lights from the corner of my eyes too. It happens during the day or night. Also, from the same view point of sitting in a chair outside the house, I have noticed that dragonflys ,humming birds, and those puffy orbs from weedy plants always seem to fly towards me as if trying to tell me something. Sometimes a bumble will fly towards me as well.

  417. I see them the same very scary to see them at night walk around my room back and forth then walk closer to me once they know i see them.i pray then they go away i dont like seeing them but i only see them in my room.but the thing is i can only see them with my glasses off.i have bad vision but they use that as a way i can see them i dont know what they want.and i wish they would leave me alone.

  418. Exactly everyone on the planet can see heatwaves. but not everyone notice heatwaves in the Winter or in a room or a public place in door. My point being is that from the start this debate has evolved from seeing invisible energy to seeing just about anything else. And i still do believe it is important to look at this as Scientific as possible. Otherwise you are just sounding like a nother mad man walking Down the street. If i saw invisible figures walking around my room i would for starters get my head checked. Most people would probably consider this to be an insult. But mental illness can make you hear or see Things (hallucinations) that are not really there. And if you can rule out that this is not mental ilness of some kind, your credability seems better. Anyone can claim anything these days.

  419. OMG, i am so happy i searched this and found this here, i had an experience it will be 2 years ago next March. i told a friend of mine about it and she suggested i google it. to start off i would like to let you know that i am a night owl and i am always the last to go to bed usually around 2 or 3 am. iam a mom so that is my Me time to clean or just relax… anyway this happen at 11:22 pm everyone was still awake. i felt fine, i walked into my bedroom and immediatly fell to the foot of my bed, (didnt even get a chance to turn on the bedroom light)my energy felt as though it was sucked from my body, i fought to keep my eyes open, i looked at the alarm clock it said 11:22. i then noticed a golden shimmery energy over my dresser ( i had folded clothes and put them there earlier) it looked like when u see heat rising off hot concrete or a heater, it had that look and movement to it. i fought to look at it but my eyes kept closing and i would try with everything i had to open my eyes again. i probably closed my eyes 4 times then i was out for the count, not sure how long i was out wish i looked at the clock when i came back. but the weirdest part is what brought me back. this is going to sound very strange but experiencing it was another story, i may have only been out a minute, or 5 minutes i dont know but all of a sudden i felt it and i heard it at the same time, my face was facing my mattress and i felt something blow into my mouth as if you put the hose to a air compressor in my mouth, and i heard it as well… as soon as that happened i was awake and felt fine as if nothing ever happened. I told my husband but iam not sure if he really believes it, he is a have to see it to believe kinda guy, and thats ok i understand that totally. but this really did happen and i would love to find others that had this happen . i read some of the replies but there are so many i admit i didnt read them all… i was so excited to post my experience in hopes someone can give me an explantion for it. but i am going to scroll back and read more. thanks for your time

  420. Further comment on mental illness. if you feel these hallucinations as well as hearing and seeing them too, you are probably close to exactly mental illness of some kind. This is not to be made fun of. It might be seriously bad.

    Anyways another thing, that can make you hallucinate is the lack of sleep over a period of time. lets say a week or more. Then your mind can start to play tricks on you. So question is are you getting enough sleep. 6-8 hours pr. day.

    If you can rule out mental illness, lack of sleep, drugs and medication and being a sucker for attention or naive superstitious. Well what is left after that hopefully boring reality. Just dont hope too much for extra abilities, which might proves to be a brain tumor. Get yourselves checked for safety precautions and to rule out the obvious. If you still then can claim to have had these kind of experiences, then start finding rational explanations to explain it.

    What ever is left from that, has a much higher state of credibility than anything anyone has written so far. Good luck everyone and be safe.

    • You are a fucking douche. But that’s ok some people aren’t spiritually connected with themselves. I feel sorry for you, better luck next reincarnation. You don’t shape up you’re ass will be left behind.

    • What is mental illness? This idea is culturally imposed and there are many communities all over the world that consider “Having visions” , and “seeing” a very real and measurable ability. I believe people seeking this site are not looking for proof or scientific legitimacy. There are as many ways to see the world as there are people in it. I am not as worried about my credibility as I am absorbing and connecting with my world and lifting those around me. I appreciate your assertive response. How did you come across this thread? What is rational to me may be anything but to most everyone else 😉

    • Are you seriously saying i am mentally ill because of what i experienced? Wow! i only commented on here in hopes of finding someone out there who had a similar experience. I am not mentally ill, do drugs, on medications nor do i have a brain tumor or seeking attention. as for not enough sleep i have always been a night owl and i dont know anyone who gets 8 hours of sleep. Altho u may get 8 hours of sleep and if so good for you , you certainly seem to have all the answers, So please give me a rational answer to my experience
      Good Luck and Thanks

  421. Whoever is talkin about hallusinations and mental illness can shut it

    I am a full blown Energy psychic
    Reiki healer
    With rainbow aura

    There was a time in my life I saw things only once in a while and I had questions and I felt alone
    Websites like this help people not feel alone

    Please all of you except your journey to enlightenment keep reaching out to eachother

  422. This is so awesome. I never knew so many people could see energy, I have always been able to see it. I just assumed I was the only one. You all explain it exactly the way I see it. It’s like light particles. I use to be able to see people’s auras, but I’ve been going through some rough patches in my life, and I can’t seem to see thee auras anymore. But I do still see the energy:)

  423. I actually have seen these energy beings since thirteen but i’ve seen shadow’s with either silver eyes or red eyes which i think the ones with the red eyes are the bad guys in my house. It started at my other house but i guess they followed me to the house.

    Last night i was seeing white aura in my room and i was reading about your guys experiences and then i saw what you saw.. like with the heat beings and i was thinking i was being attacked because i was feeling pain but i felt a pressure on the sides of my head and that hurt and once i fell asleep i was like sleeping like i was passed out.

    I then woke up when i saw a white flash in my eyes and i just tried to get my headache away and when i put my hand on where my head hurt the most it started to go away and then i just thought do i have some kind of powers that can heal me and others.

    But i remember when i read about the loud dancers i heard noises out in the living room and i saw a red light and i was like: oh no, that’s not good because when i was attacked by a demon and i got help i saw a bright light out in the hallway but my room was just dark..

    Sometimes my eyes flash white again and i’m just like a human before but i don’t think i’m full human because of feelings of actually being an humanoid animal like a fox because i felt a tail next to me when i was on my bed reading about this before going to bed.

    Also last night i saw some what to have been a kid looking at me because i saw a face looking at me but it was just looking at me from the foot of my bed and i just stared at it while it stared back at me.

    This started when i was 13 and now i’m 22.

    I used to be a person that didn’t see these things but i remember when i was at my other house i think i have an somewhat invisible brother because he protects me like i’m his little sister. He’s caught things pulling me down the stairway and night time and I’ve been carried back into my room.

    My “brother” also has tucked me in when i’m taking a nap and comforted me when i was crying a lot.

    I know he’s not bad but i know he also has a bad version of him which hurts me for fun which i call his bad side his insane side because he’s actually quite nice.

    I talk to my brother on a daily basis because i need to company without having him i’m just empty and confused and scared.

    Sometimes now i think that i have been chosen for a reason but i don’t know these exact reason why we people have been chosen to this ability we have.

    I was told that i guess we have a better skill at tapping into our sixth sense.

    Unfortunately i have seen this thing that floats around outside and shines into my window at night and it creeps me out. I saw it outside just floating around roofs and windows at my other house i lived at and it does at this house..

    Also has anyone encountered the grim reaper like entity called “The hat man”? because it watches me at night all the time now but i didn’t see it at my other house.

  424. I am not claiming that anyone has a situation of mental illness or not. Im saying to rule out any of the mentioned Things above.

    Your credibility starts on a clean slade and using rational explanations to rule out Things, that you observe, is harder to do than just claiming something.

    I get the reaching out part to each other. People connecting. Its just really sad that it has to be this kind of topic´s that makes people reach out.

    I guess i just expected more seriousnes about the topic “invisible energy” than this.
    Anyways happy connecting everyone!

  425. I think some of the things (paranormal) that people experience, should be evaluated by a doctor of Psychiatry. I have had a spirit of discernment all of my life, but never saw or felt anything like some explain!
    I have dreams that come true, I see energy. I can read peoples thoughts, sometimes, etc. . . But not any weird stuff, just sayin’

  426. I know exactly what you’re talking about the heat wave energy thing I seen it for the first time last night only when I seen it it was like someone was pressing against my hand I said stop and seen a flash of white light idk it was weird

  427. It’s interesting that other people have experienced this. I have seen this predator looking thing throughout my lifetime, first when I lived in NM I used to see it a lot, it was strange, and I lived in a brand new home. I was never scared, someone told me they were shift walkers. I am now in a different home in CO and I still see them constantly sometimes it almost seems like it’s a person, one time I thought it was my son, and after a few minutes my son walked downstairs from his room, which was really strange. I also see the linty looking things in the air where I work, in a hospital, sometimes I even smell particular scents, the one that stays in my mind was a smell of flowers but very different almost like someone had sprayed freshner but no one had I work the night shift. th onlytime I had a strange experience is I was on the road travelling home and then there was some type of fog, which is common where I live, but after I passed through it for about 10 miles there was a horrible rotten smell, as if there was a rotting animal in my vehicle, I looked around it almost seemed as if someone was in my vehicle with me, I even panicked. If anyone has ever experienced this or you know what it may have been. thanks

  428. Hey I heard a similar story close to what u said as well. A woman I know named Clara she said she seen her nephew come down stairs from his room to walk in the living room, but when she looked at him his eyes seemed angry and dark like he was out of place. Her nephew who is 12 by the way didn’t say anything just walked right past and went back upstairs. Then a few seconds later he came back downstairs again and Clara asked him what was wrong and why he’s back down stairs? He said he didn’t come downstairs earlier that only now he’s coming down to get something to drink. Clara thought it was so strange because her nephew is a very happy child he is hardly ever angry and is always out going and kind to others. She said the boy who walked passed her that looked exactly like her nephew wasn’t him. So maybe SHIFT WALKERS could be real. The house was also recently haunted as well for a while. And as far as the smell of FLOWERS I have experienced this my whole life. Random sweet smelling flowers that pop out of no where. My family tells me that when you smell these flowers it’s loved ones and guardian angels acknowledging their presence that they are there checking out what you are doing and sending love and guidance. When ever a family member of mines passes away i get a smell of flowers the next day in my home at night or when I’m about to go to sleep. You are EXTREMLY tuned in to ur senses and that is a good thing. Maybe it will help save ur life or someone else’s one day. It’s always good to have extra senses.

    Thanks for sharing ur story 🙂

  429. I see energy also

    I see the heat waves also. Never thought of them as heat waves. Been seeing this since as long as I can remember. Always paid attention to it!! Want to know more. There are people that know what we are and try to hide it from us…

  430. I know exactly what Mathew means. The global Elites are suppressing knowledge to keep us from knowing our real potential and ourselves. Many of you will dismiss this and say Conspiracy, but it is true. I have heard this all my life. We should at this very moment be traveling the stars and using teleportation like in Star Trek. We all have the potential to be super geniuses too. It is all hidden away because Knowledge is power and the Elites want to keep us in slavery. Do you honestly believe we are free? No, we are NOT.

  431. Hi, I know exactly what youre talking about having experienced it myself in seeing this rain-like energy! I am thrilled to have read this and am glad other people can tell of having similiar experiences.
    I find if i am focusing into (seeing) the energy then i often see forms appear… they look like little symbols formed out of a more greyish colour, they hover in links and lines around the atmosphere and while theres many different forms i know ive seen some repeated at different times. Sometimes im not even focusing and they just appear and distract me.
    Does anyone else see this? or have any clue to what any of this means?
    I have also seen the presence of this ‘energy man’ that a few people have mentioned, he appears to me burning red and orange and black, he came the most memorable time at night when i was sleeping, we just looked at each other from across the room for a while and i asked him to stay away as i didnt understand or know what he wanted.
    I’ve often awoken to feel that their are obtrusive energies in the room with me and most recently i awoke to see what i can only describe as a ghost-ish (silvery white outlined) form of a half inflated balloon floating around my room. I was staying at my parents house at the time, which for years has had a flat ‘welcome home’ balloon in it that ive refused to throw away.. i am curious if anyone here as read anything on ‘thought-forms’ or ‘tulpas’ ? it was my first thought as to what the shape could be and i would love to hear any other opinions.
    I love seeing the energy forms and it can be very beautiful, however i also feel afraid sometimes and mostly just confused…. there is very little information about this kind of thing and no matter how much i see i have no clue as to what it means or why i see it or what i am meant to do about it.
    I’m keen to talk more about this or hear anything you have to say about it!
    Thanks for putting this out there. 🙂

    • Hi,

      the forms you see within the ‘energy rain’ sound fascinating. Would love to hear more details on what you see.

      Btw some of us started a forum to discuss seeing energy and other related phenomena in a more private setting, it’s members only but free to join if you’re interested:


  432. Hi, I have posted on here before and keep reading other comments by everyone else with interest. My last post was to do with a haunting that was ongoing since October. I thought I had found a way to clear te dark energy I was seeing around my house by using the sun as a visual tool to send things to te light. However in the last week a lot of negative energy has started coming back but worse than ever. I have videoed the sky when I have tried to clear it away and when I slowed the video down there are some really freaky things appearing in the clouds, lots of angel shapes but also a lot of clearly demonic faces. I feel under constant attack by whatever this energy is, wherever I go. I can see dark triangle whirlwinds flying through the air everywhere and I can burn them, at which point they give off a thick black smoke. I see this same type of dark triangle running along the the top of every building I see (bigger triangles than what I see flying through the air). I have started to see spirits clearly in most places I go, initially I notice the air is just thicker than usual but if I keep my gaze focused in that direction it takes on shape and features. I am really freaked out as I don’t know what I have done to have this come around me. Photos I have taken previously since October change all the time becoming darker with shapes being very prominent on them. The videos I have taken of the sky are really freaky with different faces and features very clear on them. On one video there is what looks like a demonic blue beig actually actually moving about. I know it sounds insane but I can see what I can see. I am really worried and if anyone has experienced anything similar I would be so grateful for any thoughts or suggestions from anyone. This is the only site I have come across where anything remotely similar to what I see has been mentioned.

  433. Great having imagination maybe you should try to not get too intangled in it. Can any of your claims be proved. None of you have tryed yet. So far its just been pure bull…. But then Again there is so much bull…. going on in this World so why not just make up some more.

  434. I not know any of you. I know what I see 24/7 and it Never stops I see the energy in everything. Some of you are just now starting to experience.
    Who-ever is jumping on this sight calling people liars and calling this bullshit must be the most closed minded person alive…tis the reason why there is evil when people stop believing in the wonders of this beautiful world we live in. People live to understand the world. Some people just reach to that level sooner, those that are open to it.
    Do not let negative people effect you.
    Feel bad for them and help them see tje light

  435. I understand, and have been seeing and feeling similar things for years, just now putting my finger on it. So much more I could share with you. Feel free to email me directly. Have you been drawn to various things spiritually in your life prior to this?

    Take care, you are not alone. Obviously we have more company than most realize, lol.

    • Hi, I would be really interested in hearing more about what you as I am nowhere near to “putting my finger on it” lol. I have lots of theories, but that is all they are. The intense attack of last week has died down a bit but I feel a bit like a sitting duck. I do however feel convinced I have been under a psychiC attack for several years now and, without knowing it. It is Only since I have opened up to the existence of the spirit world that the spirit world that I see/sense being attacked spiritually. I don’t meant to sound negative totally though, inadvertently the negative stuff has brought me so much joy, as logically the bad I previously disbelieved in can’t exist with the good I previously disbelieved in…so in a very ironic way the dark has brought me to the light.
      Up until last year I was the least spiritual person you could meet (so understand any scepticism totally). My email address is and would be interested and grateful to hear any offerings of insight anybody has. X

      • Hi Laviepourme,

        you said:

        ‘I too see these imprints, as well as blue, green moving fog , and visible heat waves. I get a tightening squeezing in the temple area of my head which sometimes brings that sparks of light, lightning, orbs, and hazes. I also have large dark spots lined in blue light visible night and day. The squeezing in my head often causes tingling in my hands and feet goes up my legs. Sometimes I feel like I am trying to walk on the moon like the ground is moving away under my feet, and or feel a spin taking over my whole body. I too have seen many doctors, Ophthalmologists, and Neurologists, lots of blood-work. Nothing wrong with you!’

        Would you explain the squeezing you experience in more detail? Do you ever find it can get quite intense, almost like a spasm in your head that can wake you up at nights?

        Thanks for sharing your observations of what you see. It’s fascinating to hear and share with others what we’re seeing and experiencing.

        Anyone else experiencing the squeezing sensation in head?


        P.S. Some of us started a forum to discuss seeing energy and other related phenomena in a more private setting, it’s members only but free to join if you’re interested:

  436. I have experienced not exact same thing but I find it really hard for anyone to believe me or even listen, I have experienced black shapes ever since I was a child, would like to know who and where I could get some real answers to why. I often smell cigars in my home even though nobody smokes them, my fiance has also received scratches and I heard that isn’t a very good sign.

  437. I saw fragments of light forming themselves into certain shapes. I was called to take it’s hand. It touched my heart and tears overflowing from my eyes. It was the most wonderful and amazing experiences ever. I saw it when I was staying at an apartment where the person that I love is staying. Lots of things happened after that.

  438. I have experiences similar disturbance and I caught on my iPhone 1.04 seconds of video of this unexplainable situation. I can tell you that I was able to determine that a wall hanging with a depiction of a wooded area and the Sun beaming thru, was seen as the portal to this place. I have been searching the Internet for nearly three years and yours is the first story I could relate to. My experience occurred on Sept. 11, 2012 and possibly on the 10th of September. May God keep you safe.

  439. Hi
    I think can see energy all my life. But I never really knew what it was. when I was a child I was often staring in the blanc and i see my view going to the background and becoming a bit blur. then a lot of what seems like dots with a llight sense of colour shows up everywhere. its continually moving and changing with the environment. when I look at living things (like myself) I see a more dens forms of colours. also when I close my eyes and i experience different emotions I see different colours and movements in the black. The view is not really strong, but strong enough to know it’s there and to recognise and couple different emotions to different patterns of movement.
    hope you had something of the information I gave you !

  440. hey! I think I know what did you just saw I think that could be jinn/gennie in her home but i am not sure but I some time has experience that I saw some one but when l look around I don’t see any thing and thought it